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The worst date ever? Tell us!
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June 25, 2008
As you go about your hunt for the perfect man/woman, chances are you'll try your hand at dating, and if you're really brave, even blind-dating. But for as exciting as the prospect is of meeting a new person with new possibilities, the dating game can be fraught with disaster.

While a lucky few meet that special someone on their first outing, others have to suffer through lack-lustre conversation, disgusting table manners or lecherous looks only to end the night bored, annoyed or worse, disillusioned.

Have you ever begun a date brimming with hope for the future only to be greeted by a football freak who could not stop ranting about the latest ManU vs Chelsea game? Or a girl who laughed uproariously at everything you said, making people at the next table wonder if you were the next best thing since Russell Peters?

Or maybe he had more hands than an octopus? Or her bad breath caused you to pass out?

Have you ever been on a date that went so horribly wrong that it turned you off dating for good?

Tell us your story -- the funny, the bad, the depressing, everything -- we want to hear them all! Just post your dating disaster on the messageboard below.

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