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Are you cut out for Arts, Science or Commerce?
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June 19, 2008

Arts, science or commerce? That is the most difficult decision Class X students have to face.

It is the first step to acheiving their career goals, a decision that lays the foundation for all their future career options and opportunities.

So should the decision be made solely on one's performance in the Board exams or should one's interests and aptitude be the deciding factor?

Just because one has fared exceptionally well in Physics and Chemistry, should the obvious choice be Science? Or should one's love for reading and writing lead one to pick Arts?

What are the professional courses available after graduation from a particluar stream? Is the BBA course available to students from an Arts background or is more preference given to Commerce students?

To answer these and many other questions, career counsellor at Young Buzz, Deepika Hegde hosted a chat with GA readers on June 13. For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript.  

deepika hegde says, hi this is deepika here..i am here to answer your qestions...

deep asked, hwo tough is it to score in commerce.. am not good at studies esp maths

deepika hegde answers, hi, well it is not very diffiult to score as the syllabus is not very vast.But which year of commerce are you talking about?Maths as an option is allowed to be dropped in the 11th and 12 th std... efforts and hardwork will lead to good results.

min asked, hi depika, am liking psychology but arts is not favoured by my parents. what shld i do?

deepika hegde answers, well, do your through research as to psychology is something you really enjoy...and its not out of mere fascination..if that is your true interest then you can convince your parents that in todays time and age arts is something not restricted to the poor scorers but has loads of opportunities today.. and no harm taking it up..down south psychology is offered through the science stream as well.

sam asked, i am interested in science but have not scored well in boards. shld i choose comm instead?

deepika hegde answers, Please choose your stream on the basis of your interest and liking and not on the basis of your marks..

amit asked, i am becom graduate . and i am doing retail mgt . can you give any kind of suggesition

deepika hegde answers, you wnat suggestions for work or studies.retail management today has loads of scope as per career prospects.

Rohan asked, 
Hello i am rohan here i have got 57.50% in HSC with 40% in PCM So which is the side where shud i go? Science, Commerece, or Atrs like Bsc Comp. or BCA , BBA or wat???

deepika hegde answers, well like i always say, it all deends on your interest. if your maths is good and computer is something you want BCA can be a good option.if finance and management you are looking at as an eventual thing; then opt for BMS OR Bcom

testme asked, which field you suggest to take commerce, science or arts

deepika hegde answers, ALL depends on your interest....if you enjoyed studying the sciences in your 10th then only go for science... if you liked studying the social sciences then go for arts..and if eco and maths then go for commerce..

manu asked, wat kind of careers are there after commerce.. besides MBA?

deepika hegde answers, besides MBA, you can look at courses like CS,ICWA, law,courses in finance ,insurance,finanacial analyst..

pravin asked, I have score in 12th 75% so wt i do in next

deepika hegde answers, what you should take up ;all depends on your interest area subjects till the 10th...

sunilk asked, Hi Deepika, i want to pursue a career in international sales when i start working. Shud i opt for science or commerce

deepika hegde answers, commerce is advisable then....

devasis asked, i ave got 66% in 12 science.which line better for me?

deepika hegde answers, as per your interest. if it is computer then go for Bsc computer sci,or else graduste in subjects like biotechnology...if it is management then look at BMS as an option...if it is the media then look at BMM as an option...

ganesh asked, hi sir, my name is ganesh i had given my failed in 12 exam 2 years before due to family prob i was not able 2 give reexam now what shuld i do please help.

deepika hegde answers, please give your 12th is advisable and then try completeing your graduation through correspondence atleast.

anil asked, please sent me details fo Diploma in finicial management

deepika hegde answers, diploma in financial management can have different names in different colleges... check for such post graduate courses from institutes like Welingker or NM from mumbai..

pravin asked, what is commerce?

deepika hegde answers, commerce encompasses subjects like economics, maths, it is all about finance, business, trading...

sunilk asked, Hi Deepika, i want to pursue a career in international sales when i start working. Shud i opt for science or commerce

deepika hegde answers, commerce..

raj asked, what if i fails , can i take admission in YCMOU open university and directly appear for graduation

deepika hegde answers, why have such thoughts... try completing it through correspondence.. if not then let the last resoprt be open university..

sunilk asked, Hi Deepika, i want to pursue a career in international sales when i start working. Shud i opt for science or commerce

deepika hegde answers, please opt for commerce.....

kkk asked, wat are the types of subjects in arts?

deepika hegde answers, arts as a stream has alot of options... you havto choose 4 subjects from a list like.. sociology, political sci,psychology, history,geography,logic,economics.

krish asked, hello mam, i'm krishna rite now doind journalism and mass communicatio fro ugc recognised sikkim manipal university. i want to transfer my admission to mumbai university for second year can i do it?

deepika hegde answers, i would suggest continue it there...difficult to get admission in the middle in mumbai or anywhere......

Raman asked, hello Deepika ji pls sugg me for procesure to do diploma in Export managment

deepika hegde answers, after a graduation in can do a PG Diploma in export management...

Rajan asked, Dear Madam, my son, Deepak, has done his XII with PCMB and is planning to join Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) 3 yrs course. Would you please advise the future prospects after completing this course. He is also trying to get admission to BSc IT. We are located in Mumbai. Your kind advice shall be highly appreciated.

deepika hegde answers, A COURSE OF AME is beneficial to get into the aviation sector... where as IT would keep your options open to a lot more sectors...

tina asked, Hi deepika.. I have not got into any medical seat through CET ..I wanted to become a paeditrician...I have a dentistry seat and I am not so thrilled. My other interest is psychology/psychiatry etc Is there any option where I can combine psychology and science rather than arts?

deepika hegde answers, well then take up a seat out side your city...if psychology is your keenness today there are loads of certificate courses available at the post graduate level, maybe after your MBBS or Dentistry...

lalu asked, My daughter has got 90% in ICSE Examination and she likes to pursue her career in medicine and would like to join ISE, PCMB Combo. Is that ok?? or shall i shift her to puc / cbse........... please reply

deepika hegde answers, Ya it is a good option.. i am sure she will do well..

Aamir asked, Hi deepika i had got just 35 in my MATHS HSC So shall i go for BCA? Does it has many maths subjects??? or wich is the stream where maths in very less??

deepika hegde answers, Ya BCA will have a lot of maths.. opt for Bsc computer sci then...

n asked, one can hardly say if he/she likes science or something else at this till 10 is no where to what u study while engnrn or medical....likewise for any suject...just dont ignore a prospective career option just bcoz u think u dnt lyk it... trust me everything is different when u study i detail, ur interests would keep all options as long as you can....what say deepika??

deepika hegde answers, ya i agree science keeps all you r options open.. but if you just don like the sciences then please dont go for it...commerce or arts with maths; also keeps open a lot of options..

anil asked, & B.M.S cou. details ?

deepika hegde answers, Bachelor in management studies... an UG course in management... should be followed up by an MBA...

reti asked, I am third year BA student this year. I want to persue my MA Clinical Psycology from best colleges of India. Please advise.

deepika hegde answers, DO A MAJORS IN PSYCHOLOGY, at the bachelors level... then do a masters (MA), from mumbai, pune,baroda,bangalore university...

JIGEN asked, what should i do if i get 69% in 12th commerce.

deepika hegde answers, Do a bcom or BMS...

sonia asked, I wish to pursue a career in architecture after SSC.Which stream should I choose arts,science or commerce.

deepika hegde answers, can be done with commerece with maths as well... but preferably take up science...

kavindra asked, i have complete my gueduation in 2006. and now i am working with hospitailaity sector for last 2 year. now i want to do MBA . what is good for me -will i do it regular or correspondance which one is better for me . plz help me

deepika hegde answers, do a part time MBA rather from a good college........

Sameer asked, Hi deepika i had got just 35 in my MATHS HSC So shall i go for BCA? Does it has many maths subjects??? or wich is the stream where maths in very less??

deepika hegde answers, go for computer sci then

Rohan asked, Hi deepika i had got just 35 in my MATHS HSC So shall i go for BCA? Does it has many maths subjects??? or wich is the stream where maths in very less??

deepika hegde answers, go for Bsc comp sci then... BCA requires maths...

prakash asked, My son scored 71% in CBSE X board exam and i got him admitted in Karntaka Pre-University Course in Science stream with PCMB combination.Is that descision right?

deepika hegde answers, ya that is fine.....

Rohan asked, Hi deepika i had got just 35 in my MATHS HSC So shall i go for BCA? Does it has many maths subjects??? or wich is the stream where maths in very less??
deepika hegde answers, Bsc comp sci ...

Rohan asked, Hi deepika i had got just 35 in my MATHS HSC So shall i go for BCA? Does it has many maths subjects??? or wich is the stream where maths in very less??

deepika hegde answers, BCA has a lot of maths... opt for Bsc comp sci instead...or then BMS/BMM.

aarti asked,  am in 12th and want to do dentistry and further specializaion in it. Everyone advises me against it. Has medicine, dentistry carry no scope in future?

deepika hegde answers, NOTHING LIKE THAT does have scope...

anil asked, Hi pl. give details Diplom in financial managment

deepika hegde answers, i answered that question...

kirit asked, Hi which course gives early entry to corporate world

deepika hegde answers, An MBA is the best way........

deepika hegde asked, deepika, i have done 12th Comm. now i want to jump into Creative field, what you suggest? what are the careeer prospects of creative field-Multimedia and Animation?? Please Reply.

deepika hegde answers, well great scope india really looking at good qualified Animators... a good option for people in the the lookout for a creative career and enjoy being on the computer.

sonia asked, I am awaiting my ssc results.what stream should I choose.

deepika hegde answers, all depends on interest.


deepika hegde answers, continue with Bcom and specialize in accounts and finance or banking nd insurance...


deepika hegde answers, you have to give the entrance exams like, MHT-CET, IIT-JEE,AIEEE

selvie asked, she is in the 9th grade and very good in her studies

deepika hegde answers, THEN LET HER GO FOR SCIENCE....

champu asked, when will new IIT open ?


prax asked, i passed my 10th std with 40% marks.. i want to pursue my career in hotel mangement.. plz guide me

deepika hegde answers, Hotel management can be pursued from arts,sciencs and commerce...

Ruchi asked, Hi deepika,I had science in my +2 and now I want to go for BBA.I want know taht is BBA tough for a student with science backgroung as u will be very new to the subjects like Accounts ect.

deepika hegde answers, no it wont be tough for a science background student...

nikhil asked,  want to pursue a career in c.a

deepika hegde answers, register with ICAI after 10th ...

saurabh asked, hi mam,this is saurabh here. i got 90% marks in icse board 10th class. i like science .my favourite subject was physics but i kinda dont like maths.what should i go for pcm,pcb or commerce

deepika hegde answers, Go for PCMB...

Puneet asked, Hi deepika, which one is better option aircraft maintanence engineering or other usual fields

deepika hegde answers, DEPENDS ON WHAT IS YOUR CAREER GOAL...if it is restricted to aviation sector then go for AME...

deepika hegde says, Okay... bye for now... that is all with the time today..

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