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Drunk driving: What's wrong with India's youth?
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June 16, 2008
Two engineering students were arrested after they injured 11 people in an alleged case of drunk driving at a Mumbai BPO hotspot on Sunday night.

On Saturday night, three Gurgaon teenagers were killed in an alleged case of drunk driving. The fourth, who was driving the car, was lucky to survive.

Incidents where youngsters are involved in cases of drunk driving are on the rise despite the police in India's major metros conducting regular campaigns to arrest offenders.

As many as 40 per cent of India's road accidents occur because of drunk driving.

The offence is bailable even if someone has been killed; the maximum punishment for such an offence is just two years.

What can we do to curb drunk driving? How can we prevent under-age youngsters from getting a driving license? Should those caught driving under the influence of alcohol and involved in serious accidents be given severe punishment (the existing law prescribes a two year imprisonment but the Law Commission wants to increase it to ten years)? Should drunken driving be made into a criminal non-bailable offence?

How can we save precious lives, of both victims and drivers? How can we cope with this serious problem? Tell us.

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