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All you need to know about the SAT
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July 22, 2008

Are you planning on pursuing an undergraduate course in the US?

If yes, chances are you'll need to prepare to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test or the SAT. The test assesses students' writing, mathematical and critical reading abilities and is used for admissions to undergraduate college courses.

But how tough is the test? What are the type of questions you should expect? And are there any strategies to up your score?

To address these and other questions, Sushila Panvelkar, Product Manager, Undergraduate Study Abroad Programme at IMS hosted a chat with GA readers on July 11, 2008. For those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript: 

 Sushila Panvelkar says, Hi, I'm are ready to take your questions

RAMAN asked, good afternoon, What is SAT?

Sushila Panvelkar answers, The SAT is a common admission test to secure admission in the colleges abroad.

mrhohoha asked, hi... iv taken sat I and II and got 2050 in sat I, 800 Physics, 770 Maths and 750 chemistry... what ae my chances for an ivy league college, specifically columbia SEAS (i want to apply for computer engineering)... i'm not all that strong on the extracurricular front, but I have some such as Model UN participation, and school council membership (school captain)...

Sushila Panvelkar answers, Your scores are good. You can get into ivy league colleges.

sameer29 asked, i have 2 more years before i join undergrad. when would be the appropriate time for me to start preparing for SAT?

Sushila Panvelkar answers, As per your question, you may be studying in your Xth std. You can begin preparing for the SAT after your finals. SAT scores are valid for 5 years.

ramesh asked, My high school percentage is 45 % + have completed diploma in computers 77% also I m MCP certified percentage 95 %.I want to pursue bachelors degree in computer network security i already gave TOEFL CBT but my score is very less its 130/300 can u tell me what i can do the best will I need to take SAT ? can I get admission for ESL program or I need to show english proficiency again ? what are the chances of getting student visa as per my profile...

Sushila Panvelkar answers, You need to take the SAT. You should improve your TOEFL score. Visa would depend on your admission.

tushar asked, I am applying for admission in fall 2009. Currently i am in 12th. I will be giving SAT in October. In all probability i shall be giving the subject tests in November, for which registration is done in september.I have never given the SAT previously. My apprehension is that due to some reason if I am unable to get high scores in SAT I, giving SAT II will become unnecessary. That is, if I screw up my SAT I scores, there's no college that's going to accept me. Thus, my question is, since the admission deadlines for most good colleges is in December, are there colleges which accept scores of sat tests of december or later dates?

Sushila Panvelkar answers, You take the SAT I in October and SAT II in November. If your scores are not satisfactory in Oct then you can retake the SAT in Nov. Colleges will accept your scores.

sakshi asked, what exactly is included in sat? i mean the subjects?

Sushila Panvelkar answers, In SAT I there are three sections. Critical Reading, Math and Writing section. In SAT II there are 22 subjects like, Mathematics I, II, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and so on.

menon asked, What is difference between SAT, TOEFL, IELTS etc etc. And how to decide which test to take to get admission in US colleges and Schools

Sushila Panvelkar answers, As an international applicant you have to submit the SAT and TOEFL scores to apply in the colleges in US, Canada [Images], Australia, Singapore. In case of Uk you need to submit your IELTS scores. You can find the required test score from the respective college website.

indian asked, Why do ppl go for graduating from US universities? What advatnages they get from there? I can understand if ppl go for rputed univs like MIT, Stanford, princeton and so on but there are lot of indian ppl graduating from other low profile univs. why?

Sushila Panvelkar answers, There are good colleges in US apart from Ivy League which provide good job opportunities.

Pawananand asked, My son has just appeared in SAT 1 and secured 1840 score. He wants to pursue Engineering. What is the process he should now follow to find out which college to join. Financial assistance is very important. From that perspective which colleges should he seek. Pl advise.

Sushila Panvelkar answers, Your son's SAT scores are good but the top colleges in US accept the scores above 2000. Financial aid depends upon his good academic performance and SAT scores. He can get admission in the lower rank colleges in US. However, he can consider of applying to colleges in Singapore where the tuition cost will be lower than US and the possibility of securing scholarship is higher.

nmb asked, How relevant is the performance in the SAT when it comes to securing financial aid from top universities?

Sushila Panvelkar answers, Good SAT score along with good and consistent academic performance is the most important factor to get financial aid from the top universities.

Kripa asked, I want to get admission in Harvard. Can you tell me the admission procedure?

Sushila Panvelkar answers, This forum is directed for undergrd study. Just for your info, for scholarship, one needs to have high GMAT (700+)score, good academic background and good job profile. Extra curricular also helps.

Pawananand asked, Thanks. How does one proceed to find out about the colleges in US or Singapore.

Sushila Panvelkar answers, The list of universities can be searched from the internet and you can visit the university website to know more.

vinay asked, Is it mandatory tao take SAT II for admission into IVY league colleges? How many subjects should you appear for in SAT II?

Sushila Panvelkar answers, SAT II scores are required for the study fields like Engineering, Finance. You need to take 2 or 3 subject tests as per your chosen field. You need to check the required subject tests from the respective college website.

sanjeev asked, what is the total cost for an under graduate engineering course after clearing SAT at US.Sanjeev Bhardwaj

Sushila Panvelkar answers, Approximately the total cost of graduating (Engineering) in Ivy leagues colleges is 40 lacs and other top 50 colleges is 30 lacs

yatin asked, Hi madam i passed 12 science and presently i amdoing FY Bsc.i give toefl exam last maonth,and get 49 score so i applicable for student visa

Sushila Panvelkar answers, You should improve your TOEFL score. You need to take the SAT I and SAT II to secure admission after which you will receive the visa.

ravi asked, i am 12 passed in 2004 so how i can get adimission in us collage

Sushila Panvelkar answers, You need to take the SAT and TOEFL to apply to US colleges.

mrhohoha2 asked, mrhohoha2 says, this is mrhohoha again (sat I 2050)... could you please be more specific... what about financial aid/scholarship - what colleges provide a good amount in aid, besides ivy league colleges, and are reputed for their engineering schools? what colleges would you suggest i apply to?

Sushila Panvelkar answers, Other reputed colleges are, Clemson University, Georgia Southern University, West Virginia University

bihari asked, want to pursue BS in computer networking I gave TOEFL and my score is 180 ? do I need to appear again or I can take IELTS ? My high school percentage was 50 % what are the chances of getting student visa ?

Sushila Panvelkar answers, Visa does not depend on the test scores. Once you get the admission in the international college you can apply for the visa. You should improve your TOEFL scores. No need to take the IELTS.

vamsi2 asked, Does IMS provide any guidance for students applying for undergrad in usa?

Sushila Panvelkar answers, Yes IMS does assist students for undergraduate studying abroad. for further information pls contact IMS Head-office, at Bandra-Kurla complex, Mumbai. You can call on 66680005

Gagnn asked, mam how much do my academics matter to get a good college?Is it just the SAT score or the academics too that count for the admission

Sushila Panvelkar answers, Good and consistent academic background along with good SAT score is required.

vamsi2 asked, is there link for the top 50 colleges for engineering in usa?

Sushila Panvelkar answers, ;  and  

radha asked, I have very excellant and consistant academic record and currently studying in XIIth science. Pl. guide on undergraduate courses in medicine in US with 100% scholarships or funding.

Sushila Panvelkar answers, It is advisible to go abroad after the graduation for medicine

Sushila Panvelkar says, I have to sign out now. If you have any more queries write to us at Wish you all the very best!

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