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Read funny Valentine's Day poems!

February 15, 2008
We recently invited Get Ahead readers to contribute funny poems and verses suited to the occasion of Valentine's Day yesterday.

We received a few hilarious attempts -- here they are, for your reading pleasure!

I met him when I was in the class
I could see him through my eye glass
Then he gave me a rose
And wrote a romantic prose!!

Next few weeks we dated
And we were the best couple rated
Then came a rude shock
When he grew his locks!

He decided to be a girl
And all became a blur
Our romance ended in a day
No thats my story I say!

-- Naina Pandey

Aksar log pyar karte bade josh ke saath,
humne bhi kiya tha pakad kar haath mein haath.
lekin ab karenge badi sauch ke saath,
....kyonki kal humne use dekha kisi aur ke saath

-- Harindra Mitharia

Dark nite
bright stars
cool breeze all make me glad
that you r on ur way to
pay my restaurant bill

-- Marilyn Andrea

Dis valn day,
'u will be mine'- i pray,
n if 'no' is what u hav to say,
sweets be prepared-hell is on his way...

-- $Cyn$

Women worry
Till they find a husband, and a life
Men never worry
Till they find disaster, and a wife

-- SickofChaddiwalas

Said a girl to a guy
14th feb is a special day
for once in a year
comes the valentine day
where a boy expresses his love
to the girl whom he loves the most
The guy replied
it indeed may be special for others
but not for a gay like me.

-- Sunita Khilani

Ur eyes are bright
let them not sparkle
inside the jewellery shop

-- Marilyn Andrea

I think its kind
of weird, you'll find:
men, for stunners, grind
who says love is blind?

-- Raja Sen


Valentine's day draws ever near,
Filled with love and hope and cheer.

That you will meet that special guy,
The only apple of your eye.

A guy who's handsome, smart and sweet,
Who'll hold your hand when you cross the street.

Who gets you flowers and gifts all the time,
And knows just what to say to make you smile.

Who lends a ear to all your woes,
And is always there to massage your toes.

Who will pick you up when you take a spill,
And always insists on paying the bill.

Who hardly sweats and always smells nice,
And can tell the difference between a condiment and spice.

Who looks in your eyes and not at your butt,
And when with your parents says FLIP and not F*&K.

Who does things for you, that no other guy would do,
Like keeping the seat down after using the loo.

Who would rather walk away than get into a fight,
And makes sure he only gets drunk at night.

So this valentine's, don't give up and do not wait,
Such a guy is closer than you think.

To find that guy is the main key,
But don't look here cause he isn't me.

-- Rahul Prasad

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