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Homeopathy for curing falling hair
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December 26, 2008

Whether you suffer from psoriasis, piles, constipation, greying and falling hair, homeopathy could be one route to dealing with long-term health problems.

In an hour-long chat with Get Ahead readers, homeopathy expert Dr Mukesh Batra offered his solutions for various health conditions. 

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

point asked, Hello Sir I m 38 years old & having all white Hairs on my head. Does this mean that My bones r also affected ?? if yes , what shud I do to improve Bones structure so as to avoid any spinal code related issues at a later age ?? Thanks.

Dr Batra answers,  at 2008-12-17 13:23:18 How early we get gray hair is determined by our genes that means most of us will start having gray hair around the same age when our parents or grandparents first did. Other factors like dandruff, stress, or any major illness could also be responsible for gray hair and this process does not mean that our bones are also affected. However, as diet plays an important role for healthy hair and bones as well, we need to see that calcium, iron and protein intake is sufficient by taking milk and milk products, green leafy vegetables and fruits, eggs etc.

rkt asked, What is the remedy for piles?

Dr Batra answers, Hoemoapthy greatly helps in treating 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree piles. The most important element is to avoid straining at stools and treating constipation by having regular bowel movement. you may take Peonia 6c 3 pills two doses daily for a month. If your piles are associated with constipation, you may take Nux Vomica 30 3 pills daily for 15 days. You also need to take high-fiber food like fruits, vegetables and wholegrain cereals like brown rice and wholemeal bread and plenty of fluids.

kp asked, what is the medicine for alopecia

Dr Batra answers, There are different types of alopecia. If you are suffering from a non-scarring alopecia where you see a localized patch of hair loss and often multiple patches of hair loss with history of regrowth in those patches, you may take a homeopathic medicine, Flouric acid 200 5 pills once daily for a month. You need to maintain scalp hygeine by washing your hair every alternate day with mild antidandruff shampoo like Dr Batras' shampoo. As this is an autoimmune condition, this case needs further evaluation to see if there is any thyroid or diabetes association and again needs to rule out if there is stress-reactive alopecia.

binu asked, i am 35 year old my hairs are whitening

Dr Batra answers, How early we get gray hair is usually determined by our genes that means most of us will start having gray hair around the same age when our parents or grandparents first did. Other factors like dandruff, stress, or any major illness could also be responsible for gray hair. You need to maintain scalp hygeine by washing your scalp every alternate day with mild antidandruff shampoo like Dr Batras' as its pH balance exactly matches with that of our scalp. Good nutrition as we all know plays a great role for healthy hair like you need to have food rich in protein and iron for eg almonds, dates, soya products, fruits and vegetables etc.

sam asked, would u suggest me a perfect diet to reduce my tummy but still gives me the required strength

Dr Batra answers, It is important to keep high-glycemic ingredietns like excessive sugar, sodium and processed foods out of your diet. Leafy vegetables and fruits are great as they have very few calories; but here must mention avoid fruit juices. Again, the best way to go is to have small meals but at frequent intervals. A combination of diet and cardiovascular and strength-training exercies will help to reduce your tummy, i.e. fats stored around your abdomen which is called visceral fat that usually carries greater health risk than fats stored around your thighs.

shashi asked, hi sir, i am suffering from pimples

Dr Batra answers, Shashi, you need to check if you are suffering from dandruff; if yes, then need to treat that first. You may take a homeopathic medicine, Silicea 6x two pills two times a day for a month; however, a complete medical history should be taken including questions about skin care, diet, factors that worsen or improve your condition, medication use and prior treatment.

shibaji asked, hi this is shibaji,25 yrs old, i am having male pattern hair loss ...i taking medicine form dr. batra for last 2 months....but hair fall did not stop....

Dr Batra answers, Hi Shibaji, I am sure our doctors must have explained you that hair fall will gradually come under control; need to look into various other factors when we treat male pattern hair loss like strong family history, associated dandruff, associated low hemoglobin or ferritin levels, frequent traveling, or stress. At this juncture, I can only advise you to follow up with our doctors regularly, continue medications and follow diet and exercise regime as hair loss treatment is a long-term managment.

hero asked, Hello sir, i am suffering from psorisis but in an inactive stager & not taking any medications. Can it become active again?if yes then will it be more severe or dangerous to my health?

Dr Batra answers, Psoriasis is an immune-mediated chronic skin condition in which symptoms often subside for some time and then flare up again. Its unpredictable nature does not allow me to assure you that how and when this can flare up and to what extent. However, you need to take care of some triggers that can include emotional stress, injury to the skin, some types of infections or reactions to certain drugs.

Sameer asked, Hi, Sir, i am 36 yrs old having a problem of Ulcerative Colitis for the last 2 years, taking allopathy medicine, is it cureable and what are the precautions should i take?

Dr Batra answers, The goal of ulcerative colitis treatment is to induce and maintain remission and to improve the quality of life. Treatment depends upon the severity of the disease and each person experiences this disease differently so here we have individualized treatment. So, you may visit any of our clinics to consult our doctors and understand how homeopathy treatment is tailored as individual needs.

Dr Batra says, As we all are and should be time-bound, thats all for today. Until next time, goodbye.

Dr Mukesh Batra has over 30 years of experience in his field. He is the chairman and managing director of Dr Batra's Positive Health Clinic Private Limited. He is also professor emeritus at the College of Homeopathy, USA, the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, UK, and honorary professor at the Homeopathic Medical Association, UK.
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