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Tips & tricks for the ultimate orgasm revealed!

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August 01, 2008

Is your sex life more of a snooze than sizzle? Well, don't fret it, for a group of experts have come up with an ultimate 'orgasm guide', that is wholesomely dedicated to pleasure of the naughty variety.

Tracey Cox, sex author and presenter, Sarah Hedley, editor of 'Scarlett' magazine, Dr Petra Boynton, sex and relationship expert and Katherine Hoyle, owner of 'Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium' share their expert knowledge for achieving the 'Big O'.

"The biggest misconception is that women can have orgasms through intercourse. But 70 percent of women don't, and that's totally normal. Guys don't just lie back hoping to have an orgasm -- they pick a thrusting style to suit them. Women need to do the same and take control," The Sun quoted Tracey, as saying.

"The trick to achieving orgasm is to put pressure on your clitoris by rotating your pelvis during sex."

"Good positions for this are with the woman on top or with the man behind -- and if you tighten your pelvic muscles, your orgasm will be more intense.

"These positions are also great for hitting the G spot, which is around the urethra tissue -- the part you can feel through the vaginal wall. It's not miles in like we all previously thought."

"Another good orgasm tip is to give up on trying to climax simultaneously," Tracey added.

She said: "Much better to take it in turns so you're not distracted by what the other person is doing -- that's why a 69er is always better in fantasy!"

"And stop thinking of sex having a start, middle and end. You could orgasm from an oral sex session or a quickie against the bathroom wall."

"Keep your mind in the moment and feel rather than think -- it will make climaxing much easier. If you want more than one orgasm, my best tip is to use different forms of stimulation, otherwise you get de-sensitised. So orgasm through oral sex, then through your G spot."

"Remember, having sex when you're drunk means your senses are dulled and your orgasm won't be as good."

Sarah Hedley says: "The key to having a great orgasm is to get your mind 'in orgasm mode' way before you take your clothes off."

Dr Petra Boynton said: "All orgasms are great. Thinking of them as brilliant or boring just puts pressure on us. The trick is not to strive for something better -- we all feel orgasms in different ways. My advice is to set aside time to explore orgasms on your own. It's rare to be unable to orgasm through masturbation."

"A lot of women think it's cheating to do it in a relationship, but it's not; it helps you know what you like. Then why not try masturbating in front of your partner? If you feel embarrassed, then ask him to do it first."

Katherine Hoyle says: "Breathing can really affect an orgasm. As you start having sex, your breathing rate increases and we often hold our breath. This means you tense up and climaxing is more difficult. If you're aware of your breathing and try to regulate it, you'll let go quicker and orgasm."

Photograph: Greg Wood/AFP/Getty Images

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