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Rajesh Karkera
Sahil Shroff
Age: 28 years

Height: 6'

Vitat stats: 40-30-38

How I got into modelling: Well, initially I modelled part-time as I pursued my education. I earned my bachelor's degree in e-commerce and did a master's in IT in Australia.

Then I moved to Mumbai and have been modelling full-time for 2 years now.

Exercise regime: My mantra is go hard or go home! I have a gruelling fitness regime that includes a 7 km run four times a week with heavy power training thrown in.

Diet: I eat everything, the only thing I do control is my carb intake at night. I make sure I go easy on the carbs at dinner, and if there's drinks then I make sure I don't go heavy on the food. It's all about keeping things balaned.

What's the downside to modelling: As I see it, there is no downside. The travelling and work expose you to new experiences and gives you the opportunity to learn and meet new people.

I've learned about fashion trends and the business and this understanding enabled me to open and run my own high-end apparel store in Colaba (Mumbai).

Advice to newcomers: Do not give up your education midway to get into modelling.

You need to understand the business, which can be volatile. Give it a shot, but be prepared for the letdowns as well.

You've got to be tough to survive in this business. Complete your education and lay a solid foundation; then if the modelling gig takes off, take it up full time.

Shooting the breeze (You've got an Master's degree, but now with modelling, do you get to use your skills at all?): I do use my skill, maybe not directly but I am marketing myself, my brand -- it's just a different field.

I conceptualise for my boutique, which again call on my skills, when I meet with people in the business.

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