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Want to work at Infosys?
A Ganesh Nadar
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August 03, 2007
Infosys Technologies Ltd is a name to reckon with in the IT industry; every software graduate worth his/her salt is trying to secure a job with the company. Here, in an interview with Bikramjit Maitra, vice-president and Head, Human Relations, outlines what it takes to make the cut at Infosys [Get Quote]:

Does Infosys allot a specific recruitment period for each financial year? When you do hire, what is the ratio of experienced professionals to freshers?

At Infosys, hiring is a well thought out and comprehensive process, based on business requirements. According to the business plan, hiring is forecasted and implemented throughout the year.

The company plans to recruit 26,000 more employees in the current financial year; the fresher to lateral hiring ratio is 70:30.

Do you hold campus interviews? Are there any preferred colleges or universities when it comes to recruitment?

Yes, we visit campuses every year. We have built our global talent pool by recruiting from premier universities, colleges and institutes in India. Our reputation as a premier employer enables us to select from a large pool of qualified applicants.

We visited over 650 colleges during the financial year 2006-2007. This year, we have already visited around 1,000 colleges.

What qualifications and personal skills do you normally look for in a candidate?

While recruiting fresh graduates, we look for a high degree of learnability in those we hire. Learnability can be defined as the ability to derive generic knowledge from specific experiences and apply them to new situations.

Infosys also places significant importance on professional competence and academic excellence. Some of the attributes and competencies that we look for in potential Infoscions, especially at the entry level, are analytical ability, teamwork and leadership skills, communication skills and the ability to innovate.

Do communication skills play an important role? Does knowing a foreign language or two help boost a candidate's chances?

Effective communication is an essential part of organisational success, whether it is at the interpersonal, organisational or external levels. Thus, having good communication skills is imperative.

As Infosys moves forward and continues to grow, there is a need to hire more local talent and become an embedded part of the countries and communities within which the company operates. Knowing foreign languages is definitely an advantage for certain roles, but it is not a prerequisite for applicants.

How does a candidate apply for a job at Infosys? Also, tell us about the selection process; if an individual is not selected after an interview, is s/he allowed to apply again, should the chance arise?

At Infosys, the emphasis on quality is of prime importance. The selection process adopted is rigorous, involving a series of aptitude tests and interviews to identify the best applicants in the industry. The recruitment procedure is continually assessed and refined, based on the performance track of past recruits.

The selection process for fresh graduates is a combination of resume screening, a written test on analytical thinking, logical reasoning, English language and communication skills and a personal interview.

When it comes to hiring experienced professionals, Infosys follows a competency-based recruitment philosophy, wherein we focus on the best match to the profile required and the candidate's personal abilities.

The applicants who pass the above tests then appear for a personal interview, where the emphasis is on motivational levels and communication skills. If selected, they are put through a formal induction and training programme upon joining.

All processes are geared to achieve our objective of attracting and selecting the best and brightest talent, while ensuring the best fit for each profile.

Aspiring candidates can send in their applications to us via e-mail to -- the address is on our Web site, as well as in advertised vacancies.

A candidate who has failed to clear the selection process can reapply nine months from the date when s/he first appeared for selection.

What positions are open to freshers? What postings can a newcomer expect and what are the growth prospects at Infosys?

Infosys hires based on business goals. Freshers are selected on the basis of their profiles and allocated to projects depending upon their competencies and the requirements of the role. Typically, freshers join as software engineers.

Infosys strives to achieve the best fit between individual aspirations and organisational requirements. With this in mind, we have adopted a complete range of services to offer customers and in turn have been able to define several career streams. These are:

1. Project Management
2. Customer Interface
3. Technical
4. Programme Management
5. Consulting -- Enterprise Solutions
6. Consulting -- Domain Competency
While Infosys provide the necessary tools for career development and development of competencies, the onus for career development lies upon the individual.

What remuneration is offered to freshers? What additional benefits can employees expect to avail of?

Infosys offers freshers competitive salaries. The compensation for entry-level employees was increased to Rs 270,000 during the financial year 2006-2007.

Other benefits include health care, life and medical insurance, paid leave and soft perks like access to campus facilities such as the gymnasium. However, the benefits of working at Infosys go beyond the salaries.

In addition to the brand name, a challenging and open work environment and a strong belief in meritocracy, a fresher can expect a well-charted career growth path backed by world-class training.

What age group do you prefer when it comes to recruitment?

The average age of Infoscions across the organisation is 26 years. At the entry level, employees join after completing their graduation/post-graduation. Typically, the age group of candidates joining is 22 to 23 years.

Do you have any preferences when it comes to the nationality of recruits? And what about those who hail from different Indian states?

Infosys aims at building a diverse talent pool. Cross-cultural teams bring different experiences and views to the table, aiding adaptability in the development of overseas operations.

How important is loyalty to the company? How do you strengthen your employees' commitment to Infosys?

Loyalty is important to every organisation. At Infosys we have a three-pronged approach when it comes to attracting and ensuring employee commitment. We provide:

  • Learning value-add through continuous learning opportunities, exposure to technology and new assignments as the company partners up with clients to transform their businesses.
  • Financial value-add through competitive salaries and variable pay philosophy.
  • Emotional value-add through a fair, rewarding work environment and a culture that has been built through various initiatives.

  • What is the work culture like at Infosys?

    Infosys has a very open-minded work culture -- it is a place where there is minimal hierarchy and people are unafraid to voice new ideas. Infoscions enjoy trust at the workplace and have a friendly environment within which to perform their duties.

    All employees have a sense of pride and belonging -- we have striven to create a workplace where politics are kept down to a minimum and where employees enjoy the transparent work culture.

    We believe that people are our core assets and continuously work towards motivating our employees, by providing an environment where they feel comfortable and secure. We have robust people management practices which enable us to create a place full of energy, vitality and freshness, where people work in a campus-like facility and culture.

    We ensure that a good work-life balance exists at all times, which is why we have a gamut of recreational facilities on campus, at par with global standards.

    Our people management practices set us apart from other technology companies, enabling Infoscions to excel and innovate in the duties we perform for our clients and in what we stand for as a company.

    How does your existing staff relate to new recruits?

    Infosys has undertaken various measures to create a conducive work environment for its employees. The company has institutionalised a 'buddy' programme to help new employees experience a smooth transition into the organisation and to facilitate inclusion into the culture.

    At a more formal level, we also have a mentoring culture wherein a senior provides insights and advice to a new employee to ensure quicker and faster acclimatisation.

    What advice do you have for prospective Infosys employees?

    In today's competitive world, it has become imperative for prospective employees to be accomplished in all possible ways -- academic background is, therefore, of the foremost importance. The years spent in college should be treated as an investment, since these years set the foundation for later life.

    Anything you would like to tell newcomers interested in joining your company?

    Infosys is a name to reckon with and its desirability goes well beyond the company's instant name recognition. We offer entry-level employees immense employment options in a challenging and stimulating work environment.

    Infosys is a great place for a first job, since it provides a perfect platform to launch oneself into the corporate world. Programmes like senior-level mentoring, opportunities to interact with clients and exposure to international markets are other add-ons.

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