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Want to lose weight? Eat well
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November 28, 2006

That gaining weight is very easy and losing it, a Herculean task, is a universally acknowledged fact. Most of us face problems trying to find the ideal diet plan and fitness regimen for our bodies.

"Can I lose facial fat in the gym?", "How do I tuck my stomach in?", "How do I reduce the pain in my lower back?" -- these are some of the questions Get Ahead fitness expert Brinda Sapat answers in a chat on November 23.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript.

Brinda says, Hi! I'm here to take your questions. Will try to answer a variety. Please refer to the other answers if your queries are similar.

Vibha asked, He undergoes GM diet plan which involves cut on carbohydrates and has specific diet plan to be followed for 7 days involving fruits, vegetables and high protein diet. He manages to loose abt 3kgs at the end of the plan. I want to know whether is it healthy to do so. He goes for a daily morning walk for abut 40 mins

Brinda answers, Hi Vibha. This diet plan is not healthy. I'd recommend losing three kilos in a month and not a week. He needs to follow a sensible eating pattern. Please read my article, 8 Weeks To A Slimmer You on rediff.

dug asked, my lifestyle is such that i eat whatever i want,but make sure that i run atleast 1 km everyday..will this be enough for the long run, or would i need to change my diet as well? i am 5'8" tall and weigh 65 kgs.

Brinda answers, Hi Dug. Are you talking about the marathon run? I'm afraid you need to pose this question to an athletics trainer. I'm not qualified to answer, but basically speaking, you would need to eat sensibly, cutting down fried foods and sweets.

Narendra asked, Hi Brinda Iam Kumar , Iam 24 working as Software Engineer .Iam nearing 90 kilos i walk on every day afternoon after my lunch . I am very confused sitution to handle the weight.Can you suggest me some tips Can i go for yoga or Gym which one better suits to my lifestyle.

Brinda answers, Hi Narendra. Yoga will not help in weight loss. You need to go to the gym and focus on cardio. Do that at least four days a week.

pcs asked, What is an ideal diet and exercise routine

Brinda answers, Hi pcs, and all those looking at losing weight. Please read my article, 8 Weeks To A Slimmer You, posted on rediff. It works for all.

arul asked, Hi Brinda,I am 26 and i am a sofware engineer.I weigh 74.5 KG and my height is 174CM.Am i overweight?I dont want to goto GYM.Is Diet control and walking is enough to be fit and look better?

Brinda answers, Hi Arul. Walking and watching your diet is good, but you also need to weight-train and stretch, to be completely fit.

kendraj asked, hi . can u tell me if one can loose facial fat in gym. I mean any specific exercises for that?

Brinda answers, Hi! No, there's no such thing as reducing weight in specific areas of the body. When fat burns, it burns all over the body.

bharati asked, I am doing yogasans and Sudrshana Kriya, not everyday, but most of the days, My worry is how to keep the stomach shape fit? I had cesserion operation during delivery, Recently back pain started for me, I am taking Ayrvedic medicine for that, what exercises you will suggest for that?

Brinda answers, Bharati, you need to walk four to five days a week at a brisk pace for 30 minutes. Add to this some abs and back exercises that you can find online or go to a trainer who can guide you.

menaka asked, brinda i wish to lose around 15 kgs in 3-4 months. pl tell me what u mean by cereals and where do i get them

Brinda answers, Menaka, cereals refer to foods like cornflakes, muesli, porridge, etc. You should get these at any provisional store.

farhan asked, Hi brinda, how to gain weight in a short span of say, 6 months? My height is 5'5 and I weigh 47 kg..pls advise!

Brinda answers, Hi Farhan! Start weight training and include more carbohydrates and protein in your meals, especially dinner.

rhode asked, whats the exercise to prevent lower backache?

Brinda answers, Hi Rhode! I just did an article on rediff, called 8 exercises to strengthen your back. You can read and follow the guidelines posted there.

Naina asked, Hi Brinda. I am getting married after two months. To come in shape before marriage, I joined a gym two months back. But after joining gym, my appetite has increased tremendously. I keep feeling hungry the whole day and I have not lost any weight in these two months. Though I try to avoid junk food and eat a balanced diet but what should I do to stop those cravings.

Brinda answers, Naina, make sure you eat five small meals in the day. Breakfast -- cereals; mid-morning -- a fruit; lunch � rotis, veggies, dal and salad; evening bite -- a fruit or some nuts; and dinner -- mixed lentils and salad or soup and salad. Never stay hungry. Do more cardio at your gym.

vij asked, hi mam i am ur great fan i always read ur articles my weight is 89 and height 5.6 i want to lose weight n stomach do guide something exercise too

Brinda answers, Thank you Vij! Walk five days a week for 30 minutes and do some abs and back exercises to tone your mid-section. Cut down on fried foods and sweets.

annu asked, i am female can we reduce upper body (chest)pls.advice

Brinda answers, Annu, you need to do cardio to burn fat wherever it may be stored. Walk five days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes at a brisk pace.

Vibha asked, Thanks Brinda for your reply. How much weight reduction would you suggest for his height

Brinda answers, Vibha, it's hard to generalise. He should focus on losing two to three kilos a month, till he feels good about himself.

Tejasmehta asked, I have join Gym since last three months, but during my cardio workout specially after trademill and cross trainer, I am having pain in knees, when I told this to my trainer he advised me to wear knee-pad and also to perform three sets of leg extension, but after doing this also I am having pain in my knees, what should I Do ?

Brinda answers, Hi! Don't walk or do the elliptical. Swim for a couple of months, till your knees get a bit stronger. Do knee extensions with very light weights. Do about eight slow reps and two sets.

Rags asked, Hi Brinda, I am 24yr old Male 180cms and 111kgs. I start with a bowl of corn flakes and chille milk without sugar, lunch is usually a chicken sandwich and coffee at a coffe house, evening snacks of chips or cutets at home and dinner at 10. My work is on the move and I spend a lot of my time travelling, seated on my motorcycle. I walk for 45-60 mins after dinner. Have a big belly and huge buttocks. Need to get back in shape in a hurry. (By New Year's Eve) HELP!!!

Brinda answers, Hi Rags! No chips or cutlets for you. Eat fruits instead. Walk in the morning, instead of post-dinner, so you can walk fast. Read the article, Men, flaunt your abs on New Year's eve, on rediff.

harry asked, Hi Brinda, I am 5ft 10 and weighing 81 kgs I have been following the suggestions given in rediff for fitness studiously and have lost 9 kgs in 3 months. I still have to lose another 6 to attain my ideal weight. However I am going to my home after 1 yr for a vacation of 10 days. Any suggestions on how to keep fit as I dont think I will be able to exercise and cant resist the home made food after 1 yr. Pls suggest.

Brinda answers, Congratulations on your weight loss, Harry. I'm really happy for you. You need to make sure you avoid heavy food, especially at night. Try to squeeze in a 30 min walk at least four days of the week. Don't let go, now that you've come this far!

meetu asked, hi brinda , iI go to gym three days aweek and burn 1200 calories in 100mins , but there is no use my weight is not dropping down from 150 ponds i m doing this since five months camn you pl slet me know what more i need to do thanks

Brinda answers, Meetu, try and do different forms of cardio and increase the intensity (speed/ incline). Try aerobics. Watch your food.

dinesh asked, how can people get long life.

Brinda answers, Exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. And don't smoke.

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