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Want an international MBA?
Karan Gupta
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March 24, 2006

You want to be an ace manager some day.

Having an international MBA on your resume is one of the steps you plan to take in that direction.

International education expert Karan Gupta says: To apply for an international MBA, two to four years of work experience is recommended after your bachelor's degree.

You can gain work experience in the field of your study as an MBA is designed for people from all backgrounds. Thus, you do not have to necessarily be equipped with business/ commerce related experience.

Karan Gupta, founder of Karan Gupta Consulting, has been working as a professional counsellor since 1999. He studied at Ithaca College and then at the University of Texas at Austin in the United States. While pursuing his education, he worked at the Office of Admissions, the Financial Aid office and the International Office. Karan is now the honourary study abroad counsellor at Jai Hind College, Mumbai. For further information, please visit Karan Gupta Consulting.

I wish to do MBA from Australia [Images] in Finance. I am a bit confused from where should I do as there are so many universities. Also I am keeping in mind the financial criteria while deciding the university. Can you suggest me few?

-- Karan

The University of Sydney, University of Melbourne and Australian Graduate School of Management are some of the good universities in Australia you could research before applying for the MBA programme.

Before deciding on a university, make sure you have checked the university requirements, fees and admission criteria.

I want to do PhD in less costly college in UK. Which will be the best college for me to do PhD in Finance or Management area and where can I easily find a part time job in UK?

-- Amit

You could consider Aston University, City University and Cranfield University. These universities offer a PhD in business programmes.

While studying in the UK, you are allowed to work for 20 hours per week anywhere (and not just within campus boundaries).

I am a II yr student of Journalism (Hons) from Delhi [Images] University, I am really keen on doing my post graduation from the US. I shall be sitting for my GRE and preparing on my own. I've been scoring 69-70% in my university exams, and would like to know what score should I aim for in GRE as well as my own exams for a really good scholarship cut-off (is a 100% scholarship possible in my field of interest?) I had PCB till 12th, and did not score too well in my boards. Would the colleges give much weightage to my score or my university exam results is enough?

-- Sharmistha

You have very good academic grades and must continue to maintain them. You should target 1300+ in your GRE if you are looking at the top schools in your field.

Scholarships are awarded to deserving students, based on the complete application profile including academics, test scores and supporting documents. So the application is considered as a whole.

Your 12th grade percentage should not affect your admission.

I'm in T.E (electronics) and want to pursue an M.B.A abroad and many colleges require work experience in the management field. So please tell me want kind of jobs would be beneficial.

-- Rahul

To apply for an international MBA, 2-4 years of work experience is recommended after your bachelor's degree.

You can gain work experience in the field of your study as an MBA is designed for people from all backgrounds. Thus, you do not have to necessarily be equipped with business/ commerce-related experience.

I want to do an MBA course from US, but my graduation scores are pretty low. However my scores in post graduate diploma courses are good and I have been working for the past 2 years. Please advise if I would face a problem during admission due to my graduation score. Also, I am doing a post graduate diploma in business administration from Symbiosis centre for distance learning. Please advice if this would count as a fourth year. I am not sure since 1) It is a diploma course and 2) It is through distance learning.

-- Anjana 

Most universities do not accept a diploma as the 16th year of education (16 years of education are needed for most US master's degree programmes). Please check with the individual universities that you are applying to. Many universities will consider degrees obtained by distance learning but not diplomas.

The graduation scores are considered as part of the overall application for granting admission to a student. Your low scores could be a hindrance to your admission.

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