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Want a job in the US?
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June 13, 2006

Many students who travel to the US for further studies have one question: Will I get a job in the US after the completion of my studies?

Here's what overseas education counsellor Karan Gupta who chatted with Get Ahead readers had to say:

'Many students get jobs in the US if they are good at what they do. Even if your university is not the best, there is a good possibility that you may get a job.'

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

Part I: Want a foreign MBA degree?

ankmania asked, HI Karan, i have done my engineering in electronics and have been working with Microsoft for the last 2 years. i gave my gmat last year and scored a 580, i wanna do an MBA in US which colleges do u think i have a shot at.

Karan Gupta answers, 
Look at City University of New York, Drexel University, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, among others.


Karan Gupta answers, 
Work experience is THE most important factor. All reputed universities require applicants to have prior work experience before joining.

pratheesh asked, hey karan... i am an aspiring indian.. want to study in nus singapore.. got 91% inpcm in 12th.. will i make it.. how is the university?

Karan Gupta answers, 
NUS is a good well reputed university in Singapore. If you are happy the course content of the programme that you are applying to, go ahead with NUS.

aja asked, hi karan, i have completed master of pharmacy in pharmacology. i want to do phd in the same subject in uk. i have toefl score 227. but i am not getting proper guideline for that. what can i do for this. my email adress is

Karan Gupta answers, 
Visit the British Council and get information on universities that offer this course. Once you have this information you can go ahead and apply with your TOEFL score.

Rhea asked, hi karan, i am in class 12th and m planning to pursue mah further studies in the US next year...frm wher do i get enough funds frm to pursue mah studies? also gud wil get wil it do for me if i do law after my graduation in the US(and plz do telme the approximate cost needed to study law)?

Karan Gupta answers, 
If you are a bright student and do well in the SAT, you can apply for scholarships and financial aid to universities in the US. Law school is expensive in the US and costs about $ 30,000 per year.

kartik asked, Hi! Mr. Karan. My name is Kartik Iyer. Presently I am pursuing my (7th sem.) course. I have already cleared GRE (1440/1600) & TOEFL(280/300). I will be applying for M.S. course in Fall 2007. My query is � I will not be submitting my transcript for 7th & 8th sem. alongwith my application packet. Will they reject my appl. without them ? Should I mention some where in the appl. form that I will the send the transcript for 7th & 8th sem. as soon as I complete the course.

Karan Gupta answers, 
You can go ahead and apply to universities without your seventh and eighth semester marks. Universities will admit you based on your GRE, TOEFL and 1-6 semester marks.

shruti asked, will an ma correspondence from bombay univ hold wightage as my 16th year of education

Karan Gupta answers, 
Yes, in most cases.

SALIL asked, HI KARAN i want to pursue astronomy as my career abroad can you plz help me?

Karan Gupta answers, 
If you are applying for a Bachelor's degree in astronomy, then you need to appear for the SAT and TOEFL for US universities. If you wish to study in the UK you need the TOEFL only.

shameek asked, Hi Karan...can you tell me anything about this special clearance requirement for F-1 visa? i have friends who have been put on hold due to special clearance...what kinds of applicants are affected by it?

Karan Gupta answers, 
If you are planning to apply for a 'high tech' field such as chemical engineering or advanced quantum physics at the Master's or Doctorate level, there is a good chance that your visa processing will take longer. In such cases, approval from Washington DC is required and hence applicants applying for visas in these fields are advised to apply as early as possible. Please keep in mind that if you are applying for these fields, it does not mean that you visa interview will be more difficult, it just means that the visa processing will take more time.

AbhishekG asked, Hi, I am an IT professional working for one of India's most respected companies. I want to pursue a master's Degree in Computer Science. But the problem is that I have my undergrad in Mechanical(D.C.E), therefore i can not get admissions in top institutes. Will going in for a low ranked university be of any professional use if i desire to work in US after completing my Master's?

Karan Gupta answers, 
Many students get jobs in the US if they are good at what they do. Even if your university is not the best, there is a good possibility that you may get a job. So if you are willing to take that risk, then go ahead.

Shyam asked, Sir: I am 2nd puc student for commerce. Am I elgible for any course in Australia, if so what are the formalities to enrol and approximate fee per year.

Karan Gupta answers, 
Yes you are eligible for admissions to universities in Australia. The fees are around $ 20,000 Australian dollars on an average.

Priyadarshan [Images] asked, Am a CA, ICWA and an MBA from FMS Delhi. Works for the best MNC in India in Finance. Am 30. Have total work-ex of 5 years. Long term plan to settle in Singapore. Would you suggest an American MBA. Obviously top-10 institutes?

Karan Gupta answers, 
Yes. Your profile seems good. With a high enough GMAT score you would be eligible to apply for admissions to the top universities in the US.  

Sandipan asked, Hi Karan,i have 2 years work ex in IT and am planning to go for a MS from Australia.Please advise

Karan Gupta answers, 
Look at the courses offered by RMIT and University of Sydney. These are two good universities in Australia.

RahulP asked, Hi Karan, I m planning for a finance career and have planned to go to Australia. I have to 3 options, either a General MBA from Swinburne, Deakin, La Trobe or MS- MAster in Financial Mngt from Melbourne Univ or Master in Business (Banking & Fnance)-Monash Univ. I have given my Ty exams and lookin for a career in bamking sector and a job in top companies. Plz suggest

Karan Gupta answers, 
Melbourne Business School is the best among the ones you have suggested.

rahulgupta asked, Hi Karan, I am planning to do Masters in Chemical Engineering from Australia.According to you what would be better Masters by Research or Master's by coursework ?

Karan Gupta answers, 
Master's in coursework is better in most cases.

Navin asked, Hello. I have got my admission for the MBA programmes from Clemson University, University of San Francisco and IIT-Chicago. Which one is better of the 3? Also I am awaiting Boston University and Syracuse University.

Karan Gupta answers, 
In my opinion, IIT is your best bet. If you get in, then Boston should be your first choice.

chaturvediabhishek asked, Greetings Karan I am an MBA from ICFAI and am currently working in an OIL MNC. My question: I am 33 yrs old..I want to know whether it will be ok for me to go for a Management Degree from a grade A International University.. I want to know this from the perspective of the University...

Karan Gupta answers, 
Universities prefer applicants who are older and have more work experience. Your prior work experience will be your strong point and hence you should go ahead and apply for admissions.

JAGGI asked, I am interested in animation and media from where should I go

Karan Gupta answers, 
Usually animation and media are offered at the diploma and certicate levels only. You may be able to find universities offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts or Master of Fine Arts in these courses as well. Visit for more information on such programmes.

vino_25 asked, hi, i want to know , how we can handle the recent cash entries for US visa? Plz give suggestions

Karan Gupta answers, 
Always be honest when you go for your visa interview. If you lie about anything, including cash transactions, you can be sure that your visa will be denied.

Mihir asked, Hi Karan,Which is better Polytechnic University OR Wichita State University for MS Industrial Engineering ????

Karan Gupta answers, 
In my opinion, Polytechnic is a better school than WSU.

lakshmi ravi asked, Hi karan can u tell the best online university for MBA

Karan Gupta answers, 
Instituto de Empresa in Spain offers an excellent online MBA programme.

Rajeev asked, Hi Karan please tell me whether INSEAD is better than IMD for an MBA.

Karan Gupta answers, 
In my opinion, INSEAD is a better school than IMD. Job prospects, course content and faculty are all stronger at INSEAD as compared to IMD.

Karan Gupta Chat Room says, Dear students, this was a great session. Thank you for your insightful questions. We have to now close the chat. Look out for the next Rediff Karan Gupta chat. Thank you.

Karan Gupta Chat Room says, Have a great day. Goodbye!

Part I: Want a foreign MBA degree?

Karan Gupta, founder of Karan Gupta Consulting, has been working as a professional counsellor since 1999. He studied at Ithaca College and then at the University of Texas at Austin in the United States. While pursuing his education, he worked at the Office of Admissions, Financial Aid office and the International Office. Karan is now the honorary study abroad counsellor at Jaihind College, Mumbai. For further information, please visit Karan Gupta Consulting.


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