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Want a foreign MBA degree?
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June 12, 2006

You want an MBA degree from a reputed foreign university. So what should your plan of action be?

Here's what overseas education counsellor Karan Gupta who chatted with Get Ahead readers had to say:

'My recommendation: work for a few years and then pursue an MBA. This way you will have technical as well as management skills and can then move on to any kind of business venture.'

For those of you who missed the chat here is the transcript:

Part II: Want a job in the US?

 Karan Gupta says, Good afternoon. Welcome to the Karan Gupta Chat Room. I am here now so go ahead and shoot your questions!

Shohit asked, i am doin law. What are the prospects of doin an LL.M. abroad? how much does it cost? is it easy to get an educational loan? which are the best institutes?

Karan Gupta answers, 
Getting admission for LLM is not that difficult. You need to have an LLB degree and need to appear for the TOEFL exam. You can visit for registration and more information about the TOEFL. Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania etc are some of the 'good' universities offer the LLM course. Education loans are not difficult to get as long as you have collateral security.

shivangi asked, hi iam shivangi and i have post gradution diploma in chemical and quality asurance and iam looking for a job in canada and i want to know

Karan Gupta answers, 
This chat for foreign education related queries only.

Dan asked, I want to do MBA in supply chain management, which is the best school in india or abroad

Karan Gupta answers, 
Many business schools in the US offer MBA programmes in supply chain management. Some of these schools offer a specialisation in SCM while others offer classes in SCM. Harvard, Stanford, Wharton and Northwestern are some of the leading business schools in the US which offer courses in supply chain management.  

sapana asked, I am planning to do DFM - Diploma in Fiancial Management.I took enquiry from Weliengar Institution. It is 1 year Course but it online. i am doing through correspondence. Is it ok by doing DFM by Online exam

Karan Gupta answers, 
As long as you are learning something in this course, it is fine. However, as a sixteenth year, this course will most likely not be recognised in the US.

natraj asked, i passed 10+2 with 81% and passed IP B.B.A written examination also qualified JIMS institute for same stream. can it is good to enter into these institute or go B.COM honur.

Karan Gupta answers, 
It depends on how competitive the institute is this year. In case you do not get into this school, you can always apply for B Com Honours as an option.

rk asked, which will be better for PhD in electrical engineering england or USA

Karan Gupta answers, 
Most US universities offer more research facilities than institutes in the UK. Therefore, I would recommend US universities for a PhD in Electrical Engineering.

samir asked, Hi karan..i am a CA ..presently workin' in infosys...I m looking at doing some course from oxford . can u suggest on that

Karan Gupta answers, 
Oxford's Business School 'SAID' has an MBA course with a specialisation in accounting. In my opinion, this course would suit your needs.

diddu asked, Hi Karan, I am a Finance professional. I am plannning my MBA from a good university at USA. Although I am professionally qualified they are asking for 16 years of education. I want to do a distance PG COurse from a university abroad. Is it possible? Which are the universities abroad offering distance PG.

Karan Gupta answers, 
For a sixteenth year, you should only pursue a degree course from the University of Mumbai. Many universities will accept the MCom part I as the sixteenth year. Do your homework on the schools carefully as many schools ask for MCom part II as well.

sahoode asked, Hi Karan, I am a s/w professional working in Leading MNC in bangalore. I want to attend short term Job-oriented courese(SAP) in germany via a Delhi based consultancy. IT is a 6 month short term course followed by 6month paid internship.After succesful completion of the internship the same company would give me fulltime employment. Is there any success story says that the respective company will allow me for fulltime employment. As I come to know, This course has just started to meet the growing demand of s/w professional as germanys population growth is negative. From the statictics of consultancy,I ve enough faith on the word of the director Would u please advice that should I go for it or think of some other option in other countries,

Karan Gupta answers, 
The information you have provided seems good and I don't think you should face any problem.

A. Khattar asked, Hello Karan: I am working as Business Analyst for one year. I did my PGDM from India. I am intersted in persuing further study to update my knowledge/skills. I would like to have your input on which type of programme (MBA, Executive MBA, Accelerated MBA, etc.)should i try for.

Karan Gupta answers, 
An MBA would suit your needs. An executive MBA is for people with 10 or more years of work experience.

sandy chawla asked, i want to do the financial engineering master's .how do i know about the rankings of different US,UK and Australian universities offering graduate program in financial engineering.What is the scope for financial aid?i am an IIT student.

Karan Gupta answers, 
Web sites such as , etc offer rankings of schools worldwide. Financial aid for FE is very limited.

krish asked, hello I have just finished my MSC Investment and finance from London [Images] and want to pursue further studies What course do u feel is good for me

Karan Gupta answers, 
My recommendation is: work for a few years and then pursue an MBA. This way you will have technical as well as management skills and can the move on to any kind of business venture.

Sanket asked, Hi i am working as software enginner in the reputed MNC. Sice last four years I am in Japan [Images]. I want to earn MBA. Request you to please suggest that from where should I start and how should I go ahead.

Karan Gupta Chat Room answers, 
Visit and get the latest MBA rankings. You should consider applying to the top 50 schools in this list. For admissions you will need the GMAT as well as the TOEFL.

Lokesh asked, Can u tell me somethin aboout MBA in tourism???

Karan Gupta Chat Room answers, 
Very few schools offer an MBA in tourism management. You can apply for an MBA in a particular university and then take classes in tourism. Research universities in the UK; you are more likely to find universities offering tourism management courses there.

niyati asked, Hi karan, my name is Niyati and I want to give my GMAT. I am a civil engineer and presently working in a reputed firm in Supply Chain Management. I would like to know if I start prepaing now, do I stand a chance of getting admission in august? Or should I take it slow and wait till January? Also what will be the cut-offs for the best institutes. Please help me.

Karan Gupta answers, 
It is too close to apply this August. I recommend that you take your time and do well in the GMAT. Then apply for admissions next year.

tapan asked, i karan, i have a 7.5 cgpa from amity ,,competed a bba this may, i`m lookin at the best colleges in uk. pls guide me as to wwat should be my stratergy,also do have ur offices in delhi

Karan Gupta answers, 
Many universities worldwide do not recognise Amity University as this a private university. You should check with the universities that you are applying to, if they accept Amity students. If yes, then go ahead with your application process.

jigs asked, Hi Karan, What do you think about studing in Germany [Images] or France [Images]? Is language problem?

Karan Gupta answers, 
Depends on the university and programme you choose. In many cases, language is not a problem at the institute but is a problem to get around in the country. My recommendation is: If you are going to Germany learn German and if you are going to France learn French.

riyaz123 asked, i go to WINDSOR UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF the caribbeans.....i wanna know which University in the states is a better option for transfer..

Karan Gupta answers, 
US Medical schools require students to have a Bachelor's degree in any field with pre-med classes. Once you have this degree, you will have to appear for verious exams such as the MCAT and then apply for admissions.

rajni asked, Hi Karan, Please tell me if there is any scope of job in US if one has qualification in applied psychology / criminal psychology.

Karan Gupta answers, 
Both these fields are doing very well in the US.

vbkurhade asked, Hi Karan, I have following profile. BArch + MTech + Advanced Software Professional Diploma + Executive MBA Want to do research/PhD in Environment Engineering, what kind of scholarships I can expect overseas as whats the procedure for applying & getting admisions.

Karan Gupta answers, 
If you apply for a PhD in US universities you will need the GRE and the TOEFL. Most PhD programmes in the US are funded and if you get admission, you most likely will be fully funded. UK PhD programmes on the other hand, have very limited funding and you may find it difficult to get funded in the UK.

Part II: Want a job in the US?

Karan Gupta, founder of Karan Gupta Consulting, has been working as a professional counsellor since 1999. He studied at Ithaca College and then at the University of Texas at Austin in the United States. While pursuing his education, he worked at the Office of Admissions, Financial Aid office and the International Office. Karan is now the honorary study abroad counsellor at Jaihind College, Mumbai. For further information, please visit Karan Gupta Consulting.


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