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MBA: Self-study tips for GMAT
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January 24, 2006

You want admission to the best B-Schools abroad. But first you must give the Graduate Management Admissions Test and get a good score.

International education expert Karan Gupta, who chatted with readers on January 18, offers some great self-study tips for GMAT: For a self study course, use the Kaplan and Princeton Review books. Make sure to practise from the CDs which accompany these books. The Official Guide To GMAT is a very useful book as well.

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

Part II: The best B-Schools abroad 

hitender: hi, what are the post MBA job prospects in Canada [Images] for a candidate with software background

Karan Gupta: Immigration to Canada after an MBA is easy and hence getting jobs is also relatively simpler. People with software skills are in great demand in Canada.

ifti: Hi Karan,I want to take up GMAT, I want to do self study, plz let me know what books i should prepare from,.I have 3 yrs exp, which MBA do u suggest would be better, 1year or two years?

Karan Gupta: For a self study course, use the Kaplan's and Princeton Review books.

Make sure to practice from the CDs (CATs). The Official Guide To GMAT is a very useful book as well. The duration of your MBA depends on what your career goals are.

sudeep: how can i do my MBA frm singapore?? is it good??

Karan Gupta: The
National Institute of Singapore is a very good institution. For admission, you need the GMAT, IELTS and work experience.

santabanta: Hi Karan,workin on h1 in usa, want to pursue MBA in US. should i come back to india to get the student visa?

Karan Gupta: You can apply for a change of visa status in the US itself or you can come back here and apply for a new visa. Both are fine.

roopamc: i am doing my MA in Media and Communications Management from London [Images]. If I want to apply to media jobs in USA, wdhich is the best way to go for it?i am studying at middlesex uni, london. i also have a 3 years work ex in radio. i am looking for broadcast media jobs.

Karan Gupta: I offer information only on study abroad and not jobs.

sunil_narang: Dear Karan,what to do you suggest for the change pattern of GRE. What books do you recommend for the new pattern. Also how to study for analytical section.

Karan Gupta: 'Good' books are still not out for the new pattern and hence, as of now, refer to the Kaplan and Princeton Review books for the GRE.

You can even look at the Practising To Take The General GRE book.

Dhiraj Mahendra: I am currently doing my graduation in mechanical engineering in kerala. I will pass out in 2008. The query i would like to post is when and how long before i pass out should i apply for ms/mba in USA or UK. Include details abt scholarships.

Karan Gupta: You need to decide which course you are applying for. If you are applying for an MBA, then you need to wait for a while and gain full time work experience. If not, then you apply one year prior to the year you graduate.

sus: Hi Karan, Can u pls let me know, which would be the better place to study, U.S. or U.K., and in which aspects? As far as I concern there are some universities in U.K like univ of Manchester, Bristol, Sheffield holding better ranking (among the first 50-60 in world) than many other US university. What do u suggest?

Karan Gupta: Instead of comparing countries, I recommend that you compare individual schools.
University of Manchester is a very good university for business studies and some other fields.

pravin: Hi Karan,I have done BDS(dentistry) and would like to pursue career abroad in europe/australia..what are the options available either to study or work abroad???

Karan Gupta: You can apply for dental school admissions in the UK. US admissions for Dental School are not easy and even getting a visa for a US Dental School is not easy.

hitender: hi, whats are the post MBA job prospects in Canada for a candidate with software background

Karan Gupta: Again, people with software backgrounds have good job chances in Canada. However, I offer information for higher education only.

jayforever1986: Hello! sir I want to pursue M.B.A in finance from abroad! can u tell me the name of some top b-schools in Singapore where i can complete my M.B.A degree?

Karan Gupta: National University Singapore is the best university in Singapore for an MBA.

siraj: i am an IT Professional wish to migrate to CANADA with family (incl Parents) how should i go ahead ?

Karan Gupta: Again, I offer information only on study abroad and not immigration.

Oracle: Hi KaranWhich UK/US universities offer a course on Technology/Software Management. Are the course contents too technical to understand? I possess a degree in Electrical Engg and an MBA in Marketing and Systems.

Karan Gupta: The MS in Management of Technology or Engineering Management is designed for engineers. Universities such as
Duke University, and Carnegie Melon University offer a Master's degree in EM.

gagan: I am mca and two years of experience as research intern in working as lecturer, wanted to go for phd either in australia or somewhere in europe. i had ielts band 8.0 academic.what should i do.

Karan Gupta: Research universities which offer the PhD course and then e-mail faculty members to check if they have any positions in the research they are doing. Once you get a positive reply, you can go ahead and apply. You do not need any more exams.

Ritush: I scored 1100 in GRE exam in November and 280 in toefl.My undergraduate score is 68%.Can it be converted to a GPA score methodology of 4.Also which universities I should apply for PHD in Biological Sciences e.g Microbiology.

Karan Gupta: Your GPA is approximately 3.7. You can apply to universities such as the
University of Texas Austin and the University of Georgia.

Ruchitt: whyu dont u answer my question, Karansir? Is OPT available to all the students completing Masters successfully? (IN USA).

Karan Gupta: Yes.

rramdeshmukh: HI Karan please can you give me the list of TOP Pharmacy research COLLEGES in USA AND UK

Karan Gupta: You can look at
Purdue University, Rutgers State University and Auburn University in the US.

In the UK, you can look at
King's College, London and Aston University.

riteshaich: Hi, I have applied in the PhD curriculum in some US universities. My gre score is 1340 and toefl score is 263. But I not sure whether my GPA will be more than 3 or not. I am a bachelor`s degree holder in dental surgery from university of calcutta. If my gpa falls below 3 then how would you rate my application? Will the admission committee reject the application straightaway?

Karan Gupta: Your GPA is very important in the admission evaluation process.

Therefore, if you have a GPA of less than 3.0, you will face problems in getting admission to top universities.

raghvendra: Hi I am raghvendra its more then 5 yrs out of touch from study. I completed my masters in year 2000 since then I am doing job and I am going to Us very shortly on H1B , but i want to study further...can I join any univeristy in US.

Karan Gupta: Yes, you are eligible to apply for admissions to a university in the US.

harish: Dear Karan,Can you tell me the prospects of doing a masters in Germany [Images] and the possibilites of Job after that. Also which are the best univs for telecom.

Karan Gupta: In most cases to get a job in Germany, you need to know German.

AB: Hi Karan, I am interested in MS(Computer Science) in US. What are the odds of getting financial aid for the same? Assuming that i get a GRE score of around 1450(i'll be giving GRE later this year). Also, i have a pretty good academic record, like university rank holder and stuff.

Karan Gupta: Financial Aid is offered in the form of Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships and Tuition waivers. Based on your profile you have an excellent chance of obtaining funding.

rramdeshmukh: HI Karan please can you give me the list of TOP Pharmacy research COLLEGES in USA AND UK

Karan Gupta: You can look at Purdue University, Rutgers State University and
Auburn University in the US. In the UK, you can look at King's College, London and Aston University.

bvasu:  hello karan, does any universities offer ms in computers in us. i have only 15 years of study.i did my degree in

Karan Gupta: None that I am aware of.

leo: Hi Karan, My brother got acceptance letter from a college in UK.on paying i will get confirmation letter.joining date of course is 17th jan. but university ppl say it open for againg 1 month. if i apply for visa now is it ok or ??

Karan Gupta: It should be OKAY, but you must check with your university directly.

pareshpatel: Hello! Karan. I am presently pursuing BBA from Goa [Images] University. I m planning to do MBA in finance from Australia. Could you plz tell me the top B school in Australia, How much avg GMAT score & work experience do they ask. Which one will you rate better Melbourne business school or Sydney business school. What is the job prospect in Australia after my completion of MBA?

Karan Gupta
Melbourne Business School is a better bet. Getting jobs in Australia is not easy.

Part II: The best B-Schools abroad 


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