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How expensive is a foreign education?
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September 28, 2005

You aspire for a degree from a good foreign university, but don't know the route to your destination.

Some of you could be in the middle of your application process. Some of you may be swotting hard for GRE, GMAT or TOEFL.

International education expert Karan Gupta tackled your umpteen questions on education abroad in a live chat on September 27. 

For those of you who missed it, here is Part I of the transcript:

Studying abroad: Tips, strategies... more

chaitanya: I am doing my eee 3rd year and i want to know which universities in the US offer an MS in nanotechnology? And also in integrated circuits?

Karan Gupta: Most American universities offer Master's programmes in EE with specialisations in Nanotechnology, integrated circuits, VLSI and so on. You may be able to find a university with an MS in Nanotechnology, but a general EE degree with a specialisation in Nanotechnology is a better bet.

Prashantha: Hello Karan, I am from Bangalore. I got a seat for doing MSc in Mechcanical Engg in University of Leeds UK. How is this university place in UK for this course? Is it possible to get a job (for alteast 2 yr) there after the course completes?I am taking a loan (approx 8 lacs) for higher study

Karan Gupta: The University of Leeds is a reputable university in the UK. Getting jobs in the UK is difficult but not impossible. You can apply for a job through the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme as well.

anupma: Hi! Karan, I am a MBA(Finance) with 2.5 yrs work ex. i want to pursue Masters of Finance in University of New South wales. can u tell me abt the benefits of doing the course

Karan Gupta: A Master's degree in finance will teach you specialised courses such as investment banking, portfolio management and so on. You will learn all about investments, mergers, etc. However, the course is theoretical in nature.

dipesh: Hi Karan! I am a chartered accountant who always wanted to be a filmmaker... Academicaaly I have been an achiever(topper) thoughout my life. Last year i applied to the Universities in USA but did not get selected. I have done a lot of theatre work and have written screnplays and stories. However, I ahev been sselected to the PCFE film school in prague... where I want totake the initial exp... Please tell me with my background Do I stand a chance in US... If yes can your organisation help me with this.

Karan Gupta: You are eligible to apply for admissions to film schools if you have a 'good' portfolio. For admissions to an MFA course, you do not need a BFA but you should have sufficient work experience to make an acceptable portfolio.

shraddh: hi karan, I have a 560 score in my GMAT. Do you suggest me to re appear for the GMAT or should i apply to US universities with this score.

Karan Gupta: Business schools look at your work experience, your past academic record as well as your GMAT scores. You should reappear for the GMAT if you are applying to the top 50 B-schools.

anupma: what abt the job prospects on completion of the course?

Karan Gupta: An MSF has good job prospects in most parts of the world including the UK. However, how good you are at your work will eventually determine whether you get a job or not.

dipesh: Does you organisation help students in getting into Film schools as I have heard not many do it

Karan Gupta: Yes, we do.

Chetan: Hello sir, is GRE and TOFEL compulsary in every country where we want to do MS.

Karan Gupta: The GRE is generally required for admissions to US universities only. The TOEFL is required by universities in most countries such as Canada [Images] and the UK. Universities in Australia require the IELTS.

sneha: HI,well i want to pursue MBA from Germany [Images], what do u suggest?

Karan Gupta: Choose your country based on your career goals. If your long term career goals are to work in the country you have studied in, then Germany may not be the best option. Getting jobs in Germany are not easy (especially if you do not speak German).

Chetan: What is the total cost require for doing MS in USA?

Karan Gupta: Costs vary from university to university but, in general, students spend approximately $40,000 for the entire three-semester course.

anupma: What about the current job scenario in australia, if one one wants to migrate there?

Karan Gupta: Australia has a small economy and not everyone who migrates there gets a good job. Before you consider migration to Australia, write to companies and check the availability of positions.

priya: i want to know which all universities offer masters in social work.

Karan Gupta: 
University of Florida, University of Georgia, University of Texas at Austin, Georgia State University are some of the universities which offer a Master's programme in Social Work.

smartins: Hello Karan, work in the cruising industry as a Business Relations Manager, catering to the European and American segment. Want to pursue and MBA in Marketing. Have completed my MCom along with management in Hospitality. Scored 680 in GMAT. have 6 years of work exp. How good are ISB Hyderabad and AIMS Manila and do they give scholarships? Any better choices?

Karan Gupta: You have a good profile. ISB and AIMS are both good schools but their degrees are mainly recognised in Asia and not in the US or the UK. With your profile, consider applying to universities such as
Oxford, Cambridge, University of Southern California and so on. Scholarships from top B-schools are very limited.

Tomorrow: Part II of the chat transcript

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