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Drinking too much water? Stop. It can kill!
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May 20, 2005

Here is news for fitness enthusiasts.

After long, intensive workouts, drinking too much water and neglecting important nutrients can lead toward a dangerous chemical imbalance, even death.

A new study found by Roger A Clemens and Peter Pressman and their team found that too much water and too little sodium is a serious health risk.

"Health professionals are observing that physically active people must be made aware that drinking water in extremes can cause sodium levels in the blood to fall below normal, a condition called hyponatremia," said Clemens.

Symptoms of severe hyponatremia typically include: lethargy, confusion, agitation, even seizures.

Unfortunately, these symptoms may be mistaken for signs of dehydration when more water is the very last thing the body needs.

"It's important to note that hyponatremia is a clinically important concern even among healthy people. The risk is significant among healthy endurance athletes, and even weekend athletes who perform low intensity exercise in warm weather," said Pressman.

"Maintain a proper balance of water and electrolytes, especially sodium, in the body's tissues. It cannot be understated to those involved in prolonged physical activity," he added.

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