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Choose the right foreign university
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December 16, 2005

There are various pros and cons of studying in any foreign destination. How do you, then, decide where you want to further your education?

image International education expert Karan Gupta, who chatted with Get Ahead readers on December 7, offers some suggestions.

Karan has been working as a professional counsellor since 1999. He studied at Ithaca College and The University of Texas at Austin in the United States.

While pursuing his education, he worked in the Office of Admissions, Financial Aid office and the International Office. Karan is currently the honorary study abroad counsellor at Jai Hind College, Mumbai and manages Karan Gupta Consulting.

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

Part I: Can't afford a foreign degree? 

Part II: An MBA abroad? Work here first 

Student: Hi I am a final yr Law student and and have applied for LLM courses to some US Law Schools. Could you tell me more abour availability of external scholarships. I know of Inlaks but besides that..

Karan Gupta: For external scholarships contact the USEFI located at Marine Lines, Mumbai. External scholarships are not easy to get.

sumanta_nayak: Hi karan,I am planning to MS in USA during july 2007. Myself BTech mechanical and have more than 3 years of work experience in design & development. I have very good academic record with 85% in BTech. So how much GRE and TOEFEL Score i should target to get admission with full scolarship in top 25 universities. Please reply.

Karan Gupta: Try for a 1450 in your GRE and a 250+ in your TOEFL.

amul: I wish to study MS in micro-electromechanical system, which is the best university in US for the same?

Karan Gupta: Try Cal Tech or MIT.

KumarGVS: Hi Karan, I've about 7 years experience in Embedded Systems especially Digital Signal Processing. I wish to do master's in Robotics. Can you please suggest me where should I start ? I'm married and hence need to support my wife. Is it possible to register for M.Phil / Ph.d in US / UK and survive on scholarship for both of us?

Karan Gupta: If you get admission to a PhD in the US, you will get enough money to support the both of you.

heerutej: Hi!!!! KARAN, it's a pleasure being with u! My name is HEERU TEJWANI, a BMS student (specialized in finance) from MUMBAI UNI. I have around 2 yrs of experience in call centres wherein 1.5 yrs includes working with ICICIONE SOURCE in relation with LLOYDSTSB. I am also interested in capital markets and invest in shares and manage the portfolio about the same. Now then I have decided to go for masters in either business admin (FINANCE) or masters in accountancy in UNI OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA (Adelaide). Is this a right move or what would you suggest me the best in terms of UNI, IELTS, TOEFL or GMAT, FUNDS ALLOCATION and PR.

Karan Gupta: If you are going to Australia, try University of Sydney, University of Melbourne and Australian Graduate School of Management.

mmkk: is work experience necessary for doing mba in USA.

Karan Gupta: YES.

Shiva: H KAran, I have software field exp , wann go for MBA that to Part time which institute in for part time MBA u prefer in Bangalore, how about PGSEM in IIMB.



Karan Gupta: Yes, you have bright future.

Vasanth: Hi karan I am 12 std student and have takes the SAT .I secured 1510 .Do u think I can get Financial aid.Besides this I have strong academic background and represented Tamil nadu in Volley ball and Basketball

Karan Gupta: Most universities who offer financial aid may ask for a SAT score of 1800 and above. I would recommend that you take the SAT again.

vs: what are the possibilities in france for a pre experience masters prog.Are schools like Audencia and EM Lyon rated highly in europe.

Karan Gupta: No they are not. Audencia and EM Lyon are average.

asdf: hi kirani'm an electronics engr. r the universities in uk good enough for a masters degree? its only a 1 yr course no?

Karan Gupta: Yes. Most UK universities have good research and teaching facilities.

PRABHAKAR: I have done M.Sc (Electronics), please suggest me further studies abroad.

Karan Gupta: For US admissions, take the GRE and the TOEFL.

Ravneet: Hi!I have finsished my graduation, have done one year managemnet course from Kuoni Academy and presently working with NVOCC. i am planning to do MBA. Will it be helpful to achieve success and move ahead.

Karan Gupta: Yes, it will be helpful to achieve success and move ahead.

chintan_pharma : Hi Karan, My gre score is 960 and toefl 225. I have good academics during my UG as well as PG. Gold medal In M.Pharm. I would like to join PhD course in US. Is it possible??/

Karan Gupta: Your standardised test scores are low. I would recommend that you take both the GRE and the TOEFL again.

Amee : Bsc + 5 yr IT experience. Want to Do MBA from US. Please Advice !!!

Karan Gupta: Take the GMAT and the TOEFL and then apply for admissions.

rupesh : i want to study in UK for MBA(System/IT/Finance), can u suggest me universities.

Karan Gupta: Try LBS, MBS, Warwick, Leeds, Lancaster, etc.

msgsupriya: hi karan, i have done my gniit, i want to pursue MIT from australia. is it possible.

Karan Gupta: To pursue a Master's degree, you must have a recognised Bachelor's degree.

sandhya: which b school id good for mba in usa?

Karan Gupta: Harvard University.

anup: hi Karan, i just want to know what is the prospect of doing postgraduation in UK ( university of Sheffield) in the field of electronics Engineering.

Karan Gupta: Sheffield is a good university and students are usually happy with the course and the faculty members as well.

Amee: Bsc + 5 yr IT experience. Want to Do MBA from US. Please Advice !!!Bsc + 5 yr IT experience. Want to Do MBA from US. Please Advice !!!Bsc + 5 yr IT experience. Want to Do MBA from US. Please Advice !!!Bsc + 5 yr IT experience. Want to Do MBA from US. Please Advice !!!Bsc + 5 yr IT experience. Want to Do MBA from US. Please Advice !!!Bsc + 5 yr IT experience. Want to Do MBA from US. Please Advice !!!Bsc + 5 yr IT experience. Want to Do MBA from US. Please Advice !!!Bsc + 5 yr IT experience. Want to Do MBA from US. Please Advice !!!Bsc + 5 yr IT experience. Want to Do MBA from US. Please Advice !!!

Karan Gupta: Answered.

SarthakJain: hey karan i got a 1430 in my GRE & 280 in toefl...I m applying for chemical MS..with specilisaation in polymers..sugest some gud univs..i m 9th ranked in a class of 81.& have a % age of 75%....also tell me does it increase my chances if do not apply for finaciual aid..or it makes no diff to them

Karan Gupta: Try G Tech, Northwestern and University of Southern California. 

smita: Hi Karan, am a masters student in microbiology n a guest researcher in Norway. I want to do my Phd in biotechnology/ microbiology in london.can u tell me whether thy offer scholarship for it or not? if yes do thy also cover family expenses? and whts the time to apply for? plz suggest some good university in uk.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Karan Gupta: If you get admission to a PhD programme, most likely you will get full funding as well.

Sai: Mr Karan I am a Software engineer with 15 months experience and academics of 65% and 720 GMAT score .wHAT ARE MY chances with top us B-SCHOOLS.

Karan Gupta: Your GMAT and academics are good. A little more work experience will make you a stronger candidate for admission in top schools.

YASHAS: Dear Sir I want to do MBA in AUSTRALIA Pls let me know abt the job oppr there.

Karan Gupta: Australia has a small economy and getting jobs in Australia is not very easy.

Ramyav: Hi Karan,How good is Rochester Institute of Technology for a master's in Computer Science. Also if I have an option of a college like British Columbia and Univ of Toronto to a 40-50 ranked US university, which is better. Do companies who recruit prefer a MS degree from US to Canada [Images]?

Karan Gupta: RIT is a decent university and, if you can afford the fees, it's a good option. UBC and University of Toronto are very good universities. US recuitments may be stronger than Canadian recruitments.

pooja:  I did my M.Sc in Zoology and MBA in Marketing.I want to pursue PHd course in life sciences from Us as i want to stick to this field only.Will my management degree hamper my chances?

Karan Gupta: No. The management degree will not hamper your chances. But you must explain in your essays why you did the management degree and why you are doing the life sciences course now.

hkb: hi karan , i have done phd in CFD(computational Fluid Dynamics) i want to do Post Doc studies in a good university in UK or USA in computational finace please suggest and what is the job prospect in Computational Finance.

Karan Gupta: Since you already have a PhD, why are you looking at another PhD. Approach organisations in the UK and US directly for a job.

hemant: hi karan i am studying in hird year civil engineering i am intresed in studying abroad please guide me fo the M(tech), consruction management and other courses.
Karan Gupta: Take the GRE and the TOEFL for admissions to US universities.

pooja: Is a score of 1100 in GRE enough for pursung a Phd course in life sciences from US?what are the chances?

Karan Gupta: Answered.

Kakaria: Hi Karan,So should I get 3 yrs workexperience and then go to U.K for M.B.A or should I go for MSc in Management in September-2006 with no fulltime Work experience? Can i get job in U.K. after my MSc programme??

Karan Gupta: An MBA is a better degree and hence waiting for an MBA might be a better bet.

vivek: hi if i get GMAT score of 610 then in which business school i will get admission out of india.

Karan Gupta: Admissions are contingent on work experience, diversity, GMAT scores and other factors. I cannot recommend schools till I know what your other strengths are.

sidd: Can you throw some light on telephonic interviews for MBA in US.

Karan Gupta: Be confident. Keep your resume in front of you. Be honest and clear in your responses.

rbs: what is the scope of ayurved in US.

Karan Gupta: The only university I know of is the University of Bridgeport which has Ayurveda. Scope is unknown as of now.

Inder: I done MCA in Madras University and working as Project Lead in software company. I like to do MBA in US or abroad. Suggest me Which university is best for Software engineer guys.

Karan Gupta: Universities will depend on your GMAT and your prior work experience.

Joyee: Hi Karan.I did my LL.B. from India and passed my finals in 2002. After that I have worked as a Law Associate in 2 of the very well known Intellectual Property Rights Firm in India. However after my marriage I came to the U.K. where I am presently staying. I want to study further and on Intellectual Property Rights in the UK. Please if you can advise me on this.

Karan Gupta: Look at colleges in and around your area for a Master's degree in Law. You can find Intellectual Property as a class under an LLM degree.

gc: Hi Karan,My GMAT is 700, B Tech. from IIT with avg GPA, 3 years of work exp with RObert Bosch. Which institutes shall i target for my MBA. Is europe a good option?

Karan Gupta: Look at the top universities in the US, including University of Chicago and University of Virginia. Look at Europe as well.

viru: GRE (1200+), TOEFL (250+), AGGREGATE (65%+) MUMBAI UNIV.... What r chances of getting into top 20-25 univs in US for MS-BIOMED ENGG..???

Karan Gupta: Since Biomed is not as competetive as EE or CS, you have some chance. I would recommend that you apply to some safe schools as well. hi karan, which uni. is gud cardiff or liverpool.
Karan Gupta: Liverpool. Cardiff is not recommended for any course.

milliya: when applying i have given self finance as option. can i apply for scholarship when admitted.

Karan Gupta: Yes, you can. However, it depends on the universities that you apply to.

Karan Gupta: I am sorry but we have to end this chat now.

Karan Gupta: Please look out for our next chat session on

Karan Gupta: You can even visit and email us your queries.

Karan Gupta: Thank you all for joining our chat. I wish you'll all the best!! Goodbye.

Part I: Can't afford a foreign degree? 

Part II: An MBA abroad? Work here first 

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Illustration: Dominic Xavier

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