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First things first; while walking and standing, pretend you have no tummy. Tucking your tummy in instantly adds up to two inches to your height and is the key to good posture.

Practise this before a mirror and watch the transformation in your stance.

Most women believe good posture includes standing tall like a soldier, chest out and shoulders pinned back, but that only works if you aspire to make it in the army.

Simply sticking one's tummy in lifts the torso and lends the body both ease and grace.

When you stand, keep your thighs together, with one foot in front or to the side. Don't forget to curve your leg. This stance gives you a certain air of grace and femininity.

Chhaya's tip: Practice the 'tummy tuck' in front of the mirror; consciously do this during the day.

Over time, it will become a habit and you will find yourself standing elegantly, without fretting and or a fuss.

It also saves you from going flat out on those crunches!

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