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September 13, 2004

Are you cell-mannered?

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Take our quiz and rate your cell phone manners:

1. You are in a restaurant with friends. Your mobile phone rings.
    Do you:

Have a loud, long conversation on your mobile, ignoring your
Take the call and ask if you can call back later.
Disconnect without answering and, for the rest of the evening,
       worry about who must have called.

2. When you are watching a movie/play, you
Switch off your phone.
Refuse to put the phone on silent/vibrator mode and have loud
       conversations with everyone who calls.
Set your phone on silent/vibrator mode. Step outside the movie
       hall/theatre if the call is super-urgent or wait until the interval to
       return calls.

3. You are taking a flight. A pre-flight announcement requests that
    all mobile phones be switched off until the flight lands. You

Wait until the plane comes to rest and you've disembarked before
       you switch on your phone.
Think the instructions are a drag. How does it matter anyway?
Switch on the phone as soon as the plane begins to land, without
       waiting it to taxi to a halt, to make a perfectly inane call.

4. You are driving. Your cell phone rings. You know the law of the
    land forbids you from talking while driving. You

Check to see if a cop is watching before you take the call.
Park at the side of the road and take the call.
Take the call with your handsfree attachment.

5. You're in a crowded public place when your phone rings. You
Chatter away, ignoring the irritated stares directed your way.
Take the call, speak in a lower than normal voice, and decide the
Refuse to take the call until you have some privacy

6. You are in an area where the connectivity is not good. Your phone
    rings. You

Disconnect and SMS that you will get in touch later. And don't forget
       to get in touch.
Take the call, speak in a LOUD voice, to try and make sense of the
       interrupted conversation.
Disconnect if the conversation is not clear. They can always call


ALSO SEE: Don't ring someone the wrong way!

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Image: Rajesh Karkera

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