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Operation Twosome
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September 03, 2004

our married friends go out with their married friends, which makes you feel like a heel.

Your availability rating on the social scale reads One. And you so want to make that Two.

What do you do? How do you go about getting a date for you?

This, says popular MTV veejay Ramona, is what she would do. "If I wanted to get myself a date, I would casually say, 'I was thinking of going out somewhere with you. Do you want to come with me?' I would woo someone with my wit. That kind of gets someone interested. If you keep pulling their leg with smart answers, they are forced to come back. "

Fellow veejay Nikhil Chinappa, has a totally different strategy, "If I were the friend of a girl and wanted to take things further, I would probably swallow my tongue and my ego and buy her a greeting card. Yes, they still do exist and people still buy greeting cards."

Here are some well tried, successful recipes to get yourself a date:

1. Throw a party

Invite as many people as you want. And here's what you should tell the married friends or even the single friends you will invite. Everyone HAS to bring someone interesting, someone single and NOT dating or thinking of dating anyone else. Hey, you should have a good range to choose from. Now this should turn into an interesting party, what?

Ramona adds a cautionary word, "If I wanted to go beyond friendship with someone I am close to, I would first make sure the feelings were mutual. I wouldn't want to mess my friendship. If he is interested, then I would take it further. Else I would keep it to myself."

2. Walk or jog

Here's a tip to get healthy and fit for free: run or jog religiously. Here's a tip when you run/jog seriously: keep your eyes open for potential eye candy. One of those fellow joggers might just catch your fancy and might lure you to run away together. So smile when you pass a prospect. A few days after he/she smiles back, introduce yourself. It's simple now -- take it from there.

3. Pubs/discotheques/lounge bars/coffee shops

But you knew these places are all lucrative hunting grounds, didn't you? So what are you waiting for? At the discotheque, it would help your cause big time if you are a good dancer. The better to be asked by that hunk/beauty for a dance, see? At lounges, coffee shops and pubs, be bold. Buy that interesting looking man/woman a drink. Wait for his/her eyes to meet yours. Flash your sexiest smile.

Nikhil adds a few tips, "I would tell men to please shut up. And appear to be sensitive. No man is sensitive. All men are pigs. Therefore appear to be sensitive to girls because no woman wants to know what a big man you are or what car you own. They want you to ask them what perfume they are wearing. "

4. Courses

Join a course. It could be on just about anything -- yoga, painting, cooking, dancing (see previous tip), languages, social skills... This is what's called killing two birds with one stone -- you get to learn something new and meet interesting people at the same time.

5. Sports

Pick a sport. Any sport. There are so many to choose from -- tennis, squash, billards, chess. But make sure you choose a sport that needs a partner. Check out your fellow learners. Spotted anyone interesting?

6. Art galleries

Art galleries can also be a good breeding ground for intellectual eligibles. When you spot someone who catches your fancy, stop by. Admire the painting/photograph/sculpture they are admiring. Casually drop a question that needs a response that is not a yes or no. Or find out what they think about the painting/photograph/sculpture in question. Make some interesting comments of your own. Offer to continue the discussion over lunch or drinks. Warning: Make sure you know about the artist you want to discuss, else you will end up with egg on your face and as single as ever.

7. Shopping

Try out that snazzy new outfit/accessory. Turn to the hot bod near you and find out what he/she thinks. Or compliment them on their good taste and ask for help in buying something for you/your brother/sister/mom/dad!

8. A book/movie/music appreciation club

Join the one that interests you the most. Among all those likeminded people out there, you're sure to find someone who's just that little bit extra special!

Ramona says, "My ideal date would be a nice dinner somewhere followed by a walk or a drive. In a crowded place like Mumbai, I am glad I have my home for some privacy with my date. "

9. Check out the Net (Chat room/dating service)

When's the last time you entered a chat room? Or tried a dating service on the Net? Log in now and see where it takes you.

10. Offices

Have you looked around the office lately? Thanks to the long hours we keep these days, this is fertile ground for many romances / marriages. Once you're set, though, remember to limit all those romantic overtures to after-office hours.

With inputs from Sita Menon

Do you have your own tried-and-tested methods? We would love to hear them!

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