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Rediff News  All News  » Gadget » This iBall Phone Can Prevent Sexual Assault

This iBall Phone Can Prevent Sexual Assault

Last updated on: May 05, 2015 17:41 IST

Stop Violence

Image Courtesy: Abhineet

Naina Singh is an advertising professional and has to stay back in office more often as the real work starts post 6 pm in a lot of agencies.

She often travels late and always keeps a pepper spray in her bag as the lane in which her ad agency is located is quite isolated and getting a cab is not easy.

Last Wednesday, she was chased by a few goons in the same lane while she was walking down the lane looking for a cab.

At first, she thought of pulling out the pepper spray in her bag but did not as there were 5 to 6 men following her.

Adding to her agony, there was a cab strike last Wednesday and therefore she had to walk fast for quite some time till she approached a busy lane. 

iBall Uddaan 1

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One man fighting six to seven street-side goons can only happen in Bollywood movies. In real life, you need a much more practical solution. Luckily, Naina’s elder brother had gifted an iBall Andi Udaan on her birthday last Monday. iBall Andi Udaan is a phone with an SOS button for emergency.

What happens next?

Naina had stored the contact numbers of 5 people whom she wished to inform in case of an emergency. The minute she pressed the SOS button -

iBall Uddaan SOS Button

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 A loud siren rung and alerted the residents around.


 A text message (Help! I’m in danger – 7th Road, Lokhandwala, Andheri) was automatically sent to the pre-saved 5 contacts

SMS Alert

Phone calls were automatically made to those 5 contacts

Call Alert

 Naina's Facebook status was also updated automatically along with her latest location

Facebook alert

Naina’s friend who was checking her updates on Facebook read Naina’s status update and immediately informed Naina’s brother.

Her brother immediately rushed to the location on his bike and rescued Naina.


Andi Uddaan 2

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Note: All characters in the article are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real life people is purely co-incidental.



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