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Shocking - These Home Entertainment Projectors are available at the price of a DVD Player

February 25, 2016 17:27 IST

Of late, a projector is used as a vital device in setting up a home entertainment system. Why invest in a big screen HD TV when you can simply buy a projector and turn any room of your home in to a cinema hall –

Most large screen HD TVs are priced between Rs 50,000 – Rs 80,000. The new range of LED projectors is available at the cost of a DVD player and delivers a delightful experience of watching a movie on an LED TV.

Here are the 7 things you need to know before purchasing a home entertainment projector –

#1 Lumens – Because brightness is a top priority while buying a projector

HD Projector

Buy HD Projector with Remote @ Rs 2999

It is basically a measure of brightness produced by the projector. The lumens of a home projector should be anywhere between 40-1000 lumens.

For instance, in a compact room, you can choose a projector with 40-100 lumens. In a dim lit drawing room, a projector with 700-1000 lumens is quite sufficient.

#2 Contrast Ratio - It's all about clarity

LED Projector

Buy LED Projector @ Rs 3699

Contrast ratio in its simplest form is the ratio of the light reflected from an all white image and an all black image. For instance, if a projector has a 500:1 contrast ratio, it means that the white image is 500 times brighter than the black image. The higher the contrast ratio, the clearer and detailed will be the visuals that are projected.

#3 Resolution – Size matters

Xelectron Home Projector

Buy Xelectron UC30 Home Theater Projector @ Rs 4990

Images are displayed by the number of dots called pixels. Resolution is the number of pixels that is used to display an image. Higher resolution means clearer and crisper picture.

If you wish to watch a movie or a Youtube video in a small room, you can go for a projector with a 640X480 resolution. However, if you are a true movie enthusiast, you must opt for a high end Blu-ray projector with a resolution of 1280X720. 

Our range of projectors can easily replicate the resolution and screen size of a 60 inch LED TV.

#4 Sound output – Add a home theatre for a cinematic experience

Crocon Home Projector

Buy Crocon UC30 Home Cinema Projector @ Rs 5579

The entry level projectors usually do not include audio support. Even if they do, the sound output may not be that impressive. You can couple your purchase with this home theatre system for the desired sound output.

#5 Enjoy 3D movies in the right way

3D Glasses

Buy Kawachi 3D Glasses @ Rs 399

Not just cinema halls, of late even home projectors come with 3D capabilities. Watching movies in a 3D format is truly delightful but is equally stressful to your eyes if not watched correctly. It is advisable that you buy a pair of 3D glasses as it is good for your eyesight.

#6 Connectivity options – They make your projector smarter

Portable Projector

Buy LED Projector with Built-In DVD/USB/MMC Card Reader @ Rs 5990

An ideal home projector should have USB, VGA, Component, HDMI and connectivity ports. These home projectors have all the relevant connectivity ports that allow you to connect your multimedia device and enjoy movies & videos on the projector.

#7 Cost factor

Most high end projectors start from Rs 15000- Rs 20000. However, those are usually meant for professional use. But, if you are looking for something economical and hassle free, you can go for this range of pocket friendly projectors that range from Rs 3000 – Rs 7000 and deliver a reasonably good output without burning a hole in your pocket.



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