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No More Low Battery! 5 High Capacity Power Banks Under 1k

July 11, 2017 15:58 IST

With today's power hungry gadgets, a power bank is the most useful device and must be kept handy at all times. We have curated a list of 5 really amazing power banks which are fast, smart and reliable. With one of these power banks in your pocket, you will never see a low battery notification in any of your gadgets ever again.

Here are 5 high-capacity power banks under 1k-

#1 Vivo 25000 mAh Power Bank

Vivo Power Bank

 Buy Vivo 25000 mAh Power Bank @ Rs 799

Vivo power bank comes with a huge capacity of 25000 mAh which can charge multiple devices simultaneously. A small LED light is located on the front which makes it easy to spot in the dark. With superior quality cells, this power bank delivers fast and safe charge to each and every device connected to it.

#2 Oppo 25000 mAh Power Bank

Oppo Power Bank

 Buy Oppo 25000 mAh Power Bank @ Rs 799

This power bank by Oppo easily fits in your pocket. It is one of the most compact power banks available for its massive 25000 mAh capacity. Oppo's power bank is fast, reliable and efficient. It comes with four LED indicators which allow you to check on how much battery life is remaining in the power bank and when you need to recharge the device.

#3 Samsung 25000 mAh Power Bank

Samsung Power Bank

Buy Samsung 25000 mAh Power Bank @ Rs 799

This power bank is a perfect charging partner for your smartphone and other multimedia devices. With its slim and lightweight design, you can carry the Samsung power bank almost anywhere. With superior quality battery cells, this power bank provides your smartphone with a reliable and safer charge. There is a four level LED battery indicator which lets you check how much power you have remaining on your Samsung power bank. With a capacity of 25000 mAh, this power bank provides you with more power than ever.

#4 Maxx 2600 mAh Power Bank

Maxx Power Bank

 Buy Maxx 2600 mAh Power Bank @ Rs 249

This power bank by Maxx is meant for short journeys. With a capacity of 2600 mAh, it can charge your phone one time fully. You can recharge it whenever you get access to the power socket.

#5 Ambrane 10000 mAh Power Bank

Ambrane Power Bank

 Buy Ambrane 10000 mAh Power Bank @ Rs 799

Ambrane power bank is a truly reliable power bank which lets you charge multiple devices. With the massive capacity of 10000 mAh, you can charge your smartphone at least two times fully. With a weight of merely 300 gms., carrying this power bank in your pocket is very easy. It has an efficiency rate of up to 75%. All you need to do is charge this power bank for a duration of 12-13 hours to enjoy its full capacity. Ambrane has added safety features such as PTC protective circuits for cells and short circuit protection to prevent any damage to your connected gadgets.



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