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Rediff News  All News  » Gadget » 8 Things That Will Actually Make You Love Your Smartphone

8 Things That Will Actually Make You Love Your Smartphone

August 01, 2016 12:17 IST

#1 Love to hear music on the go? This Samsung handsfree lets you enjoy your favourite tracks all day long

Samsung handsfree

Buy 1 Get 1 - Samsung Handsfree @ Rs 220

#2 Enhance your experience of watching an action flick on your smartphone with these Sony Headphones

Sony headphones

Buy Sony Headphones @ Rs 499

#3 This waterproof mobile case enables you to click pictures and videos even when you are walking in the rain

Waterproof mobile cover

Buy Waterproof Mobile Cover for 4/5/6 inch Smartphones @ Rs 199

#4 We all hate #lowbattery. This power bank will let your smartphone die

OnePlus Power Bank

Buy OnePlus 10000mAh Power Bank @ Rs 799

#5 And this power bank with a mini fan will not just charge your phone but keep you cool; truly thoughtful!

Power Bank with Mini Fan

Buy Table with Fan with Inbuilt Power Bank @ Rs 399

#6 Avoid using your phone while driving/riding. For urgent calls, use this Samsung Bluetooth headset which lets you chat hands-free

Samsung Bluetooth Headset

Buy Samsung Bluetooth Headset @ Rs 499

#7 Whether you are a traveller or a photography enthusiast, this selfie stick will allow you to click great shots.

Selfie Stick

Buy Selfie Stick @ Rs 125

#8 Enjoy a theater experience on your phone with this 3D magnifier and earphones combo

3D Magnifier

Buy 3D Screen Magnifier with Sony Earphones @ Rs 169




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