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7 Signs You Can't Do Without a Mobile Phone

Last updated on: July 04, 2018 10:53 IST

Of late, we are like... take away everything I have and I don't care but touch my mobile phone and I will lose it. Our mobile phones have become a vital part of our lives. Most people cannot even imagine a life without a smartphone now.

Here are 7 signs you cannot do without your mobile phone-

#1 The first thing and the last thing you do every day is to check your phone. Also, you check your phone during the entire day.

#2 You love your phone so much that you always want to keep it fully charged. You usually carry a power bank in your pocket.

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#3 The day you leave your mobile phone is the worst day. You feel like an alien on some other planet.

#4 If not a power bank, you always carry a charger and look for a charging point at public places.


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#5 You don't even remember the numbers of your best friends. You need to check your phone before you contact them.

#6 Even if you have a music system at home, you will connect a Bluetooth speaker to your phone to hear your favourite tracks.

Bluetooth Speaker

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#7 Even if you have Facebook open on your PC, you end up checking it from your smartphone every now and then.

#8 You don't carry a music player to the jogging track every morning. Your smartphone has a playlist ready. All you do is plug in your earphones and run.


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#9 You don't play games on PC or laptop anymore! You wear virtual reality glasses and play those graphic rich games on your smartphone.

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