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5 Everyday Situations Where A Pocket Radio is A Must

Last updated on: March 16, 2015 14:54 IST

Radio has remained to be an indispensable part of our life. With the advent of internet it has become more so with many dedicated stations for general and every specific genre, some even come free of advertisements! Pocket radio or radio have now been forgotten but if you still miss those cute little things that you could carry around and listen to music any time then read on.


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Pocket Radios come in every shape, depending upon your convenience, style and portability. Before you select and pick the right type, there are few factors of convenience that should be considered. The benefits and drawbacks of each parameter like size, functionality, available features, etc. should be weighted properly so that you never repent in future. Here there are five everyday situations that dictate the essential dictum:

#1. Stay Tuned and Properly Connected So That You Never Miss the Latest Score of World Cup Live Coverage.

Panasonic Pocket Radio To Know The Latest World Cup Cricket Score


Buy Panasonic Rf-p50 Pocket Am/fm Portable Radio With Speaker @ Just Rs.978


Slide-rule tuning dial facilitates easy tuning. The rf-p50 with easy to use slide-rule tuning dial on the side of the units are equipped with a tuning indicator that helps to set the proper tuning. So stay tuned with updated score of Cricket World Cup 2015! 


#2. Listen Your Favourite Music While Working Out or Enjoying Outdoor Activities. It's Your All Weather Friend: 

Sony ICF-8 (ICF8) Portable AM/FM Transistor Radio Speaker


Buy Sony ICF-8 (ICF8) Portable AM/FM Transistor Radio Speaker For Just Rs.999


Your pocket emergency radio should be sturdily built and immune from common damaging situations like water and fall. It should deliver great sound with built in speaker, can be controlled easily with effortless LED Tuning indicator for frequency adjustments. It should be ideal for all environments and situation with low battery usage.


#4. Good Connectivity: 

Sony FM / MW / SW 3 Band Portable Radio Icf J1

Buy Sony FM / MW / SW 3 Band Portable Radio Icf J1 @ Rs.1899


It should have good powerful connectivity so that you can Check Live Commentary or any other program any time anywhere you go.

#4. Perfect Multi-Tasker As It Comes With MP3 and Media Player: 

Multi Tasker Radio Alarm Clock LCD Display


Buy Sony Icf-c1 Radio Alarm Clock LCD Display Am/fm Clock @ Rs.1649


It should have more facilities and options other than a simple choice of AM/FM/SW reception. Look for one that has options like MP3 and media players.


#5. Alert or Remembering Options:

Philips Aj3122 Alarm Clock Radio Green LED

Buy Philips Aj3122 Alarm Clock Radio Green LED @ Rs.1440

A good Philips Clock radio wakes you up with a buzzer sound to hear your favourite program at the desired or set time. The Philips Clock radio automatically turns on that radio station or trigger the buzzer to sound.



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