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How to Spot Fake Leather

Last updated on: July 31, 2015 14:43 IST

You bought a pair of shiny formal shoes for your formal attire. You are really happy as you got them for a good deal. The label on the shoes has ‘genuine leather’ printed on it. How can you be so sure that the shoes you are wearing are made of genuine leather? Here are 5 ways to spot the difference between genuine leather and faux leather shoes for men

#1 Observe closely

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Have a closer look at the shoe. You could see the geometric patterned surface. How does it look? If it is uniform and just looks perfect, then it is not real leather as real leather is basically made from the skin of animals. The real leather is uneven and has little imperfect patterns here and there. However, fake leather has uniform pores with a flawless texture that makes all the difference.

#2 Feel the texture

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If you run your palm over the shoes and the texture is extremely smooth, the leather is not real for sure. However, real leather is a little coarse and rough to touch.

#3 The ‘Fire’ test

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This is the easiest way. Take your shoes closer to a flame or a heating source. If it gets deformed or loses its shape, it is not genuine leather. Real leather will never deform under fire. Make sure you perform this test carefully.

#4 The ‘Saliva’ test

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 In the saliva test, you have to rub little saliva on your shoe; the real leather will absorb the saliva as it is absorbent in nature whereas the faux leather will not.

#5 Smell it

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If you have worn genuine leather in the past, you may be familiar with the typical leather scent. The smell of faux leather is similar to an adhesive or plastic.

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