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How to choose the right watch for your attire

Last updated on: November 29, 2016 16:24 IST

Before we begin, let us ask you a few questions. Can you think of wearing sneakers with trousers or a blazer with jogger pants or perhaps a hoodie under your suit? If you imagine these looks, you would realise that something is just not right.

Wearing the right attire just does not end with your clothes. Choosing the right accessories and footwear is equally vital as they should make sense with the outfit you have worn.

Choosing the right watch is no big deal. Well, it is easier said than done. Watches come in various shapes and sizes and are made of different materials. A watch does more than just telling time.

Read on to get more knowledgeable on how to choose the right watch with your outfit.

#1 Your outfit

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The selection of your watch primarily depends on what you are wearing. Is it casual, formal or sporty? If you are going to the gym or doing regular activities, go for a sports or a casual watch. Catching up with your friends over the weekend or meeting your extended family? A casual watch is your best bet. If you are attending a formal event like a wedding or going out for a date, choose nothing else but a formal watch.

#2 Watch material

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If the main body of your watch that houses the dial is a metal or looks like one, your watch is a formal one. If the watch is made of plastic, steel or any other material, it is not likely to be a formal watch. Formal watches have a moderately sized dial while sports and casual watches have bigger dials as compared to the formal counterparts. Some brands offer watches with really huge dials. Avoid wearing a watch with a really big dial as you don’t want to wear a wall clock.

#3 Watch dial

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If the watch has stick or numbers in roman format, it is usually considered as a formal watch. And if the digits are in Arabic format, it is mostly a casual watch. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Formal watches are simpler looking while casual watches have a lot of elements. A watch with stopwatch or chronograph is considered to be a formal watch.

#4 Watch strap

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Watches with leather or leather like straps look good with a pair of denim jeans than formal attire. If the watch strap is thicker or heavier, it looks perfect with casual outfits. You can wear leather watches with your formal attire too provided the overall look of the watch is slim. Similarly, you can wear metal watches with your formal attire but the formal watch should have a clean dial without any sporty features.

#5 Looking for a versatile watch? Stick to classics

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Yes, a classic watch with a simple dial with leather or metal strap can be worn with both casual and formal outfits.



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