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First Thing People Subconsciously Notice - Your Shoes

Last updated on: December 01, 2014 11:11 IST

First Thing People Subconsciously Notice - Your Shoes

Image Courtesy: Businessman Removing Shoes by stockimages @freedigitalphotos [dot]net

Chetan Bhagat recently quoted on his social media page “Your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you. Wear nice shoes”

So paying attention to your footwear is possibly the most essential, as it holds not only your weight all through the day but also your overall image. Shoes that don’t fit properly can damage your feet, and high heels or shoes that pinch your feet are likely to cause distortion to foot bones.

Use this guide to figure out what shoes for men to wear on what occasion, and you'll be sure to always step out in style.

Classy formal shoes

Formal Shoes For Men

  Buy Formal Shoes Under Rs.699 

Complement your crisp formal attire with an equally refined pair of Oxfords, Derby shoes, brogues or monks at work, interviews or while attending weddings.  

The protective boots

Buy Stylish Boots For Your Daily Wear

Buy Boot For Men Under Rs.999

Boots have become a style statement especially among youngsters. People usually wear boots to protect their foot and leg from water, snow and unsafe industrial materials and laborious work but now the perceptions has changed completely

Army boots for the adventurous you

Go For These Amazing Navy Boots

Buy Navy Boots For Men Under Rs.1999


Although, the conventional perception is that military boots are ideal only for trekking forests, rocky roads, jungles etc but actually these army combat boots have now become a fashion and style statement as these shoes are made for great looks and comfort.

Running Sport Shoes

Try These Amazing Running Shoes For Men

Buy Running Shoes For Men Under Rs.1999

If you are into active sports, such as cricket, football or just running, prefer the best shoes that not only fit you but also give you a comfort grip. Poor shoes can cause severe pain in your foot and ank

Go unique with special handmade shoes

Try these Handmade Shoes

Handmade Shoes For Men Under Rs.4999

 If you like going unique & don’t mind spending a little more consider buying handmade shoes. Unlike many mass produced shoes, handmade shoes will gain in beauty and character as they age, and because they are resoleable they will last longer. These handmade shoes are made with superior Argentina leather.

Weekend Party Loafers

Loafers For Party

Buy Loafers For Men Under Rs.499

Now, most loafers are good for casual occasions or for a day at the office. However; there are those loafers you can really dress up and wear when you're going a little less formal -- perfect with Chinos and t-shirts. Just use your best judgement and choose a pair that fit the occasion. And no, penny loafers won't work. 



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