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Rediff News  All News  » Fashion » 7 Super Stylish Yet Affordable Summer Essentials for Men

7 Super Stylish Yet Affordable Summer Essentials for Men

April 07, 2016 17:18 IST

#1 Sunglasses


Buy Sunglasses Starting @ Rs 299

Sunglasses are extremely important at this time of the year. These sunglasses are not just stylish but they also protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. However, choose a pair of sunglasses that suits your face shape. Now, step out in style with your new pair of shades.

#2 Shorts


Buy Shorts Under Rs 500

Invest in a few pair of shorts as they will go a long way towards giving you a stylish look everyday all summer. Make sure that the pair of shorts don’t go below the knee or look baggy as it is a complete no-no.

#3 Printed T shirts

T shirts

Buy T shirts Under Rs 700

Come summers and nothing is more comfortable than cotton t shirts. Buy a couple of t shirts to beat the summer heat. Bring out your funnier side with these quirky printed t shirts which are sure to enhance your personality.

#4 Watches


Buy Watches Under Rs 4500

These watches are really cool and totally compliment your wrist. You can choose the right one based on the occasion. Pair it with the right outfit to complete the look.

#5 Socks


Buy Socks Combos Under Rs 300

Never forget to wear socks especially during summers as your feet tend to produce a lot more sweat at this time. Whether you are wearing sneakers, loafers or formal shoes, make sure you always wear a pair of socks. This habit will prevent your shoes and feet from stinking.

#6 Accessories

Accessory combos

Buy Men's Accessory Combos Under Rs 400

After all, accessories are what complete your attire, right? Don’t overlook them at any cost.

#7 Caps


Buy Men's Caps Under Rs 200

Stock up on a couple of caps to cover your head from the heat. These caps fit your head perfectly and are high on comfort. Team it up with your casual attire to complete the look.



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