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Rediff News  All News  » Fashion » 7 Amazing Jewellery Gifts That Will Make Your Loved One Jump With Joy

7 Amazing Jewellery Gifts That Will Make Your Loved One Jump With Joy

January 04, 2017 16:41 IST

#1 Pendant Sets


Pendant sets

Buy Pendant Set with Earrings Under Rs 400

Click here for a wide variety of Imitation Pendant Sets

Do you really need a reason to gift a pendant to your loved one? We are sure your answer would be a ‘no’. Have a look at these beautiful pendants studded with coloured stones. Don’t miss the appealing patterns of the pendants which steal the show. If your woman has a petite appearance, these pendant sets are your best bet.

#2 Necklace Sets


Necklace sets

Buy Necklace Sets with Earrings Under Rs 600

Click here for a wide variety of Imitation Necklace Sets

These necklace sets sum up every woman’s jewellery dream. First, the designs of these necklace sets is so intricate, second is that they look heavy and third is that they are available at a fraction of the costs of original jewellery. This is a great surprise for the woman of your life. These necklace sets will complement her ethnic attire. No need to buy matching earrings as this is a necklace sets which comes with earrings.

#3 Rings



 Buy Imitation Rings Under Rs 300

Click here for a wide range of Imitation Rings

Planning to propose your loved one in 2017? Say it with a ring. These gorgeous rings are the best way to communicate your feelings. The design of these lovely rings will ensure that her answer will be yes.

#4 Bracelets



 Buy Imitation Bracelets Under Rs 500

Click here for a wide range of Bracelets

Most of us think of huge and heavy looking bangles when we hear the word ‘bracelet’. But, these bracelets are super chic, elegant and look very trendy. It’s subtle appearance and the brilliant usage of coloured stones and little embellishments are what make it different from the usual ones. These just look expensive but are actually not. You can actually buy a couple of them as they are available at pocket friendly prices.

#5 Men’s Jewellery


Men's jewellery

Buy Men's Jewellery Under Rs 350

Click here for a wide variety of Men's Jewellery

Who said the man of your life may not like jewellery as a gift! If you have seen him wearing a jewellery piece, he definitely admires one. You can pick one of these jewellery gifts for him to mark a new beginning of your bond.

#6 Couple Bands


Couple bands

 Buy Couple Bands Under Rs 1900

Click here for a wide variety of Bands/Rings

Are you entering into the commitment phase of your relationship? Couple bands are a great idea to take your relationship to the next level. Couple bands are a symbol of love and commitment. It is a promise that you are in for something serious and that your feelings are nothing but genuine. Surprise your loved one with a couple band this year.

#7 Real Diamond Jewellery


Real diamond jewellery

 Buy Real Diamond Jewellery Under Rs 3100

Click here for a wide variety of Real Diamond Jewellery

Planning to communicate your inner feelings to the love of your life? Choose one of these jewellery pieces studded with real diamonds for your special someone. Even if you cannot speak your heart out, the jewellery piece will surely do the job better.



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