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Rediff News  All News  » Fashion » 6 Ways to Look Super Cute This Monsoon

6 Ways to Look Super Cute This Monsoon

Last updated on: July 31, 2015 15:45 IST

#1 Bright raincoats to make gloomy days interesting


Buy Raincoats for Women Under Rs 900

Add a fun element to the gloomy weather with a bright coloured rain coat. Bright coloured raincoats are not just trendy but are also a practical choice as they help motorists spot you better despite the darkness.

#2 Take a break from boring black umbrellas – Say yes to these statement ones


Buy Umbrellas for Women. Starting @ Rs 349

Why settle for those boring black umbrellas when you can carry a stylish umbrella during rains? Besides acting as a saviour during deluge, these uber-cool umbrellas are a stylish accessory as well.

#3 Fabrics that get dried in no time

Kurtis and dress materials

 Buy Crepe Kurtis (Set of 2) @ Rs 399

Buy Dress Materials (Set of 3) @ Rs 845

Why wear the regular cotton fabric that takes long hours to get dried completely? Opt for these monsoon friendly fabrics that get dried real fast.

#4 Follow ‘The shorter, the better’ mantra

Dress and Skirt

Buy Skirts & Dresses for Women Under Rs 750

Be very particular about the length of the dress you are wearing as you don’t want to invite unwanted dust and dirt to stick to your outfits. Go for short dresses and skirts and walk worry free during rains.

#5 Who says monsoon shoes don’t look pretty

Monsoon Sandals

Buy Women's Sandals Under Rs 400 

Monsoon shoes usually look less appealing but are worn to brave the rains. These colourful sandals are non slippery, waterproof and above all are super sexy.

#6 Save your chic leather handbag for drier days

Monsoon Bags

Buy Water Resistant Bags Under Rs 500

It is time to switch to something more practical. These stylish handbags are spacious enough to store all your valuables safely. The waterproof fabric of these bags safeguards your essentials from getting drenched.




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