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Rediff News  All News  » Fashion » 6 Super Cool Sunglasses Styles That Only Look Expensive

6 Super Cool Sunglasses Styles That Only Look Expensive

Last updated on: April 06, 2017 17:34 IST

#1 Designer Sunglasses - Make a bold statement

Designer Sunglasses

 Buy Designer Sunglasses Under Rs 900

Even if your eyes are covered, you must make sure that they are hidden with sunglasses as awesome as these. No matter what your mood is, we have a style for each one. These sunglasses are available in various lenses and shapes. Pick any of these and you are sure to rock the weekend look.

#2 Aviator sunglasses - Classics

Aviator Sunglasses

 Buy Aviator Sunglasses for Men Under Rs 300

Buy Aviator Sunglasses for Women Under Rs 200

Did you know that these sunglasses were initially designed for pilots in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb? That's where they got the name 'Aviators' from. Today, these sunglasses are worn by celebrities in their reel and real life. Aviators are classic and every man and woman must own a pair of these sunglasses.

#3 Retro- Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Buy Wayfarer Sunglasses for Men Under Rs 250

Buy Wayfarer Sunglasses for Women Under Rs 250

Wayfarers are very versatile. They are known for their retro look but look equally futuristic as well. They have been around since time immemorial and are here to last. These sunglasses look good on almost all face shapes.

#4 Mirror Finish Sunglasses- In vogue

Mirror Sunglasses

 Buy Mirrored Sunglasses Under Rs 400

Mirrored sunglasses are the latest trend of the season. Pick one this season and brave the summer in style.

#5 Fancy Sunglasses - Make heads turn

Fancy Sunglasses

 Buy Fancy Sunglasses Under Rs 300

Wayfarers and aviators are ideal when you want to play safe. However, these fancy sunglasses are perfect when you are in the mood to go offbeat. These sunglasses perfectly complement your face shape. The one with sharper edges are apt for people with round faces and the well-rounded ones would look good on a square face.

#6 Driving Glasses - When you are on the road

HD Driving Glasses

 Buy HD Driving Glasses Under Rs 400

These glasses must be worn for improved road clarity. Whether you are a biker or rider and are fond of late night drives, invest in these driving sunglasses as they give you a clear vision which prevents accidents



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