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Rediff News  All News  » Fashion » 5 Signs of a Quality Watch

5 Signs of a Quality Watch

Last updated on: February 18, 2016 14:02 IST

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#1 The weight of your watch

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The heavier the watch, the reliable it is! You can easily make out the quality of your watch by its weight. The components and the internal mechanism used in the watch utilise a lot of space and weight. When you wear it, it should feel like a real watch. After all, your watch says a lot about you.

#2 The watch movement

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A good quality watch will never make that tick-tock sound while ticking. This is what sets a quality watch apart from others. The tiny hand of the clock measuring the seconds glides smoothly or even if it is running in the regular format, it absolutely produces no sound. In fact, all watches tick-tock but in case of quality watches, the mechanism is so well that the ticking is smooth and flawless.

#3 The watch brand

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The watch bearing a good brand name will go a lot farther than a timepiece without one. Besides the quality and mechanism, a lot goes into making a watch into an extraordinary one. When it comes to buying a watch, always go for trusted brands like Casio, Tissot, Diesel, Killer and so on.

#4 It is either Quartz or Swiss - Nothing else! 

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The core strength of a watch is its movement and the make. When it comes to choosing the right watch, it is best to stick to these two names – Swiss or Quartz. These names are synonymous with durability and quality. In terms of quality, be rest assured when you have one of these names embossed on your watch.

#5 Precision

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This one is a little obvious! A watch should be able to show you a reasonably accurate time. The watches that run on a quartz movement are kept accurate thanks to the oscillation of the quartz crystal. 

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