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Rediff News  All News  » Fashion » 5 Gorgeous Silk Sarees That Look Really Expensive But Are Not

5 Gorgeous Silk Sarees That Look Really Expensive But Are Not

Last updated on: March 17, 2015 12:35 IST

No matter how comfortable cotton is, nothing can beat the look of a silk saree. Silk, also known as the queen of textiles, is made from cocoons of the silk-worms which makes it one of the most expensive fabrics. Whether you are attending a wedding or any other occasion, a silk saree is considered as the perfect pick.

The wedding season is here. Buying a new silk saree for every occasion is an expensive affair. Want to look elegant without splurging much? Here are 5 elegant silk saree styles that look really expensive but actually they are not –

#1 Art Silk

Overall printed art silk sarees

Buy Art Silk Sarees Under Rs 500

Make a bold impression with a beautiful and lightweight art silk saree. Opt for brighter colours and designs like paisley prints. You can wear an art silk saree at both casual events and formal functions as it is a mix of elegance and sophistication.

#2 Lycra Silk

Lycra Art Silk

Buy Lycra Art Silk Sarees Combo @ Rs 499


The lycra silk sarees have the premium looks of a silk saree and the comfort of a lycra fabric. Go for solid colours like black and pink when it comes to silk saree with minimal embellishments. These are 5.7 m in length and come with an unstitched blouse.

#3 Printed Art Silk

Printed art silk saree

Buy Printed Art Silk Sarees Under Rs 500

If you are not fond of solid colours, go for printed art silk sarees. These sarees are extremely versatile. A printed art silk saree looks perfect at any event from weddings to birthdays or pooja functions. These are 6.30 m in length & come with an unstitched blouse. 

#4 Warli Art Silk

Warli Art Silk

Buy Warli Art Silk Saree Under Rs 500

Besides the classy looks of this saree, the multi-coloured border is extremely appealing. The Warli print of this saree is rare to find and looks beautiful. The fabric of this saree is smooth and will keep your lady comfortable all day long.

#5 Nine Yard Art Silk

Nine Yard Art Silk Sarees

Green Printed Art Silk Saree @ Rs 499     Yellow Printed Art Silk Saree @ Rs 499

And more nine yard art silk treasures right here at Rediff under Rs. 500.



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