September 21, 2002 
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Regressive or progressive?
Readers take on Shakti: The Power

Fri Sep 20 22:32:14 2002
You said it:Well, the fact that we have a regressive audience makes it all the more imperative for a movie like this to be made?. why live in a farcical world?. i believe women in India are still much better than they were 10 years ago. are they as good as women in the west?. well, a certain no?. by not making a movie like this, you are giving into the hands of the MCPs and their sick mentality. movies like this, Mrityudand, Astitva are remarkable in portraying sensitive women issues. why make those mushy-mushy love dovey movies that are already flooding our cinema halls?

Fri Sep 20 21:39:12 2002
Name:Venita Coelho
You said it:Good review. Succint and to the point. And I agree - why do films like this have to be made? The subtext unfortunately is always male.

Fri Sep 20 21:41:32 2002
You said it:This film is nothing but a remake of a south indian film Anthapuram where prakashraj etches out a brilliant performance in the role of narashima.

Fri Sep 20 21:49:32 2002
Name:m k baig
You said it:I Fully agree that this film is for MCPs made by a joru ka ghulam. well no body can think any different when it makes money the filmwalas can make any stupid movies.

Fri Sep 20 21:55:27 2002
Name:mudassir malik,
You said it:The film will be super hit because of the performancess of Shahrukh Khan, Karishma Kapoor, Nana Patekar and item song of Aishwarya Rai will be real boost to the film.

Fri Sep 20 22:06:11 2002
You said it:The film only tries to project the reality which is very much prevalent in rural India. However the films do exagerate the realities and add masalas to win the audience. The film revolves between the radical groups, where they virtually run the parallel government headed by the group leaders.

Fri Sep 20 22:42:24 2002
You said it:I like this picture

Fri Sep 20 22:43:42 2002
You said it:Hi. This film is definetely a welcome change.the audience are losing their patience with the old rotten love stories. As u know variety is the spice of life,this movie was necessary

Fri Sep 20 22:43:57 2002
Name:D. Subramanyam
You said it:Yes people should see such films and atleast some sensible souls will think and make sure such a gore should not happen in their villages and it given the women in sol called underprivileged villages a idea to fight it back despite tyrannical attitude of men. We have seen much of heroism from woman of Rajastan. Lets not forget woman once decided to fight it out there is not power in this world that can stop her. It tribute to woman and the confidence she has on herself. I am sure Karisma will be remembered for her perfomance and may get a national award for her portryal.

Fri Sep 20 22:47:01 2002
You said it:It is brilliant ,unbiased. The poser at the end deserves serious thought.Great reviewing.

Fri Sep 20 22:51:20 2002
You said it:I saw the movie today and really liked it. It was a great movie and performances were outstanding...especially Nana & Lolo. The movie has a long lasting impact on ur mind. Special effects and photography is too good.

Fri Sep 20 23:04:00 2002
You said it:Movie is good, but Shah Rukh Khan does same old style, monotonous repeated tasteless acting.

Fri Sep 20 23:20:49 2002
You said it:I have not seen this film yet. But I stay in Canada and my opposition is always depicting a better, glamorous western world and ugly, feudal India. Why are we still suffering from that colonial inferiority complex. Why anything that has the label "India" attached to it has to be bad. I am in Canada since last 3.5 years, and I can clearly see how the media - Western or Indian - is clearly manipulating the psyche of Indians. In news - in TV or Newspapers - nobody talks about India's achievement in Computers, Communications or Satellites. All they show about India is poverty, filth and lack of basic amnities. It is a high time movie like "Shakti" should be avoided - not at the cost of being an anti-feminist, but to depict true developed India at international level. In USA media, nobody talks anything bad about USA (criticism is other thing). But we Indians take a masochist interest in maligning ourselves. It is time we should say quits to this mentality

Fri Sep 20 23:25:20 2002
You said it:When any movie in India comes anywhere close to being realistic and powerful it is jeered by the Indian crowd. All that people there want are obvious or subtle shows of the actresses' beauty or "catchy love songs"....the story, its content or its message is irrevelant to 95% of Indian audience.When will Indian cinema grow up? After 50 years of the mostly the same movie formulae, I am amazed at the fact that for the most part the "Indian aaudience" has not broadened its expectations of a "hit" movie.

Fri Sep 20 23:39:55 2002
Name:arvind dhayal
You said it:The movie is very good. Nana Patekar's acting is superb.

Fri Sep 20 23:49:00 2002

Sat Sep 21 00:02:52 2002
You said it:I watched it today only, i never saw such, a mind bloowing movie, on bollywood screen,it really lifted up all, and Karisma,.........what to say, i dont have the words,for her performance,it was just extra ordinary, terrific it was ,and now i can challenge, that yhis movie,will make for the film fare award,before people used to say that karishma,dont deservs what she gets as awards, but this time i can bet , the best film fare award os best actress, there is only one name karishma kapoor, i am sure what i saying. i want to become a actor , so from ,which level i am seening she has done a great job,and not only her, each and every character in this movie, has done its work right up to the mark,sharukh khan , was too good, and what to say about , nana pathkar, he is already one of the best,and sanjoy kapoor, was aslo good, that villien i dont remember his name , who has done the nana patekars role in Telegu,ok same movie story, but the only diffrence it was andhra pradesh, one place i dont remember exacty but it was , i think,some place name starting with mmm, something like this, its only 100 km form Bangalore, and her it was Bihar, that was also very true. hats-off for full team.

Sat Sep 21 00:22:24 2002
Name:Ms. S.Rudra
You said it:A good, unbiased review... Graphic outlining of the movie's story..Insightful comments about the need for making of this film, given the violent and regressive mindset of Indian male audience...

Sat Sep 21 00:22:31 2002
Name:S. Rahul Bose
You said it:Shakti is a wonderful movie and Shah Rukh Khan is the best!

Sat Sep 21 00:27:43 2002
You said it:Why don't the hindi film makers who copy story from south have their own taste? You find most of the scenes with blunders continue to remain in the copied version too. They must go through the reviews of the original movies and try to make it even better. Just because a film was a super hit in south does not make it a necessary hit in north. "Shakti" - with a good story will definitely be a disappointment for many. Jagapathi Babu will be the happiest person because Shah Rukh Khan copies every scene he had done in the original Telugu version, including the costume.

Sat Sep 21 00:31:22 2002
Name:sharath reddy
You said it:I really appreciate the writers voice ,especially the bottom line was great....I am writing this from Chicago and ever time i see a good rule being enforced here i think y not its there in India....the problem is not with the rural and brash viewers but its in the hands of the direcor to mould the movie with the right perception and intuition....and I think we can hardly get a director like Mani Rathnam !!!Until this Bollywood is in the clasp of BHAI's we can hardly expect for a decent and sommoth pictures with out that nasty patios of the underworld and stupid slang!!! thank you

Sat Sep 21 01:07:32 2002
You said it:No.These type of movies add to destruction of rural indian society .people like the dialogues of nana ,but know it is wronng in reality people in india r good enuf to give shakthi a good shakthi to wipe it out from the indian audience as a shakthi flopppppp!!!!!

Sat Sep 21 01:20:20 2002
You said it:Hi Guyz, I must say i had a great time reading this review, It was extremely amusing !! Sukanya has given a very just overview of the movie , with a lot of humor here n there . I would risk all the violence and untimely songs , ....though am sure am gonna remember some of Sukanys's comments n laugh!!! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading more of such brilliant n at the same time funny reviews. All the best Nandita

Sat Sep 21 01:45:28 2002
You said it:Shakti was booooooorrrrrrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg!!!!!!!!

Sat Sep 21 01:47:41 2002
Name:Anisha Patel
You said it:I have not seen the film yet but it is interesting to know that masses applaud at scenes that belittle women. I enjoy strong women roles however a woman's strength and fighting in all Hindi films seems to be at the consequence of male power and abuse. We believe in female dieties yet cannot respect women. Our mothers are the real creators. I will watch this movie now with a high regard for the strengh Nandini will show. Her battle was not for her son but for womanhood.

Sat Sep 21 03:27:45 2002
Name:Vijaya Kumar Vegi
You said it:Yes the film has to be made. It is about the actual happenings in and around INDIA. This is reality. We see in our movies the her comes in a car, the heroine in another car. They both live in somewhere outside India n sing songs dreams and all bull shit. This is what reality is. So people should know whats happening and how a woman can fight against all odds. So this film is worth praising.

Sat Sep 21 04:06:36 2002
You said it:Iam horrified with this report!! I don't see anything funny in what you describe as being funny in the film. "He is particularly funny while making a dig at animal activist Maneka Gandhi, "Abe unthon ko haath mat lagana, warna Maneka Gandhi chodegi nahi" (Be prepared to face Maneka Gandhi's wrath if anything happens to the camels)." If you believe people who have good intentions and who do good are best targets for a comedy butt, why dont you go make a film titled "NEHRU, the joker", with our slip-stack comedian actors playing the lead. God, help your sense of humour!

Sat Sep 21 04:34:47 2002
You said it:First of all, the channel shown was not Canadian local channel but it was BBC World in which it is quite common to show Indian rural incidents when people in double figures are dead. If people are enjoying the dialouges of Nana I think its because they are praising Nana and not the content of the dialoges.Coming to the question at the end,Yes, when "Ek chottisi.." can be made, why not these kind of movies?

Sat Sep 21 06:20:36 2002
You said it:The Reviewer(Sukanya Verma) seems to emphasis too much on the minute details of screenplay like how a Canadian channel shows the rural news of india. To give an exemption, the Canadian channels do not show these, infact the local desi channels like ZeeTv and TvAsia have a fairly good enough chance to air the news. Even though the Sanjay is financially sound the reason why he opts for a crowded bus, is that u cannot expect hi-tech super shuttles in remote parts of india, nor he can expect a merceded benz car to welcome him home, the reason being, he is coming home without the knowledge of his parents. Finally, the reviewer felt why this film is made. In many aspects, this film is very close to reality and far better than the, piece of crap, HINDI movies that are being made revolving around the shameless WIFE SWAPPING concepts. Though everyone has a right to express their views, at the same time, one does not possess the right to condemn the truth. The director is so talented that every other HINDI directors need to take a lesson on the art of cinema making. god knows how you people entertain stupid movies like Humraaz and Ajnabee. Sorry for offending, if any.

Sat Sep 21 07:37:13 2002
You said it:Man, Bollywood lacks originality..this is a remake of a movie made in Kannada first (a hit) and later in Telugu and Tamil.

Sat Sep 21 07:50:39 2002
You said it:Great movie, Karisma acted well.

Sat Sep 21 07:50:53 2002
You said it:I will see the film for its performances especially by Karisma. What the audience thinks about the film it makes no difference to me. Karisma is the best actress and she deserves a applause.

Sat Sep 21 09:01:53 2002
You said it:A promising director whose maiden effort should be a successful one , as we think of South Indian director whose artistic and realistic blend in narrating a story is well known , the director of Shakti is also one among them , he is none other than Telegu director Krishna Vamsi , I wish him all the best

Sat Sep 21 09:22:07 2002
You said it:Sir, yestrday I've seen the movie, SHAKTI: The Power, it's a nice movie to watch, I like Nana and Shah Rukh's acting. They have brilliantly performed in this movie. Prakash Rai who performed a silent killer in this film and also worked in the original Anathpuram as nana's role, he is also done well. Karishma is not good not bad, sanjay kapoor and other's r also given their perfomance in this film. Simply saying it's a once watchable movie, with no great songs expect Ishq kameena.

Sat Sep 21 09:30:38 2002
You said it:Superb

Sat Sep 21 09:31:21 2002
You said it: This is greatest movie I have ever seen.This movie tells what is going in villages . In my village in Bihar we are facing some situation like in this movie. Thank you very much for Krishna Vamsi

Sat Sep 21 09:35:34 2002
You said it:The review was good with every aspect nearly covered. but as for your last statement I would like to say something.i.e.we have been this regressive from the time since when films are being made in this country but that has hardly proved to be a deterent for movies in earning hard cash. I am no relative of Sridevi but still to make a point it would be a lot more better to try and change the perceptions of so called regressive audience rather than putting a full stop on making films.

Sat Sep 21 09:44:18 2002
You said it:It was originally made in Telugu with Soundarya in main role and Prakashraj as her father-in-law. The film was terrific and both of them gave excellent performance and could be the reason behind Sridevi to make this film. it was such a wonderful film but seemed to be wasted in Hindi version as there was no dream song involving heroine with the street rogue. If this is the case, the I think they spoiled the film in its enterity. However one should watch the Telugu version to make a judgement even if one does not know the language.

Sat Sep 21 10:11:47 2002
You said it:The movie is really horrible!!! Shah Rukh was not used properly.I couldn't understand why he accepted this disgusting role.How he survived for such a long time affer getting a bullet in his back. It seems like we where seeing a horrible Tamil film.The violence can be reduced a bit, rather than making the matters realistic.The dialogues also seem to be absurd.

Sat Sep 21 10:33:42 2002
You said it:Basically I feel that none of the films make sense take any for example ,obviously there are a few exceptions, only person who seems to make sensible movies now is Aamir Khan. As far as this review is concerned it has motivted me not to see the movie and now i wont. You have really put forward ur point well and any movie which disrespects women I refuse to see . Well I am not really a feminist but I respect women . Thx for reading. Regards abhishek

Sat Sep 21 10:50:30 2002
You said it:The best thing that i like about this review is that it is honest. For a person like me who watches movies on the basis of reviews. This is more than handful. I'am sure u guys dont write reviews on the behest of directors & producers,as done in some of the well know English newspapers. Keep it up, I'am eagerly waiting for Road to release & reading ur review Hastalavista Nirzar

Sat Sep 21 11:14:54 2002
Name:K.T. Sajimon
You said it:After reading this article I think Shakti will be a good film with a powerful casting of good artists. But I doubts the financial success of the film because good messaged films, especially in North India,would not succeed. Even educated people don't want to watch this type of films. They always need dishoom-dishoom with untimely orchestrated songs and unbelievable storyline. Anyway atleast the Director, Producer and artists will get satisfaction and they can believe they produced a good film with some substance. Wish you all success with box-office success of this film. Sajimon

Sat Sep 21 11:36:40 2002
Name:james f. m.
You said it: The film review is good and well written. Films like these need to be made once in a while. The film does not even begin to show the true living conditions in the villages of Rajasthan or the mentality of the patriach families, the crimes and atrocities that goes unnoticed. Movies like these can change the mindset of the Indian public who are fed a constant diet of mushy love stories and underworld dramas. But I personally think that movies like these can do without unwanted songs.

Sat Sep 21 11:37:14 2002
Name:Nilanjan Nandy
You said it:Shakti is definitely a very powerful film.Excellent performances from Karishma,Nana and Shahrukh lifts the film to a great height.And yes, I think this film was NEEDED, needed at such a time, so the average illiterate viwer of India could be shown their own reflection through the stark realities of the film.Especially where Nana beats the shit out of Karishma, the uncultured/illiterate/ribald viewer applauds, but why?We should first blame our system, ehich has generated such atrocities against women,whcih again tries to don a hypocritical garb to amsk it's own true dominating image.basically the average Indian Cinema viewer has NO CLASS.They enjoyed the Shahrukh/Aishwarya dance the most ,Ipresume, and it's only because they are do not have the depth to understand "Shakti", a film that definitely going to create ripples in the minds of a sane human being.It is pityful sight in the villages, where more stark realities and more uncouth rougues like Narsimha awaits the hapless.I think films like this should be given priority , since Shakti HAS THE POWER TO AWAKEN PEOPLE, I MEAN IGNORANT AND INSENSITIVE PEOPLE FROM DEEP SLUMBER.

Sat Sep 21 11:44:58 2002
Name:Manpreet Dhingra
You said it:Hi.. It brought hope to my mind that there are people who think in a similar vein. After your review, I am not sure whether I want to wtch the movie, but definitely would want to agree with your view point on the audiences. If the educated class in this country at a conscious level supports such drivel, I wonder at the hope left for us. One wonders as to what values are being taught at our homes and don't the actors too feel that they need to make movies that would allow for sense to prevail. We need them to think about the role models that they are putting up for the next generation, be it the hip shaking heroines or the bad words mouthing so called heroes. There seems to be a moral decandency happening in the country where our so called values that we were proud of as Indians seems to have been lost in the commercial aspects of life

Sat Sep 21 11:57:47 2002
Name:soumadip roy
You said it:The character played by Shah Rukh Khan was not necessary though he played it brilliantly. Songs were good but were not situational. Inclusion of Aishwarya seemed stupid.

Sat Sep 21 12:20:43 2002
Name:ravi ravan
You said it:The purpose of good Cinema is to tell a tale with a strong conflict. Shakti has its conflict very accurately based in its main three characters. Its drama is structured properly and its visuals are capable of transporting you from the blissful existence in Canada to the overcrowded, medieval settings in India. This is how India would appear to an outsider. The film is a near classic and any disagreements on women's issues is not the responsibility of the great dramatic structure of this fine piece of Cinema. As pure Cinema it is one of the most accurately film made in the recent past. The other FOUR films which were a delight as pure Cinema in 2002, were RAAZ, COMPANY, and Raj Kumar Santoshi's SHAHEED and DEVDAS. SHAKTI stands among the top five films of this year.

Sat Sep 21 12:27:29 2002
Name:Lakshmi Iyer
You said it:Dear Sir/Madam, This review is very frank and balanced, pointing out the good and bad points. But, the film should not have glorified insulting and looking down on women. Yours sincerely, Lakshmi

Sat Sep 21 13:14:11 2002
You said it:Shakti is totally junk ,and it implicates Indians all over how we are and what we could be in 21st century,how we see females and what are they to Indians in general. shame on us really its farce and mockery of the brave Indian females where by after all there have to be male protagonist to rescue the whole situation.its sheer rubbish ,CRAP!

Sat Sep 21 14:08:29 2002
Name:Nitin suri
You said it:It will b worth watching specially for Nana & Ash

Sat Sep 21 14:56:05 2002
Name:Richard Turner
You said it:Another very thorough review from Sukanya - no stone left unturned. There's courageous placing of the film in its social context. As a foreigner, I wouldn't have the guts to do that. It hasn't put me off wanting to see the film, if only for the quality of the acting. Salaam Mumbai!

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