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Suniel Shetty
'Working with a Hollywood unit was delightful'

Suniel Shetty

I am one of the six guys involved in the robbery in Kaante. I play a bouncer. My girlfriend [played by Malaika Arora] dances at a nightclub. He hates that she dances at a nightclub but they have no other means of livelihood.

That prompts him to get involved with this gang. He is looking for a better life and enough money to settle in India.

I have always considered Amitabh Bachchan God. There is no other word to describe him. He is such a darling to work with. He is full of life. He was going through a bad phase during the making of Kaante. He had a lot of problems with his back and neck, but not a word of complaint from him. He was the life of the unit.

Considering Kaante is an action film, its music is brilliant. So half our battle is already won. Working with a Hollywood unit was absolutely delightful. I felt like an actor. I was treated like one. I performed like one.

Kaante will help the film industry. Very few films are like this one -- pre-production in Europe, one-schedule shoot, well planned post-production. I don't see why Kaante should not succeed. I think Kaante will work. If it does, what better way to end the year?

Suniel Shetty spoke to Lata Khubchandani

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