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Mahesh Manjrekar
'Amitabh's energy level was higher than all of us'

Mahesh Manjrekar

I think Gupta [Kaante director Sanjay Gupta] was very clear about what he wanted.

The film is about six Asians who go to America to chase a dream, and realise it is a nightmare. Once everything was agreed on, it wasn't too tough.

I play a character called Bali because I wear an earring. There is this line, "Ek kaan mein
Bali dimaag se khali.
" The character is into drugs. It was complex, but the director was very clear so it wasn't difficult.

Working with Amitabh Bachchan made you realise that his energy level was higher than
all of us. It was like he was much younger than all of us. He made us very comfortable. The others had worked with him earlier. I hadn't. Working with him was a dream come true. It was a brilliant experience. The discipline he has, the energy he exudes, his professionalism.

We were quite apprehensive when we were in Los Angeles around September 11. But everything was smooth.

I'm quite excited about its release. It is difficult to predict whether this film will do well. Who knows? People might like it. It is not a typical hero/heroine film; it is not what people are
used to. But then people have been rejecting films they are used to, so it might succeed.

I don't want to get into acting. Unless I get a role which suits me in every way, like a one-schedule film. I'd consider it, but it is difficult to get all the pluses. I love to direct, to tell my own story.

Mahesh Manjrekar spoke to Lata Khubchandani

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