Wedding bells are in the air. Dholaks playing everywhere.

Welcome to the wedding of the season with Mira Nair's latest offering-Monsoon Wedding, after the controversial Kamasutra.

Monsoon Wedding promises to be a more pragmatic version of Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, showcasing the numerous and tedious ceremonies mandatory in a typical Punjabi wedding.

A true blue Punjab di kuddi to the core, Mira wanted to use a wedding, the mostlavish and intense of family occasions, to depict a community that is known for living life king size.

With the approaching wedding as the base, Nair has woven various sub plots into the main story.

A child molester, an adulterous affair, a budding affair between the servant and the wedding organiser.

Through this film Nair has tried to capture the real India -- traditional yet modern. As Nair herself puts it, Monsoon Wedding is a Bollywood movie made on my own terms. It is my love song to Delhi.

Be a part of the celebrations

Text: Priyanka Bhattacharya
Design: Rajesh Karkera

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