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May 08, 2006

Tamil Nadu

I was really terrified

I was really terrifed to see minister Anita Radhakrishnan's persons attacking DMK cadres after asking them not to paste DMK posters. Do we really live in a democratic country?

Lakshmi Narasimhan B
Export Managaer

TN will go Bihar way if AIADMK comes

Both ADMK and DMK are fighting for the assembly elections 2006. This time the victory god will show the way to DMK to catch the fort. Thanks to the ADMK governmen, which has done nothing for the economic development of Tamil Nadu. All the southern states are catching fastly in the IT sector due to the initiative done by their chief minister in their own states. But Jayalalitha has not even taken any intitative to attract the investment in this sector.

Even the Left government in West Bengal has changed their view on state policy but ADMK chief has not. Even in her party, she is acting like the ringmaster in circus. There are not more ovebridges, not more highways built in Chennai/Tamil Nadu during the past 5 years (Some are built under the Central government initiative only). If she comes for the next five years then TN will go like Bihar way. She never met any industralists and never made any appeal to big investors to invest in TN. If some investors comes and wants to invest she has never gave any appointment to them. For the last 5 years, she is keep on changing the ministers and if any minister wont fell her leg at the time of swearing ceremony then next week he will be suspended. Whoever be loyal to her then he can easily be a follower to her and even in one day he could sit in CM's Chair (O Paneerselvam).

DMK would win this elections with vast majority.


TN politics has changed after demise of MGR

Being a good candidate or belonging to a party may not be enough to win. Different parties are depending on vote bank of particular caste/community and religion.

Why JJ can lose this time:

1) JJ and Sasikala were depending on Thevar community for vote in many regions, but Karthik of Forward Bloc can pull a good share, that is why FB candidates are being threatened. Last Lok Sabha election washout has taken JJ on defensive, she is not speaking directly again KK, she bought Vaiko, Sarath Kumar, and Visu to do the job.
2) Vaiko has been made a dummy, people have started believing he took money for joining ADMK front.
3) Sarath Kumar's comunity people are opposing him now for joining ADMK, they expected him to join their Nadar Peravai.
4) All questions raised by DPA were answered by Visu (on yesterday's Jaya TV programme) and not JJ, it looked very orchestrated, also Visu joining ADMK and supporting every act of JJ now, makes him less credible. Had he done without joining ADMK more people would have trusted him.
5) Govt Employee Dismissals during strike created a ill will among them, they did not allow any electoral malpractice, which led to last lok sabha results. The core issue is not yet solved. This is again a delicate election small swing by undecided voters can change huge fortunes. A higher voting percentage means loss for ruling party, let's see the exit poll and poll percentages in next 2 days.
What ultimately matters is what candidate or party will the voter push the button for in the polling booth.

Senthil Nayagam
Project Manager
West Mambalam

Thanks to Election Commission - Banner free election

Thanks to Election Commission to conduct an election without any posters and banners. Because of the EC's move over the banners it produce good result in cities like Chennai, so no traffic problem due to the banners. Election commission must ban the election campaign in the city limit so that we can avoid traffic problems easily... Or election commission will identify the place for the election meeting in the each constiuency... In that place by every party should get a chance for election campaign as per round robin method... so no problem at all in the cities due to election campaign & meeting nonsense.

Kumar Devan
Software Engineer

In many of the posts i have seen people are commenting about politicians without understanding the reality and datapoints. Some realities are below:

a. Team of ministers in ADMK's government is not as efficient as DMK ministers. None of the ADMK ministers deliver any results and they were always in fear of their ministerial berth and they remain with a question how long will they remain as minister. I believe more than 10 times, realignment of ministers happenined in ADMK's government. I guess, it was the highest in state history. This show Jayalalitha's mindset.
b. DMK government is much better than ADMK with proper people friendly measures like Uzhavar sandhai (Farmer market), Namakku naame scheme, Better roads and irrigation facilities. In addition, automobile giants started establishment in Chennai during DMK tenure. On other hand jaya did only gimmick schemes like cycle, money for all during tsunami without a proper organisational relief measures.
c. Since DMK is  a part of central government, they will fetch the most possible benefits to state where as Jayalalaitha with her egoistic attitude will never cooperate with central government. This was proven in past like sem india investments and desalination plants in Chennai.
d. Jaya talks about MGR during elections and mentions that he is GOD and mentor. Do you  know the status of Ramavaram Thottam (MGR's residence) now. It is in such a miserable state and this shows who Jaya is?
e.Union ministers achievements for TN: Sethu Samudaram project, removal of senvat tax to save textile industry in TN and other states, nokia special economic zone, upgradation of national highways to a large extent and large number of kms for broad gauge conversion in railways, 100 crores for chennai university, classical status to Tamil etc. Jaya was a part of BJP government during initial years of BJP rule in centre. Can she list her achievements?


West Bengal

Mamta announces sops for north Bengal

Firebrand TMC supremo Mamta Banerjee has announced a number of sops for north Bengal. She has promised that if her party comes to power, she would set up another Writers Building in north Bengal so that the residents of that area do not have to run to Kolkata for their official needs.
She also promised better facilities for the police department like ration, medicines etc. She has made these announcements during her campaign across north Bengal on the eve of the final phase of elections, which are going to be held in the districts of  Coochbehar, Darjeeling, Dinajpur and Jalpaiguri. Taking heart from the free and fair elections in the last four phases, she is trying to make the most of the opportunity to woo the voters of the hills to ensure more seats for her. She has criticised the stepmotherly attitude of the Left Front government to the hilly districts and blamed it for the backwardness of the region.

Sohail Arshad

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