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April 18, 2006


LDF's main batsman

It is indeed fascinating to note that both fronts in kerala polity face election highlighting chief ministerial candidates though this was obviously not the case with LDF.

Among all others vs Achudhanandan commands mass support in LDF. Earlier he was not seen as an ideal choice but current political scenario and vanishing tribe of his ilk are good reasons for his rising acceptabilty. After EMS and Ek nayanar it seems the only leader in cpm is VS. All over kerala people are sympathetic to vs apparently because of the failures he had faced over the years.

For LDF this time around Vs is the main batman who may bring in more wickets.


Why Nairs are keeping off

Survey results by Hindu-IBN-CNN suggest a big lead for LDF. It is an expected result and it is once again showing the unity of LDF cadres.

Silence by Nair Service Society is another factor that is affecting UDF chances of coming back to power. NSS is becoming weak and losing control over its people so a decision by them to support any front is of no significance in the present political environment.

This organization is not like the Christian and Muslim Societies, which are now dominating majority of the institutions. These Christian and Muslim Societies are having strong hold on its people. UDF is sure to get these votes but their chances will increase if they get enough support from Nair community rather than NSS.

Another major cause for the drift between UDF and Nair community is their stand on Devaswom Boards (Temple Trust). UDF government though supported the development of state by bringing Metro Rail, Smart City, Container Terminal but neglected Devaswom Boards and exercised unnecessary control over them, which resulted in their deterioration. Many of the Devaswom Boards are in poor condition now and it is affecting the normal functioning of temples also.

At many places, people came forward to form local committees to improve the condition of these temples but recently UDF Government has disbanded these committees and taken away their powers. It has resulted in widespread anger against them. They should understand a fact that what ever they do people should like it otherwise there is no meaning in making big promises. One should never forget that Democracy is the Government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Prajit S Nair
Research engineer

West Bengal

Media's violation

The Press Council of India's norms of journalistic conduct guideline:

'No newspaper shall publish exit-poll surveys, however genuine they may be, till the last of the polls is over'. When there is such a norm why IBN-Hindu are trying to deflect the people from ground reality by flashing out opinion polls- Bengal and Tamil Nadu† there is a Big Change.

Social auditor

Bengal needs change

It was once said ' What Bengal does today India does tomorrow'. I do not know how far true the statement is now. It feels as if time has stopped here, no change in the last 15-20 years. Instead it has become more worse. How long can we cheer on the good effects of land distribution? 'Change is the only constant thing' maybe the govt of wb should be told this.

What we need is good infrastructure, education, business and proper law and order. The 'sab chale' and 'ai thik ache' attitude has to go. Also WB voters do not have an option to choose from. Does the 'Mahajot' of Mamata Banerjee provide any solution? We need change from grassroot level. Maybe one day the above mentioned statement will come true again.

Lisa Sinha

No transport, minister

In my constituency which is Belgachia East constituency the candidate is Subhas Chakraborty the state transport minister and the mla of the ruling party. In his constituency there is a accute shortage of Stat Transport buses. But he has done nothing to improve this condition. But,still he will win because the opposition vote is getting divided between Congress, TMC & BJP.

Sanjay Das


Fractured mandate

Elections in Assam have concluded amid high voter turnout and relatively in a† peaceful atmosphere baring some sporadic incident of violence in remote corners†of Assam. but interestingly though there was high voter turn out, common† people are not very satisfy by the current functioning of democracy and voters are confused in casting there vote, as a result of which fractured mandate is† more or less expected.

The region behind higher voter turnout is many. the main factor behind higher voter turn out among minority mostly immigrant class is† to remain in the electoral roll so that they can be Indian citizen. this factor has be exploited by political parties to gain votes in minority held areas though negligible amount of development is carried out in these areas and wide spread poverty can be seen.

middle class vote simple it's time to vote opportunity come once in five year if there is a stable government, but enthusiasm is very less among people regarding the democratic process, and people thing who ever will come he will behave as previous government has behaved† benefiting the politician with money and power

Iftakhar Latif

Tamil Nadu

DMK lacks cadres

Selection of candidates, money and teamwork plays a vital role in tamil nadu politics.

AIADMK and Dmk selected candidates cleverly and both the parties are spending huge amounts in this election.

AIADMk the number one cadre based party with Mdmk the number two cadre based party is heavily dominating this election as for as teamwork and scientific management is concerned.

In this election Dmk also introducing AIadmk type tactics in its election management. But DMK is lacking cadres for working. It mainly depends upon communist workers and pmk cadres only.

The Aiadmk is dominating the election with its scientific management in all means.

As for as Tirupur, Palladam and Pongalur constituencies are concerned first time in the history of elections candidates are selected cleverly and of equal status by both the fronts.

In Tirupur Communist party nominee and ex MLA Govindasamy is slightly ahead of MDMK leader and ex MLA Duraisamy. If AiADmk has opted tirupur seat it is definitely for AIADMK if Sivasamy† sitting MLA Or V Palanisamy ex MLA had given tickets. AIADMK leading margin in Tirupur is the second leading margin in last election after Bargur in which Thambidurai had won with a huge margin.

As for as palladam and pongalur is concerned appointment of sitting ministers is causing some dissatisfaction among the cadres of local admk. The sitting ministers has to rectify the mistakes they done and sort out the problems with the party cadres will make them easy to win the election. If the party cadres work against the ministers surely they will be defeated. This is the plus point for DMK.

DMK has appointed ponmudi for palladam who is closely have good links with karunanidhi family is lacking support of cadres, and he belongs to devar community who were very less in this constituency. So It is Very easy for Velusamy the sitting MLA and Minister to win this election.

As for as Pongalur is concerned DMk has Appointed follower of Ex Minister Pongalur Palanisamy. He is one of the good selection of Dmk Candidates. He can give good fight to Sitting MLA and Minister Damodaran who had spoiled his image. His negative image is the only minus point for Aiadmk.

If aiadmk has selected new† faces it is very very easy for it to win in Palladam and Pongalur constituencies.

AIADMK will win palladam and pongalur constituencies by a margin of around 10,000 votes.

In tirupur govindasamy will win around 25000 votes.

This is the latest election trends in tirupur, palladam and pongalur.

Velusamy Gounder
Export business

DMK's ahead

Tamilnadu election trend likely have changed to favor of DMK by the attractive announcement of 1-KG of rice = Rs 2.00, 2-acre land for land less formers and colour TV for all the women, every body in the state are talking about the announcement.

There is no such announcement came from AIDMK ruling party: they are talking about what they did in past they have not given any feature promises to people.

Minority peoples also supports DMK aliance!

It shows some light for DMK to win!

Even though trend can be changed in any time before poling!

Mohamed Nabi

TN will impact Delhi

The AIADMK Combine is poised to post a 3/4 majority in TN polls. This is going to cause a split in the central ruling alliance as PM will start listening the TN CM on all important matters keeping the next General Elections in mind and for a possible AIADMK,MDMK and Congress alliance in Tamilnadu

S Rajagopalan

DMK will get 170+

Mk's camapiaign started just few days before, even admk's partmen are surprised to see the overwhelming response he got from the public, next ten days there will be giant wave against jayalaitha, DMK should win min 170+ seats, with strong alliance, 2rs rice, colour tv, free land for poor farmers is added advantage for DMK.

Vaiko will not be seen after polls. He has spoiled himself, he would have been potential CM candidate after MK'. Now it seems it is all over for him. If DMK sweep the polls with more than 200 seats, it is end for jayalalitha. Lot of cases will be filed aganist her, adding to this congress in center, she is going to face difficult task for next 5 years.


Good governance† in TN

By and large, it has been good governance by the Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha, especially her handling of Tsunami/flood relief, solving Veeranam project, eliminating Veerappan, bringing several overseas projects during her current tenure.

Karunanidhi, in comparison, has not anything significant to the people of the state.† He is a shrewd politician, and a good manipulator.† His much publicized free bees such as colour TV, free cable connection, rice for Rs 2/- per kg, free gas stoves, are music to listen, but in practice, Karunanidhi is not going pay for this from his family funds; but from the Govt. exchequer, which is otherwise being paid by the general public by way of taxes and cess.† He is not very sure of his party's success in the polls and hence these free offers for vote. Even the minorities are feeling sour with him.

Karunanidhi is running a media business under the guise of his party DMK with the guidance and help of the central ministry/ministers. What these 12 central ministers of the UPA alliance belonging to TN were doing during the Tsunami and TN floods, apart from a high profile visit to these places. How much relief funds these ministers brought from the Centre against the actual demand. The people know the answers.

Karunanidhi has neither time nor the control to settle issues within his own alliance, under such circumstances it is no wonder he would be able to solve the problems of the State and its people. His concentration is only on making millions for his family.

Who is Dayanidhi Maran and what the people of Tamil Nadu know about him before the elections of the Parliament in 2004?† What he did for the people of TN before he became a central minister?

What he and his DMK party has done with Kaveri/Mullai Periyar issue.† He is only busy with criticizing the good efforts of the Jayalalitha‚'s govt.† His ambition is to see his son Stalin as the CM of Tamil Nadu, but everyone in the state knows Stalin.

It is not out of place to mention here that, some illiterate people do not know who to exercise their votes, as I read in the newspaper columns that one woman had all along been voting for Udaya Sooriyan, for she did not know any other Chinnam since she is not educated.†

In my opinion, the people should cast their votes, even if they are not willing to vote to a particular person or party, at least express your willingness as 'not interested in any party/person' rather than not to vote as thugs and anti-social elements might misuse his or her vote.

Selvarathinam Lakshiarajan
Computer technician
Kaatumannar Kovil

MK pulls crowds

Crowd puller MK. Does Sun TV asked it's viewers to see only it's programs? By cable money does only Sun TV gets money? actually Sun TV is a free channel.

Anyone who buy DTH antenna can see this channel free of cost.

By giving TV to poor MK family is not going to gain more as claimed by another reporter.

As you can see Sun News MK pulling lot of crowds as against the crowd for Jaya. All media in tamilnadu knows about it. Still they do not publish it.

Whether giving TV is beneficial or not it is not† true to just say MK will gain.


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