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April 12, 2006

Tamil Nadu

Undecided alliance

Vaiko's speech really makes even an DMK member to think. Karunanadhi is good leader and he also handled the govt well in 1996-2001. But his thinking of bringing his family and son shows he is really selfish. So might this time Amma win 130 seats with majaority in the assembly. Vaiko may take up to 15 seats. DMK will win around 60-70 seats. and the rest party 20 seats. actor cum newly born politician will win 1-2 seats. PMK will also get the same.


Tamil Nadu needs a Young CM

Any party may come to rule the state, since it has been so clear that no one couldnt do any magic in transformation of the state. But the Chief Minister Could be a young Person so as to work energetically for the state and to understand the needs of the new Generation.

Anand Ramkumar S

It's time Karunanidhi announced free cable connections

Karunanidhi, a prominent tamil scholar, former CM of tamilnadu, this time announces free TV. Now its time he announced Free Cable connection to home.

As a citizen, May I ask political parties to concentrate on how to improve life styles and life support for the people of India rather than thinking of personal gain for parties they own. In india, according to world report 40% of the people's earning are less than 1$ per day. Is it correct time to announce TV or Cable. Will it give food the people?

Mohamed Mahir

'Captain' will make DMK suffer

This is to bring a vital attention of the Political ground realities in Tamilnadu. The election in TamilNadu is mostly diversfied in to National Political Equation from the last few elections. For people here now national politics matters. So the equqtion drawn by political parties vividly describes the same Nature.

But as opinion poll draws and people sentiment favours, this is again going to be victory dom for the present AIADMK under stewardship of the supremo Jayalalitha. Her personal charisma, Leadership potenial combined with Good governance over the past couple of years and most importantly a disciplined followers across the state makes her the most eligible person for the CM post.

Time and again it has been proved at the ground level that governance exceeds people aspirations. Instance like bringing Foreign companies, Controlling goverment strikes, Bringing conventions, providing relief has proven her credibility as a natural leader who can take the state's case strong. She is mighty warrior supported by volunteering cadre to take her through the reins of the state capital.

On the contrary we have DMK, which has been largely affiliated with brand name of family politics with ageing leaders who were unable to bring the inspiration among the party cadres as well as the general public. To add the vijayakanth's MDMK is going to suck crucial votes in most of the constituencies contested by both ADMK and DMK. But DMK will suffer to the core as its vote bank is declining.

To summarize people prefer a strong leader who can take state to great heights than a coalition leader who will succumb to family, coalition pressure and often delay decisions just for personal sake.

People momentum is with the present regime and its set to follow.


What DMK Ministers have done for Tamilnadu?

DMK is projecting as if they are the one who brings all the projects to Tamilnadu. What they have done so far? Does Maran deserve to be an Union Minister? Only in India a person can directly become a Cabinet Minister without having any experience.

In one of the central government function he mentioned that the population of India is 1000 cores. Recently he made a speech against Vaiko like an ordinary person rather than answering his questions. On what basis he gave BSNL advertisement to Sun TV and circulated the bills in Tamil Nadu with MK and Sonia's pictures printed in it. Is it not misusing the power?

If Nalini Chidambaram can't appear in an Income Tax case while his husband is FM, How come Sun TV telecasts the BSNL advertisement while his brother is Communication Minister. How many years Maran has been in politics to become a UM. Why can't DMK promote some one really talented? There is no talented persons at all in DMK camp other than MK's family members?

Some one wrote here that none of the Jaya's MLA can say good morning in English. Well Agreed. But they should see the fact on the others camp as well. In ADMK, at least the leader can speak good English. There is a Cabinet Minister from TN called Raja . What is the qualification he has and what he has done as a Minister?

Having a family is not a sin. But promoting only the interest of the family is a sin. That is what Vaiko is saying. If at all there is a degree called MBS (Master of Backstabbing) then it should go to MK first. It is MK who gained a lot from Vaiko, not the other way around. It is MK who used Rajinikanth in the last election and ignored him later when he was in need.

Sun TV is promoting only their family interest. It is not just Vaiko but even UM TR Balu has attacked Sun TV for not showing his good work. There are many in DMK who are not able to speak out. That is the reality. If they think they are smart. they should compete with others rather than misusing the power and suppressing others.

Software engineer

DMK will sweep the polls

I feel that DMK with its strong alliance partners will sweep the polls in TN. The reason is that one is the lack of confidence in the Amma's cap like Vaiko the greatest indian actor ever who can be nominated for the Oscar too doesn't have the guts to face the elections knowing fully well that he will lose his deposit & the same is applicable to Thirumavalavan too.

Secondly another simple logic is that both DMK & AIADMK has equal cadre bases & only the alliance partners tilts the favour for the both the parties & in that sense definetly DMK with its alliance partners will sweep the polls.

Thirdly PMK is strong in Northern Tamil Nadu & Ramdoss commands total respect from his community & of course the Congress which has the cadre base spread across TN & the same is the case with CPI, CPI-M (Labour Workes from Industrial Units) & IUML (Muslim Voters).

So goodbye Amma & instead of encouraging beggers like providing free meals try to concentrate more on welfare measures which has not happened for the past 5 years.

Senior manager

Chennai : Is DMK Losing Grip?

Chennai has always been known to be DMK's fort. AIADMK, even during the hay days of its founder MGR did not have a strong presence in Chennai.

DMK has proved it by winning all the three LS seats in Chennai in the last 4 general elections since 1996.

But, in this election, winning in 14 constituencies in Chennai doesn't seem to be an easy job for DMK.

ADMK has strategically pitted heavyweights in Chennai. Adhi Rajaram, a close aide of Sasikala is pitted against the DMK crown Prince MK Stalin. Adhi known for his muscle power, is making the contest tough for Stalin to get relected for the third time from Thousand Lights.

For DMK supremo M Karunanidhi, who is contesting from Chepauk, the smallest constituency in TN, the contest seems to be easy. ADMK has pitted a muslim, who claims to be the grandson of Quaid-e-Millet against him. Given the fact that this is a muslim dominated area, MK is not taking any chance. He has planned to campaign three days, which indicates that the things are not as easy as perceived.

MDMK is contesting against DMK heavyweight Anbalagan, who has no mass base. He is finding the contest tough against MDMK, which has youth power to campaign extensively.

Another DMK heavy weight Sargunam Pandian is contesting from RK Nagar. The chances of her winning is dim considering the fact that ADMK has pitted local heavyweight Sekar Babu against her. Sekar even got TN's ex-dream girl Simran kick-off campaign for him.

Only DMK man who is virtually sure of victory is sitting MLA of Egmore, Paridhi Ilam VAzhudhi.

AMDK also has its share of sure victory in form of D Jayakumar, who is contesting from Royapuram and Sendhamizhan from Saidapet.

Interestingly, kollywood is closely following the contest in Mylapore where S.Ve,Sekar and Napolean both from Filmdom are locking horns. The contest seems to be in favor of ADMK again.

All other constituenices except Annanagar and Alandur from where Arcot Veerasamy (DMK) and Valarmathi (ADMK) are seeking relection are tightly fought.

Let us see if DMK has a cakewalk or ADMK opens its account in Chennai in a big way.

The goodwill JJ gained after Tsunami has certainly changed the poll equations in Chennai.

Ram Prasad
Business analyst


Mahe is for Congress

12677 people are recognise voters in Mahe region, in the coming third phase election on 03-05-06. The sitting congress MLA expecting the win with mejority


West Bengal

Will there be change in Bengal?

Once again Bengal is going to elect its next CM. But one question always came to my mind. Will there be change on this time?

First time on the state the Left front is getting some sort of desparation behaviour, which refleted by recent comment's of CPIM high commands. According to me this election result will show the importance of effecient election commision.

This election is not between left front and it's oppostion, this election is left front vs Election commision.

Sailen Sannigrahi
Software engineer


LDF has changed

LDF and UDF are talking about developments. LDF have changed their motto. They are saying developments, social justice and private investments these days. They opposed Private investment and ADB. There were a lot of Hartal and strikes against ADB and private investment. But they have accepted in corporations. We lost a lot of days and developments by hartal and strikes. The people can understand their changes, it's gimmick of election.

In my opinion, the next 5 years is very important for Kerala state, UDF implemented many development projects, like Vision 2010, Air Kerala, Express Highway, Vizhinjam fort and Vallarpadam Rajiv Gandhi terminal.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about Smart city; UDF should have revealed the people all about it. Every Government should publicize their development programmers before the election. However, This Government could not do like that. The neutral people always give attention to these types of matters.

In spite of getting UDF 100 seats, the first 4 years they could not govern well. However, it changed very well last one year.

Talking about LDF, they are always against for fascism. According to LDF , BJP , PDP and IUML are Fascist party. But now, LDF is seeking the support of PDP, INL, Jamaat-E-Islami to win. But there is no difference between IUML, PDP, INL and Jamaat - E- Islami. The people know all about it. The LDF shouldn't take any support from them, It against for their policy.

The people want to develop Kerala like Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, because there are a lot of educated and skilled people here, they have to get a opportunity to work here. But they are seeking jobs out side of Kerala because lack of Industries. Now, the growth of Kerala's economy is 9.2, as far as the state is concerned it's appreciable. The people desire a development policies adopted government.

Every political party is building the religious leaders up. Every party shares the seats by religious bases. So The fascism is growing day by day in Kerala. Every religious leader can involve the election and other things (it could be appointments, get permission to start educational institutions..etc).Every party should stop these types of policies. Then we can avoid fascism here. The fascism won't increase with out Political support. The people should understand the things before casting vote.

Mohammed. Sadhik
Health inspector

Inquilab Zindabad: We want Development!

No more Strikes, No more Hartals and No more Internal Party Politics. This should be the buzzword from now onwards. UDF and LDF should take it seriously.

Kerala has the potential to become the Silicon Valley of Indian in terms of manpower, talent, climate and infrastructure. Whoever comes to power they should raise themselves from the party line and should work for the development of state .They should remember the fact that if they miss the development bus this time then nobody will allow them to board the bus in the future.

Prajit S Nair
Research engineer

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