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April 10, 2006


Undecided alliance

In pondicherry, the DMK-Congress alliance is yet to decide on thier on thier seat share.With 30 seats in total, in pondicherry, Congress is the Most powerful party followed by DMK. Congress is the ruling party and the DMK is the opposition. also DMK has ruled between '96-' thier seat tie-up is gettin unfinished. With file nomination dates fast approaching, the seat sharing should be done is good pace,else the alliance will have break-up unlike that of tamil nadu which will lead to a HUNG act fast and furious else it will lead to frustrations.....



ULFA's hand

The first phase of election for 65 constituencies in Assam has already been over and second phase took place on Monday. According to media report here, the ruling Congress party will lose ground in many places whereas the main opposition party the Asom Gana Parishad will snatch many constituencies from the Congress. Perhaps the second phase also show the same results. The most interesting aspect of this election is the declaration of neutrality from election process by banned United Liberation Front of Asom.

In many statements published through local media, the Chairman of the outfit declared that they will refrain themselves from being involved in this election. Since 1991 yhe ULFA is playing the main role in bringing a government in Dispur and sending MPs to Delhi. Although ULFA declares to be neutral in this election, the concious people saying that it is unlikely to happen so. By criticising the AGP and BJP (not Congress) and praising the menifesto of the Congress party, the Chairman of the outfit hints at supporting the Congress through back door.But it is unlikely that voters of the Brahmaputra valley will follow the dictates of the ULFA this time.

Chatrapati Das

My tally

Congress: 51

AGP: 23

BJP: 17

AGP(P): 6


BPPF(H): 3

Independents: 26


West Bengal

The real picture

I have read some big big comments regarding why left front is in power for 30 years in West Bengal. Some students have expressed their opinions. great...I have very much doubt whether they have any knowledge regarding politics, ¦regarding West Bengal, regarding what CPI(M) means in west bengal...they just simply believe what opponents are saying.

One management student also expressed the same view that left front are in power by doing only 'scientific rigging' without knowing the reality...I am wondering how a management student can say like this...doesn't he know that no party can stay in power for long 30 years by simply doing 'scientific rigging' .

If somebody ask anybody in the villages/suburban "dada where is the party office ?". They will show you CPI(M) party office without asking which party office you are looking for...if you asked specifically about trinomool party office or congress party office then they will be in a great trouble...they will think and think and lastly they will tell you like this..." you go to that place ...may be you can find ...because last month probably i have seen...." and finally if you are able to find it with a great effort then you will surely notice that some youth playing carom...playing cards..and you may also find some bottles of desi alcohol...

and if you asked about BJP party office then they will certainly think that you are mad...

whereas in CPIM party office you may feel like office where you can easily tell your problem and of course you can expect the  problem get solved.

This is the real picture in whole West Bengal....I am not telling that CPIM are always right and also I am not discussing here about the policy what CPIM is taking, that is a debatable topic.. what I mean to say is in maximum place the opponents are non existence and also I can say that CPIM is the India's most disciplined party where you can find true democracy..CPIM does not mean Jyoti basu or Promod Dasgupta, does not mean Budhhadeb Bhattacharya or Anil Biswas or Biman Bose,..rather those people are popular figure because of CPIM.

People of West Bengal do not cast their vote seeing the candidate name rather they cast their vote seeing the CPIM's voting symbol, kaste haturi and tara.

In time of election when opponents are not yet to decide their candidates name in many assembly then left front has declared their candidates name long time back. one more example, this time left front has not given nominations to almost 107 existing MLAs including several ministers but no one have told anything against party in public or in press/media and nowhere you will find any problem. whereas in many constituency local trinomool party members are not happy with their candidates and even in many constituency candidates are absolutely new to that area -- they do not have any idea about their constituency -- like people, their problem and not even the constituency area. and how they expect that people will elect him.

Even if trinomool candidates are given a chance to compete without left front and then also they wont win in West Bengal.

West Bengal

Bengal's blunder

Inspite of the utmost endeavour of the CPM party Bosses to downplay the Blunder caused by the maveric Minister of Sports in west Bengal and The Attempts on their part to show that they do not intend to violate the EC norms, Subhash Chackravorty with his hold intact over the large chunk of votebank, is anywhere near to any Apology or Regret for his obvious/veiled Threat to the Govt. officers and Election workers.

This Defiant Attitude can only bring his peril and he may be in trouble after the FIR registered against the minister from the EC authrities, Here in Calcutta Laketown. This has ben Agravated more due to the pollNorms Violation with more than 300 persons accompanying the already erring minister to the Nomination Submission  Mission.

Amit Kumar Bandyopadhyay
Retired engineer

Tech-savvy Marxists

Ever wondered why the eighth (and most ancient) wonder of the world; namely the thousand year old "colossus of reds" in Bengal is so tech savvy these days? Why is the party of the deprived proletariat always breaking bread with Microsoft? The answer is not too far to seek; ballot boxes in Bengal have been replaced by electronic voting machines; faced with this "aggression"; the ruling CPIM had to upgrade the technical skills of its cadres! That turned out to be lucky for our dear old Kolkata.

Abhishek Banerjee

No change expected

So, one more Bidhansabha election for West Bengal. One more victory for Left Front. The only interest left in the whole drama is the unknown face of the next main opposition. Is it going to be Trinamool or Congress . Also, another point of interest is the number of seats they get together.

2004 Loksabha election and municipality and corporation elections in 2005 clearly showed that the mamata magic is disappearing. When the trinamool was formed in 97-98, it was a hope for the anti-left people in bengal.

mamata was its USP. unfortunately, mamata remained its USP. And the USP of mamata remained  defeating Left. The one and only agenda. People does not really buy this negative campaigning any more. And, too much whim in the decisions mamata made after 2000 led to near destruction of the party. The only party that can again bring trinamool back is : CPM. Be sure, if Congress somehow manages to be the next opposition party: CPM is going to help Trinamool in some of the pockets where opposition is strong. Divide and rule. Left is always good at that.

This election people will vote for left as they do not really have any alternative option.

Also, The state govt has made some improvements. This was evident in the results of the last Loksabha elections in which Left got good share of votes in the cities,too.

For the first time in years, they got 2 Loksabha seats in Kolkata itself[out of 3].

Coming into numbers : we see some interesting aspects here. The Left will probably get something in 177-240, the TMC can get 19-68 and congress can get 28-46. While the others will get 4-5 seats.

So,clearly there is a chance that Congress is the next opposition. Congress has strength in only some pockets and where they are strong, they are strong enuf to keep CPM out. On the other hand, Trinamool will be fighting Left on more numbers of seats which are going to be keenly contested.

At the end of the day, the whole affair remains only of statistical interest : which is, probably, not a good thing for democracy.

Rajarshi Dey
PhD student

LF's seventh coming

New generation, under 29 years of Left rule, demanding `change' is a dream having no chance of coming to the reality. But the dream of so-called Marxists is actually reality.

Why? The answer is very simple. The character of opponents of West Bengal is the base of LF. Namely the TMC and CONG (I), taking support for UPA in Delhi, will `never' be united against Leftists.

Again, TMC`s mass support ends in smoke due to whimsical nature of supremo of the party, though they have Stand of opposition. They (TMC and Allies) are raising the cry of Fair Election and at last it is hoped to come true.

On the other hand, the dissatisfactory thirty years of uninterrupted rule from independence and the black days of emergency of 19 months are till now the deep hurt in the heart of Bengal (including the communists and the youngsters).

In spite of all allegations, scandals, rigging (true and fictitious); and failure of anticipated Development the possibility of seventh left front is positive, according to the experts of the political affairs.

Because, most of the voters have been casting their opinion since 1977 in favour of  `better than the worst'.

Kalyanmay Deb
Freelance journalist

EC's limits

The Commies can be defeated only if the willage folk revolt. They have lost their Franchise in W.B

The E.C. is doing a good job but the opposition__ the Congress [left ka Chamcha] and the TMC are not as strong as Nitish Kumar was in Bihar. The E.C. can only go to a certain level.

The villagers are told that the TMC button will be dozed with a perfume and after the villagers come out their finger will be smelt. Others are told "if you go to vote then god help you after the elections". The Opposition cannot even take out election rallies. The villagers are under abject slavery in most parts of bengal. Only Adhir Chowdhury has done something in Murshdabad.

The Maoists are paying the marxists back in their own coin. Marxists have cut off hands of so many voters for voting for the TMC. The Afzal Amanalluh report should be published. The people of India should know the real face of the marxists. the Industrialists have become the greatest friend sof the marxists. The real estate promoters find pride of place in todays Bengal. The marxists are taking away the land from the poor farmers and giving it away to industrialist from Indonesia

B Chatterjee

Buddha is best bet

My respected Hon'bleBuddhadeb Bhattacharjee has no substitute and continues to be the best bet but the show is marred by Stalinistic Biman and the lumpen Subhash. Strongarm tactics continue to be the forte of the CPM without any consideration of human moral or democratic values;the bane of Bengal continues to be the CITU,the Cordination Committee and the all interfering Local Committees.

After all in Bengali it is Daler Jor Gayer Jor,Golar Jor(Strength of numbers,brutal strength,Vocal strength). Despite these I continue to be a blatant and unabashed admirer of Bhattacharjee.May God bless him.Sujoy Ghosh 

Sujoy Ghosh

Outcome decided

This is just another election in Bengal -- with outcomes decided, little excitement outside the party offices and minds of the candidates. Yes, no watersheds this time, with an ever-going-on administration and an ever-going-on opposition, bored voters and probably a bored election commission too!

This is no battle of ideas. Yes, you can call this a battle of illusions. Everyone exaggarating their case, everyone trying to make one final point - with the irony that the audience already knows all of it and the outcome.

Left Front singing 'industrialisation' and Mamta blaming 'power game' -- it is a farce in the order of the day. There are interesting changes, yes. For example, the administration can not blame the centre anymore, though they are trying to find holes - if you can't pull Manmohan down, at least you can blame Bush!

For Mamta, this is another chance to prove that she is the best thing that has happened to the Left Front! She is directionless, opposition-for-opposition sake, friendless, a raving looney speaking to her own image on the mirror! The Congress decimated, a BJP baseless, CPIM has to fight another election against itself and must fulfill its role of dragging bengal into new depths of despair.


Supriyo Chaudhuri
e-Learning specialist


BJP's blank slate

I have seen comments on BJP opening its account in Kerala. I am very sure that no BJP mla's will be in Kerala Legislative Assembly for another 5 years. Who all say that BJP will open an account are only those people who hope for that. The religious agenda that BJP plays in other states will never work in Kerala eventhough almost 50% of Kerla population is Hindus.

So, Manjeshwar and Kasargode will be won by Muslim League and Palakkad will be won by CPM. I believe 70 to 80 seats will be won by LDF and 60 to 70 seats by UDF out of the total 140 seats. Oommen Chandy was effective as a Chief Minister, but he is not gonna come into power for 3 reasons i) he couldn't convey his achievements to the public ii) The ineffectiveness of the previous CM Mr.A.K.Antony and iii) The alliance with Mr.Karunakaran's party DIC. Rather than helping UDF to get more seats, Karunakaran's party will induce people to vote for LDF because the public is tired of the stupid political games of Mr.Muralidharan.

Asha Menon

Smart City, aur EC

Elections are meant to elect the representatives of the people. These people are meant to work for the development of the state/country. Smart City has became a victim of this Election Process. The development of the state has been stalled because of the decision by the Election Commission. Entire Election Process will take atleast three months. Then another one or two months to settle down for the new government. Five months delay in the entire process. How a state can compete in world market with such a delay.? No company would like to wait for such a long period.

People in Kerala wants Development and they had shown in the past also that nobody can bias them with lolipops.The decision by Election Commission will have major impact on the Dreams of Our President to make this country developed by 2020. The Development Politics played by Government of Kerala has become a victim of Red Tapism.

Prajit S Nair
Research engineer

Change in the air

It is very hot here in kerala now, Almost 35 degree celcious. The election heat is more than that. May be more than 50 degree celcious. Last week i got a chance to travel through Malappuram distric. Whihc is the strong hold of Muslim league who is a counter part of UDF. Mallpuram is a Muslim majority area whitch stood up on with green flag always. but now we can feel some changes there. Malappuram is developing with education and new age voters are thinking for a change.

The arthodox Muslim community is disappointed in Muslim league. they says Muslim League is not  political party, it is a group of some rich individuals who is making al the seats as payment seats. let us make a look on some assembly constitutess in Malapuram .

Mankada. the prestige fight for both sides. The mind voters are liberal. they may accept any one bcs both of them are familiar to voters. M K Muneer and Manjalam Kuzhi Ali, contesting here. Muneer has a slight advantage now, because of his pleasent appeaence and media image.

Kuttipuram. Kuttipuram is another prestge contest. Kunhalikutty the political giant in Muslim league, and K T jaleel and good public speaker and with good academic back goround contestinghere. Jaleel is showing a good contest  and every one expecting that jaleel can reduce the majority of kunhalikutty. If one vote is reduicing from the majority, that will be a victory for Jaleel.

Thirur- CPIM cnotesting here with a their party member against the state Education minister with mirror image Dr E T muhammed Basheer. E T Muhammed Basheer is ine of the best Minister and a very good politiion. No one will tell bad against him. But the voters are thinking a change. especialy Jammath E Islami and PDP is supporting the LDF, And Sunni (AP) is also lDF mind. So this election will be an Hard experience for Mslim League.

For mer Experiences says, When ever Hard experiences, Muslim League getting more seats, Because Muslim League is a political party with a religion name.

The liberal voters want a new face of government,They need more energetis and hyper active leadership , bcs kerala especailly malabar is always is back seat for development. 

Jamsheer M K
System Admn

Rebels pose risk

Rebels continue to pose threats to both the United Democratic Front and the Left Democratic Front by remaining in the electoral fray even after the withdrawal of nominations. K K Nair of the Congress who represented Pathanamthitta eight times and KPCC executive member T Saratchandra Prasad are in the fray against the official candidate Pathanamthitta and Thiruvanandapuram west respectively.

where as  The former Forest Minister A Neelalohithadasan Nadar and George agasthi are in the fray against LDF candidates Kovalam and Kanjirappilli. in the case of Neela lohidadasan nadar is likely to upset the prospects of the LDF candidate there. Because he is very strong there, he has got the support from Janathadal district committee, But LDF candidate is a former congress man and he joined Janatha dal after publishing his name as a candidate in Thiruvanadapuram west UDF candidate is Shobhana George who represented chengannur  many times. she is in DIC(K) now.

in Kanjirappilly The IAS Officer Alfonse Kannanthanam is the LDF Candidate, but there is a strong rebel Kerala congress (J) district  president George Augasthi could upset LDF camp, He expects he will win as PC Thomas who won 2004 parliment Election.Nobody can predict the victroy of both front.

Baby C I

IT, the fighting factor

Kochi: Smart city, the Information Technology park proposed to be constructed in Kochi by Dubai Internet City has become the main plank of contention by both the ruling United Democratic Front and the opposition Left democratic Front.

The signing of the agreement in this regard between the Government of Kerala and the Dubai Internet City authorities didn't took place as election was declared just one day before the scheduled date for signing. The election commission made it clear that the signing cannot be done as elections were already declared.

The State Chief Minister Mr. Oommen Chandy to whom it was a big blow, as he was running after this project for months, ran to the High Court pointing out that the draft agreement was signed earlier and that the final signing was just a formality. The opposition leader Mr V S Achuthanandan who has opposed the project which will generate 33300 jobs in the IT sector for political reasons wants the final signing to be aborted

The court will give the final verdict on 18 April.

Ramesh Chennithala, the PCC president and UDF leader alleges that the CPI (M) wants the project to be implemented later as in case the LDF wins it will be of benefit for them. The LDF understands that the final signing of the agreement will boost the UDF election prospects. As the major chunk of UDF voters are educated people and that of the LDF are laborers and the uneducated poor, the vote bank is also divided for and against the IT city. V.S Achuthanandan, the proposed chief minister candidate of the LDF had declared that he would put all those who worked for the Smart City behind bars, if he wins.

The UDF considers such threats as a boon as they think that they will get more votes from the educated and elite class because of such threats from the opposition leader.

Joseph Mathew Ettumanur

Expect fireworks

When a state which has seen fluctuatinng fortunes of many a political party goes to the polls, fireworks must be expected.

For the past 5 years during the reign of the UDF many cotraversies have marred the government. However it is appriciable that the government had taken steps to modernize  the state and set into motion wheeels of economic development which have remained motionless for long.

The left as an opposition has done literally that. Oppose each and every move of the UDF government from Swayashraya to Dubai Internet City.

We should step back and think, and I feel only two plausible explanations. Either the goverment think tank was totally wrong and mis guided on all its policies or the opposition were just out to oppose it an attitude that says, throw at us what ever you can we will defeat each and evry move of yours.

Only time will tell what are the issues that really mattered, the promise of sustained development by the UDF or the anti incumbency wave rhetoric of the Left.

Software engineer

Tamil Nadu

AIADMK front campaigns for DMK

Guess one will be confused by the title.

Believe me, but it is happening.

DMK recently released its election manifesto. This is the most colourful populist manifesto in the recent times. In the lines of NTR in 90's DMK has promised 1 Kg Rice for Rs.2. It even went ahead promising colour TV for every family. Having made such promises it remained silent prompting response from the ruling party.

The ruling party alliance started making noise about the feasibility of these promises. Having expected this, DMK has come out with statistical figures explaining how this is feasible.

This has given much visibility for DMK's manifesto. Frankly, now no one remembers what is the content of AIADMK's manifesto.

ADMK is left in a situation to attack DMK's manifesto rather than highlighting its own manifesto.

But, if DMK succeeds and if victory is attributed to the promise of free Colour TV for all..guess what our political babus will offer freely in future???

Ram Prasad
Business analyst

Mean politics

With Party like DMK, deliberately announced a mean manifesto.  The political culture is turning more worser than ever.

God should save the state form DMK's and ADMK's.  People should switch their favour to other parties.

A report on my district Pudukottai:  It has 6 assembly segments.  And the main fight would be between BJP & ADMK, since Thirunavukarasar of BJP is from Aranthaangi MLA consitutency.

And my speculation of the election result is ADMK+ 100, DMK+ 80, BJP+ 35, Vijayakant's party 5, others 5.

Anyway I would be happy if ADMK does not get majority on its own and extremely happy if DMK alliance doesnot get majority on its own.


Keep DMK out

It is absolutely necessary to keep DMK out of state government, inorder to maintain the balance of power at this point.

We have seen how people like Dayanidhi Maran, who hasn't achieved anything as IT minister except bringing Bill Gates to Karunanidhi's house, is enjoying a free publicity ride only because DMK happens to be a key constituent in UPA. Imagine what it would be like if DMK also had the state government? Where was Dayanidhi Maran until his father death?

DMK hasn't done anything for TN, despite its huge clout in the UPA. They were pushing the financially unviable and environmentally harmful Sethusamudhram project just to gain free publicity among masses.

DMK's election manifesto is hopeless. What is the rationale behind offering free colour TVs? Is it because those colour TV owners will watch Sun TV and boost Sun TV revenues? That money could be very well spent for rural development.

As far as Vijaykanth is concerned, on the hand he has a cleaner record compared to others, but it is possible that he might be publicity hungry and not care about government functioning.

It does look like Jaya learnt her lessons from her arrogant first term 1991-96. It is definitely not something we should forget, but she seemed to have behaved in the last term.

Election reporter
Yet another software developer

PMK all the way

I am from the panruti constituency of Tamil nadu..Our MLA has done a very good work in our constituency and he got the best MLA award...and Our support is always to our Prestigious Leader Dr.Ramadoss. Health Minister Dr.Anbumani Ramadoss, Asst Railway minister Velu  are doing good. PMK DMK alliance will win majority of the seats and DMK will form the government.

Software engineer
Tamil Nadu

DMK has a chance

I hail from Pollachi, Tamilnadu and here are my views.

If DMK wins, it will get more financial support from the central government as there are array of DMK ministers. Jayalalitha is always against the projects supported by Central Government, For example Sethu Samudhran Project. The reason behind that is the name and fame will go to DMK. 

DMK has promised to give TV, It is criticized by many but we all know that the leading telecom company has given a mobile phone for just 500 Rs. If this is possible, why can't DMK give the television?

People should compare the infrastructure projects during the DMK period and AIADMK period. The Whole world knows about the TIDAL Park at Chennai and concrete roads in the remote villages.

Jayalalitha brags for giving free food at temples, but she has discovered laziness among the hard workers.

Software engineer

Rise of brahmins

tamil nadu has traditionally been the hotspot of anti brahminic politics. the cheif patron, mr. karunanidhi is fighting for political survival. the brahmins have been traditionally against DMK. with the humiliation heaped upon Shri Shankaracharya, they would vote in vengence against aiadmk. unlike during any of the previous times, they have an alternative this time. 

tamilnadu brahmins association which has a strong hold over the community has alighned with BJP and is contesting from three seats. Mr. Muktha Srinivasan, an icon among the community and originally a congressman is contesting from T nagar as a candidate of TAMBRAS. he could well spring a surprise. he also happens to be a popular movie director of yesteryears and is also a literary figure. with the alliance partner Bjp, strongly in reach of victory in Mylapore, coimbatore-west and padmanabhapuram, sleepless nights are due to Mr. karunanidhi and jayalalitha.


The missing wave

TN elections have always been arithmetic than anything else. Both the leading parties DMK & ADMK almost have a fixed vote base which again is more or less same. So the other smaller parties play a important role here because they tilt the balances. And again Congress, this party although insignificant as a contesting force, commands sizeable vote share -- about 5%. Historically the front having congress on its side has won the show. Going by this formula, DMK front has a clear edge.

But one thing is clear in this TN elections -- this is going to be different from earlier editions. Unlike in any election, a clear wave in anyone's favour is missing, leaving speculations for a hung assembly.

Nazim Ali

Vaiko is best actor

Vaiko has a good scope to become super star in tamil nadu... His latest hit was ADMK - MDMK alliance. He was in the DMK camp for the past four years and in that 2 years in prision due to POTA. In that period Mr.Vaiko has scolded Ms.Jayalalitha... but now he is the eldor son of Ms.J...what a comedy it was... he left the DMK camp due to seat sharing problem not for against the DMK behaviors in last couple of years.. still he is part of the central government!!! He thought that the people of TN are fools, they can forgot everything and ready to vote for him...

Guys please vote this election becoz 40% of the voters does not vote.. On that will be the holiday, most of us will be in home and watching please think ..who will going to rule us for next 5 years !!! so dont forget to vote....

Kumar Devan
Software engineer

Amma may need Vaiko's support

I expect ADMK to get around 100 seats, DMK around 70 seats, MDMK around 25 seats, Cong.10-12, PMK 10-12, Com. 3-4 seats and Jayalalitha may require MDMK support to form next Tamilnadu.  We can expect a coalition TN.


Tamilnadu & voter awareness

As the elction fever grips up, the predominant dravidian parties are back with a bang on the streets for wooing voters.

It is very obvious that either of this parties clearly doesnot have any agenda of development for the state in a long run.It is clearly evident from the kind of election sops being announced or the kind of electoral alliances being forged.The intentions are clear, to grab the power or retain with such smart parties or alliances the only thing that can help the voters is their awareness about real intentions behind all this pre poll promises.

It is the prime responsibility of the voter to clearly analyse the contestants based on their track records,qualifications,leadership qualities and conviction to serve people without any party affinity.By doing this candidates seeking mandate with real intentions will get a chance to perform. And last but not the least, even to agree to disagree, every voter should fulfill his right to vote. If not at the worst, one should register his vote to show disinterest among the contesting candidates thereby preventing any bogus voting.

D Tholkappian
Mechanical engineer

Amma is clever

The Election Campaign is going on. The heat is increasing day to day.

From April 9th the master speaker DMK leader Mr.M.Karunanithi who creates a big mass for this speech is also going to add the fuel. But when analyzing the campaign done by all the political parties in TN up to date, the thing which is clear is TN CM Ms.J.Jayalalitha is very clever. She makes Mr.Vaiko to target on DMK and its family politics, where the time is enough for DMK leaders to answer Mr.Vaiko's questions.

Here the real beneficiary is Madam Jayalalitha since there is no powerful voice to ask the reforms and achievements in her 5 year rule. Importantly in ADMK's stages too there are no big points regarding their achievements in their 5 year rule.

Textile business

5 reasons why Amma will win

1. Vaiko's criticism of Maran family and dynastic pattern in DMK is making waves

2. Amma's acheivements are real and tangible- be it veeranam, verrapan or Tsunami and flood releif.

3. The biggest liability for DMK alliance is the non Peroforming assets in the form of 13 union ministers.

4. Congress is in complete disarray and the 40+ seats it is contesting is a gift to ADMK alliance

5. DMK's poll manifesto is a knee jerk reaction and is a acknowledgemnt of mass support in favor of AIADMK.


Poor also pay tax

In any Tamil Daily/Evening newspaper in tamilnadu you see only the propoganda about Amma, the supremo of AIADMK. Only amma plays the central role in the party. In special pages of dailies you can see that they support the AIADMK govt. They donot publish articles about other parties. There are many homes in tamilnadu  do not have any kind of TV. If experts claim that TV  can be used for knowledge why do we stop the party who claims to give free TV. 

One should understand that poor also pay tax.

DMK party's manifesto promises to help poor. They promse to give money to pregnant woman. this way they can reduce the number of child death due to malnutrison. as well improve the health of mother.

Research scholar

Stalin's a busy man

I am from thousand lights[chennai] constituency. chennai basically is in the stronghold of DMK and nungambakkam is no diffrent and this being the costituency of Stalin, the DMK are going to win again hands down. theres always a great fan following for the him. but theres really not much thats being done here over the years and Stalin busy with the DMK's internal politics, i really doubt if he will show some concern for his voters, a much needed attention , a long pending one.

S Arunkumar

Bye-bye Amma

ADMK, DMDK, MDMK have all saying one thing again and again. Karunanidhi is favouring family politics. 

IS it a Crime to have a family? Mr. Stalin is in the politics for atleast 25 years.

Politicians who have said giving rice at 2 rupees per kg is impossible, are now saying they would give 15 kg of free rice.  If giving 2 rupees for a kg of rice itself is impossible, how this politician (vijayakanth) can give free rice of 15 kgs.  ADMKs and MDMK's claim that giving free TV is to only increase the viewership of Sun TV is absolutely basesless.  The people always have option to watch DD Programmes rather than Cable TV connection.

Also, if DMK gives free TV or people going to buy TV by themselves, they are going to give cable connection. Therefore, it is only due to jealousy and fear of failure, MDMK and ADMK is making this Comment against DMK. 

More importantly, MR. VAIKO doesnt have any face to speak about this as he has recently proved that he has worth bagging the prestigious degree of MBS.  Henceforth, let him put this degree after his name, as it would be great to see it Mr. Vaiko, MBS where MBS refers to master of backstabbing.

This Election has seen Vaiko in new dimension .  yes, the role of a capable actor. Vaiko, Even Late Sivaji Ganesan has not uttered the dialogues with so much of modulations, and expressions. Attention Mr Kamalhassan, Mr Vaiko is a Tough competitor for you. Attention leading directors, you have a great new face in acting arena, give a chance to Vaiio, I am sure you rmovie will win one national award surely, the award is best actor award.

ADMK, supremoe Ms Jayalalitha announced so many schemes for TamilNadu people welfare, Madam how many of them is getting implemented or already stated implementing. by the way, what have you done till 4 years? No schemes, nothing!!! And just as you know Election is on the cards, you have announced so many dummy schemes!!! Whom are you trying to cheat? Does at least one of your MLAs know to say good morning in English wtihout mistake? They are all fit to be jokers who clap when u stand not even when you speak.

Subramanian S
Business development

DMK's only hope

2 years ago- during parliment elections during 2004- everyone predicted that Jaya would lose. It happened and she was routed. Karunanidhiar was careful and did not want to precipitate the things to topple the assembly and bring the polls. He has done it  during 1980 but lost to MGR in the assembly polls. It was widely belived that MGR returned to power, mainly because of sympathy factor. So Karunanidhiar was careful in avoiding any Sympathy to Jaya this time and waited till the period of the assembly is over. But to every one's surprise Jaya has changed her attitude and the people's anger has reduced.

On the other hand there is also an opinion that DMK which got a mammoth victory in parliament elections, had done more for the self and nothing good for the state.

1) The sethu canal project may not bring any votes for DMK . You can see even the DMK and allies are not talking anything about sethu canal project in their election campaign. Infact for the common man it did not bring any cheer in their life.

2) The " Semmozhi thittam" will get the goodwill of ardent Tamil cadres, who are even otherwise would vote for DMK only. For a village man living in the hut " semmozhi" and all are not appealing. Hence semmozi had only enthused his already strong vote bank - did not brought any new votes.

3) Atleast stalin is working in the party for more than 20 years. Dayanidhi Mara is toatally new to politics and straght away become cabinet minister. Though its internal matter for DMK, common public dont easily accept someone going up effortless.

With all this and similar more, with the opinion polls as a pointer, It may not be a surprise, if ADMK and allies bagged more than 180 seats in the assembly polls.

The only last hope for the DMK and allies is that the " Colour TV" , rice @2RS/ KG, & free Gas stove . If the DMK can make the people belive that it  will happen then they can win the election.

For me if any one assures me of a filled gas cylinder once in 2 months, one litre milk everyday, a tasters choice cofee pocket/month- all for free- belive me, I  will vote for them- honestly, religiously.

Sundar Raman

Promising the sun

While so much is being made of regarding the slew of promises being made by the DMK,the educated and the uneducated classes,both have questioned its possibility and feasibility.

If you would call giving television sets as absurd,how would you term giving away 2 acres of land to the landless and promising rice at Rs.2 a kg ,Rs300 a month for unemployed.................

The DMK President who is a vetran and is also considered a great master mind at evolving strategies pre elections seems to have got this one totally wrong.

The argument that TV is meant for educational and recreational purposes of women is one that'll he'll have to look at, as to how he was able to make such a comment when you have only sops playing all days in all channels.The move seems to aimed at enhancing their TV networks viewership and revenue most of which is allegedly unaccounted for.Shrewd that he is he might ultimately give people a 4 inch or 6 inch television made in China which will not cost more than a few hundred rupees.

2 acres of land to the this there are two baffling things that he'll have to answer.One is there enough land and two what is the exact definition of landless.Instead of defining what landless means at a later stage ,just in case he comes to power, he ought to clarify clearly rather than making such flirtatious promises.

Rice at Rs 2 a kg cannot be distributed without buying it at a lower rate from the farmers.There has to be a limit to his non pragmatism.Where will the money come from.Well it looks like he is trying to please himself that he has made very good promises to his people.Is he planning to use his private funds for this kind of a subsidy.He must remember that he made a similar promise of rice at Rs 1 a kg in a earlier election in the 60's but was not able to implement it after assuming power.

Promising Rs 300 a month for unemployed is yet another non pragmatic move.This 300 is going to be filled back into the Governments pockets and no prizes for guessing how .

Making a mockery of the judiciary has become a habit of our politicans.Even while our Honorable courts have struck down the religious reservations the DMK has promised reservation for the christians and muslims.

As a concluding note the manifesto seems to be lacking in idea rather the DMK's think tank has run out of ideas,and they have only promised the sun.

Anand G

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