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April 05, 2006

Pollachi, TN, is with AIADMK

I represent Pollachi assembly constituency from Tamilnadu. Pollachi is blessed with rich flora and fauna with breathtaking scenaries. Pollachi lies in the border of TN-Kerala. Main livelihood of the people are agriculture and livestock trading with business running upto crores with help from neighbouring state of Kerala. The constituency is dominated by the majority Gounders. Like most of the western district constituencies of TN, Pollachi is an AIADMK stronghold. There is an sitting MLA for the party Mr V Jayaraman who also happens to be minister for civil supplies and Food. Now he is again seeking another term from the same constituency. Interestingly the coalition partner of ADMK has some support here, with the MP being from the MDMK. The minister is actually riding on wave, his major achievement being the Ambarampalyam drinking water project, which is benefitting around 150 villages in the constituency. And he has created strong base of women self help groups, which is benefitting the rural women. The only minus point of the minister can be said, that he is from chettiyar community, a group known for their business acumen and is in lesser numbers.

H Balaji Rao
Marketing Pro

People's enemy in Bengal

If you go to Bengal then you will see a huge advertisement about the development of Bengal during 30 years of left front reigm. You can feel that then why people have chosen LF for thirty years. But if you see that statistics made by some independent organization then you can understand how much water is mixed with the actual facts. In education, health, food, administration, police everywhere they poke their nose and politicize those basic grounds. In election they make the scientific rigging, killing people, raping the women and create fear to the common people. Now they are shouting against the Election commission as Election commission take some initiatives to make the poll free and fair. These communists are double standard and making fool the people only by mussle power. Now this is the time to eliminate them. In this election people will fight back to down these people's enemy (they say they are people's power) communists.

Anil Basu

Who will take Tamil Nadu forward?

I am from Tamil Nadu. As usual there are two big camps in fray for this assembly election. 1 led by ruling AIADMK led and other by DMK. The election manifesto by both the gaints in fray are out. most attractive 1 was the free TV for all, by DMK. There has been many critisims for this but the one i liked was by vaiko, 'can u give free cable connection'. Yes when u can give free TV which is of 20k, why not free cable for just 200 that to when SCV is theirs, why not for free even.

I dont want to waste my  time in commenting the collition between MDMK and ADMK coz there has always been an allianze formed between two such parties. So let me let it go.

The last and final word about Vijaykanth. To me, if this man had contested from Madurai, winning would not have been a tough job for him. But now he as gone one step up in my mind by constesting from a constitunecy like virudhachalam, which is a strong hold for a party (PMK).

Let us watch who wins the election and with whom we will have to march forward to make TN numero uno.

Software developer

LDF and minority appeasement

UDF and LDf are the main party in Kerala. No chance for BJP. congress led UDF government could make good openion among the people.  The state has acheived phenomenal economic growth , which is higher than the national growth rate in the last five years under the rule of the UDF Goverment. CPI(M) the main party of LDF is facing some internal problems, they are constantly opposing Developemnts, Smart City, Info city, Express highway..etc. The youngsters don't believe LDF manifesto, because they know their policy. The People hate CPI(M) stands against developements. With barely a few weeks for the Assembly polls, rebels have become a nightmare for both the United Democratic Front (UDF) and the Left Democratic Front (LDF) with both finding it hard to set their houses in order.

Though it is not new for the Congress and the UDF, it was unheard of in a cadre-based party like the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and the LDF they represent. But now rebels in the camp have announced their candidature against the official ones. The CPI(M) is raising issues of foreign affairs as part of its strategy to appease minorities in the coming assembly elections.

Baby C I

Lot of drama in Kerala

With each parties have kicked off their election campaign at  various parts of the state, the state is getting into the election fever. But the Kochi ODI has also have a different impact on the same.

One of the major concern for both of the sides were the candidature of the rebels. Congress has been taking a soft hand on these rebel issues are trying to lure the rebels by offering them with important positions inside the party. But the left side are being more strict on the rebel issue.

People of kerala has seen a lot of dramas in the kerala politics in the recent times than in any other parts of the country. The congress and DIC had told earlier that they will never join hands and it was like suicide for them to join hands. Now that they joined hands, it was like a surprise even for the party members.

The same was what happened with LDF with VS first rejecting to contest. He has now agreed to contest from an LDF stronghold (Palakkad) stating reasons as pressure from PB and people.

One of the other major news was the arrest of the SFI leader and Puthuppally candidate (where Kerala CM is contesting) Sindhu Joy. Even though the police IG's investigations reveal no foul play from CM, it has been used in a wrong way by the LDF.

Sabith Mannadiar
Software consultant

Kerala looking for a strong regional party

In all the Major National Parties in Kerala are strong fight inside the party between the leaders and these fights was only for their Personal gains only. Look at Congress they are totally divided based on Groups and now Days the extent of division have come down as Karunakaran is Out of the party. In BJP also they are fighting each other (Yet they have to win an Assembly seat). In older time CPM was a party having discipline and now days they are also fighting each other. Now Kerala is Having 18 MPs from LDF and Supporting UPA government at Centre and not getting any thing (Only Bengal is getting).

In this situation it is always better to have a strong regional party for getting the things done. People of Kerala Should Think of a new regional out fit (Forget the existing parties as they are good for nothing to the people).

Manesh George

Where is the Unnati in Bengal?

The Name of Gujarat been used by CPIM in the 2004 general election as alleged by BJP and Trinamul Congress. Their complain was in the midnight CPIM shows superimposed video films particularly in Muslim mohallas to obligated the Muslims and state BJP's allegation was CPIM politicized the riots of Gujarat for CPIM's gain.

Shovan Deb Chottopadhay, Chief whip of Trnamul Congress in an exclusive interview said the left front is asking vote  for seventh time in the name of Unnata Tara Left front. But where is Unnati?

Chotopadhay quoted from food minister of Bengal Naren Dey's speech in the assembly that west Bengal is a deficit state in Rice, wheat, edible oil, eggs, meat, fish, salt, Dal. Chottopadhaya after 29 years of ruling if left front could not arrange the basic needs of the people what is the meaning of Unnati.

He cited example of claim of Left front government of 2000 crores foreign investment per year which means a total of 10000 crores in the last five year when  Narendra Modi's govt could bring 129000 crores foreign investment in last three years.

In connection with the law and order, primary health, consumer market, investment scenario, literacy, health when west Bengal position is 13th Gujarat is 7th among the Indian states.

In Bengal around twenty five thousand teachers were appointed in the last five years where in Gujarat one lakh teachers were appointed in the last three years. Where in Gujarat sixty six thousand classrooms are available in Bengal fifty four thousand classrooms out of which eighteen percent is one room school and without latrine and drinking water facility.

In Gujarat for speedy trial of cases twenty five thousand Loke Adalat is functioning in Bengal not twenty-five is available, Chottopadhay added.

He also said in Gujarat 100 percent land of villages were documented in the computer but in Bengal in the last twenty nine years left front could not achieved even twenty percent documentation.

In the subject of school dropout west Bengal's position is just above Bihar and Sikkim and the percentage is 78.74 %. SC & ST drop out is 84.93 % in Bengal Chottopadhay said but the drop out in Gujarat is only 18.69%.

In the unemployed sector left front's failure is remarkable seventy-two lakhs registered unemployed in west Bengal when the all India the number of unemployed is 4.16 crores. Which means in all India basis the percentage of unemployed is just above 3% where in Bengal it is more than 8 %.

He also alleged that left front partners had rocked the selling of Centaur hotel of Mumbai to Lalit Suri in Parliament but in Bengal great eastern hotel which was profitable till 1995 has been sold out to same Lalit Suri against only Rs 50 crores. The cost of Great Eastern Hotel  is not less than 250 crores Chottopadhay claimed. He also blamed the state government for siphoning out the capital since 1996.

Why he has chosen Gujrat for comparison Sovan Deb Chottopadhay said in Bengal CPIM has discredited Gujrat for their personal gain but after a massive riot and within around three years the state of Gujarat positioned their state as developed state among the Indian states. People should know what is the real Development called.

Kinsuk Pallab Biswas
Freelance journalist

Vijayakanth has a fan following

In the History of TN this Election is going to be the tight election. With AIADMK alliance on one side and DMK alliance on otherside fighting for power, In this election we can see a new party DMDK which is launched by the actor Vijayakanth is expected to play a major role. Though Vijayakanth does not have that much of power equal to DMK or AIADMK, it is expected the  neutral voters may support him,he can do some damage to the Vote bank of two alliance.He has good fan following in TN. 

A Giridhar
Computer engineer

TN ministers are never seen

The AIADMK government is not at all bothered to meet the people's problems. Almost in every part of the state the roads are bad. The ministers and MLAs are never seen in their constituencies. Instead of blaming the central government, the state could have done something useful for the people. but they didn't. There are no voices by the ministers concerned even when there is an anouncement related to their ministries. That reflected an image as there are no other members are there in the ministry except the CM (since she is the only person expresses views for every thing). People who live in the constituencies where the mid-term elections happened are happy as they got many improvements in their constituency due to the by-elections. Also people pray that they should have the by-elections at least once in the five year tenure apart from the main election.

Muthu Mani
Research scientist

Turicorin awaits Vaiko

We are living in the port town of tuticorin, tamilnadu which has gained importance due to the port and allied industries. the election scenario here is that the main contest is between aiadmk candidate mr.danielraj and dmk candidate mrs.geetha jeevan. mr.danielraj is the current chairman of tuticorin municipality. he had defected from congress only two years ago. he had earlier represented srivaikundam constituency twice as mla. normal talk of the town is that he is a very clean man (rare commodity) and approachable.the dmk candidate mrs. geetha jeevan is the daughter of tuticorin dmk secretary mr. n periasamy who is said to be close to the dmk's top ranks. with the sun setting up its pace like munaf patel, the campaining is slowly picking-up.dmk alliance team had a good start with the visit & public meeting addressed by mr.sitaram yechury at tuticorin on 01st april-06. tuticorin is awaiting the fire-brand speaker in mr.vaiko to make a start fr aiadmk team.

Abu Thomas
Business executive

Fever is still catching up

The election fever in Tamil Nadu is just catching up and all the political parties are busy in finalising the alliances, constitutencies and candidates for the elections. The Democratic Peoples Alliance headed by ruling AIADMK has already started their campaign and The Chief Minister, J Jayalalitha is on her campaign trail down south canvassing votes on her goverenance in the last 5 years. Similarly another major partner Vaiko has started off his campaign from southern districts.  The Democratic Progressive Alliance led by DMK is kicking off their campaign with a public meeting at Chennai and their charismatic leader Mr.Karunanidhi is expected to start his tour from 10th of this month.  So far no real effect is seen expect both the major groups pointing each other and their promises to convince the voters.  The clear picture will emerge in the next 2 weeks time once all the parties are in their campaign trail.  Let us wait and watch who will be frontrunner for to capture Fort St.George?

V Nandakumar

TN elections: media vs political parties

The Election fever has attained it peak with only 40 days to go for the assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. Its time to find out the political parties stand and acquistions against one and others. The only place the People search for and end up with is Media supported by TV channels and New Papers.

The Political Parties in Tamil Nadu has once again taken the assistance from Media for their election campaigning and to promote inter rivarly stands. The two main Parties DMK and AIDMK have their share of supporters in the media by their own means. The DMK lead alliance group which has a strong support from TV channels of SUN and Daily Tamil news paper of Dinakaran which has reached the top in sales with a customer friendly price of Re.1 were the  other camp at AIDMK is supported by Jaya TV and Dinamalar for Daily News which acts as a mouth piece for the ruling Goverment.

The media's support their own political parties for which they have their soft corner or for other benfits for them. They publish the information on rallies and meeting's held by parties which they support with full fledged information.

The media and TV channels deliver the information which does not reflect the reality at the ground, but the fact could not be denied that the media information will no way influence  the voters in Tamil Nadu which reflects their individual stands on these parties.

This was proven in the last Parlimentary elections when ruling party supported media came out with telecast of meetings and rallies held by the Cheif minister which showed thousands of people thronging for the speech during their election campaign. The sad point of the result reflected the defeat was the one of worst one to be ever faced by the ruling part in the state. The results send a wrong signals to the Media which was a good lesson given back by the people of Tamil Nadu.

Even, The last election Pre-poll results and media's responses showed that the ruling party DMK regime would hit back to power again with full majority but really it never happened. The AIDMK Goverment gained with full majority at the State and proved the proved the results of media were wrong.

The new party launched by Vijayakanth has started to get is momentum and been a easy crowd pulling across the state. This is not been reflected in any media in the state.

The examples of Karthicks, Forward bloc and other are also not to be left out.

The People of Tamil Nadu need to keep their fingers crossed still May 10 to find out the real winner whether the Media or the people of Tamil Nadu.

Nandha Kumar D
Senior project executive

Can we get our voter ID?

On 3rd april i went to ournearest corporation school to get photo ID card. The crowd was totally unruly and there was no help whatsoever for getting our number for taking the photo. after wasting more than one hour of my working day, i went late to office. on 4th april again at 130 pm i went to that place just to see more crowd and more mismanagement. I saw many of our neighbours who are busy business people or retired senior executives standing in the scorching sun cursing their stars! Is there anyway, we can get our voter's ID in a peaceful manner?? i spent another 2 hourse yesterday for getting the photo ID card. I got a slip in the end, to collect the photo the next day. should i go and collect it or forget it?? my three working days spoiled for this! the place was corporation school, Kapaleeswar nagar, Neelankarai, Chennai 600041.

Rajani Nair

Nothing has changed

I belong to trivandrum east which includes chalai and karimadom colony a slum in trivandrum.When every election is on its way the canidates will always promise to change the situation,but the truth is that nothing has changed for the past ten years nothing happened this I think is particularly due to the fact that if they improve the conditions of people in karimadom slum,there will be no one to fight for those political babus I think all politicl parties have vested interst not to develop slums in and around trivandrum


My tally for Assam

My assessment is as follows:

Cong-I=30; AGP=35; BJP=15; AUDF=18; AGP(Pro)=12; Others & independents=16. Total=126

S H Laskar
Govt service (teaching)

PMK should be taught a lesson

Congress is just getting drowned and drowned and no wonder if they almost vanish at the end of the elections from the State.  Kamraj is a leader who can never be emulated by any of the current day politician be a Congress or BJP or DMK or AIADMK.  PMK should be taught a lesson that they cannot cheat the public by making all false statements and blatantly overriding them.

K V Bhaskar

Election fever, good for society

Election Fever has started in Tamil Nadu with the major parties getting ready to do all the good they have for the society.

Roads at RamNagar have always been at its worst. I live am living there for the past 1.5years and could not see even a stone corrected. But to my surprise I see it all happen in a week. Did govt. postpone it for the election fever to start or got back their goodness suddenly or just to show they really care. Let it be anything, society is enjoying. Wish, there was election fever every year.

Rajesh Segu
Software engineer

Something rotten in the state

One Small question.  How you people think that the total election process is correct. 1.  I am one of the affected in the last election that, though I had a Voter ID card, my name doesnt figure in their list at the polling booth list where the earlier election held and I cast my vote with same voter ID card. Is the same election commissioner is sure that the ID cards issued are of the correct nature and with full records, how he can prove that, because so many complaints are available and some have come in paper that one is issued card with a photo of a male with female name, so how correct is the card issued to all, and how many fakes are available, can the election commission clarify this,(many people are not talking this because no one knows which will attract condempt of court and no one knows after this election how many people will get back some tortures indirectly.

2. When the Election Commisioner says the Commissioner of Police is to be changed with immediate effects just for one reason he praised the CM being a woman has extraordinary calibres on the Womens' Day. What wrong as per the law he found, even the court could not find, so the reason behind this must be of the political pressure, where Mr. Raja has complained about this issue, though there is no gazette notification has been in effect of the same.

3.  When no development works are allowed due to the election how come the election commissioner allow central government to issue notifications on DA and Development works done by the Central government is going on without any interruption except of the state government works, even for Tsunami rehabilitation works.

4. Regarding the Commissioner of Police issue, he has again told the papers (as per the paper reports) that he will go the Supreme Court after studying the judgement of the High Court, this clearly state that he too have the ego problems where in normal course being high authority of election should not have.  In all these situations, how a person of public domain can foresee a correct election to be performed to elect the members of assembly.  Any takers?????

Ramakrishnan R
Business manager

Humdinger in political history

This assembly election is very crucial for the people of tamilnadu. In the last Lok Sabha elections whatever was the outcome people would have realised the benefits they have received till date. The local party being an ally of the party at the centre could'nt do much to put its stand in couple of decisions affecting the common man there by giving a rope to the finance minister.

First the bonus on post office schemes was done away affecting the middle class to a large extent. The DMK being an ally could have exerted pressure on this aspect but failed to do so. Secondly no resistance was offered by DMK government in the interest of the citizens pertaining to the rise in the interest rate on small savings. The common man is concerned about his bread and butter and if he cannot get them he/she would definitely think before choosing the party to be voted. The much awaited water desalination plant has not come out in chennai to cater to the water scarcity.The central ministers have some indifference opinions and they show the wrath on the people of the state. If people's verdict is for the party who have remained passive then it would be a tough terrain for them.

On the other hand the the present government in tamilnadu have satsfactorily carried out its work though hiccups were there viz.strikes, frequent transfer of officials etc., For any government to sustain the common man needs food,shelter and water along with few pennies. The rural people are accustomed to wooing practice but this time they become scrupulous with the bad decisions of the central government.  The other aspects like cable tv bill and the hype generated on the technology revolution is not going to have impact on the rural masses. Thus this election will prove to be a humdinger of political history in tamilnadu. We need to watch the tide in the days to come.

S S Venkata Subramanian

Poor performance by legislators

Villivakkam is the biggest assembly Constituency in India.  Many large industrial houses including the TVS group have their plants in this constituency. The famous Ambattur Industrial Estate is also situated in this constituency. This is constituency is mainly populated by industrial labourers and workers. 

Kollywood star Nepolean of DMK is the sitting MLA. 

The roads and bylanes in Padi and Ambattur areas have been damaged badly.  Not even once the MLA has cared to visit the areas and improve the conditions.  Hence DMK does not stand a chance of winning this time in this constituency

Sr Executive

Left Front all along in Bengal

Well. The Left Front is all set to do it again in WB. Does this surprise you? I know it does not.

Think of this. How can a party or front win an election not deterred by any anti-incumbency factor whatsoever. The answer is rigging. Right?

I beg to differ. Yes! They do have a very strong election machinery and cadre strength. Yes! They must be rigging as well. But most importantly, what matters here is the loyal electoral base that the Left Front has created in rural Bengal. Unflinched support and voting for their beloved party on the D-Day works the wonders for the Left front that others can only dream about in our country. The Left supporters vote! That is, they do not take their party's victory for granted. They go out in large numbers to exercise their franchise and ensure that their candidate wins.

We have to admit that the Left Front is in such an envious position in WB not for all the wrong reasons. Thanks to their electral base, They will win these elections even if not a single false vote is caste and not a single booth is rigged, WITH EASE!

Abhishek Chharia

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