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Top Ten Responses to Caption This! contest #12

Name: Ravi
Age: 32
Caption: "Shhhh... raaz ki baat suno. Communism ko maro goli. Join karlo Congress ki toli."

Name: Sumanta Adhikari
Age: 26
Email: Sumanta Adhikari
Caption: "Do dil mil rahen hain... magar chupke chupke..."

Name: Shuvo Brahmachari
Age: 36
Caption: "Ain mauke pe, Manmohan ke table ke niche chuhe chhor dena."

Name: Resmi
Age: 23
Caption: "Sweet revenge toh lena hi tha."

Name: Vinod Vahininipati
Age: 12
Caption: "Yaar dheere bol, phone ke bhi kaan hote hain..."

Name: Ravi Shankar
Age: 25
Caption: "We are kingmakers."

Name: Nileash Kariyaa
Age: 33
Caption: "Aur kuchh ho na ho... par index ko to hila diya."

Name: Raj
Age: 45
Caption: "Mera pagdi bhi communist. Mera pant bhi communist. Hum bhi communist. Lekin govt is not communist."

Name: Virindra
Age: 52
Caption: "Agitation, not administration, my boy, is the secret of our success!"
"Oh, now I get it."

Name: Sudarshan
Age: 26
Caption: "I am so happy... whatever is 'left' of the country we are going to have it now... hamara waqt aa gaya hai Sitaram."

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