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May 07, 2004's expert panel and its battery of reporters across the country answer readers' poll queries:

Chinna, Malaysia
How is the situation? Which party will win? Some people is expecting congress party will win.

Answer: Exit polls after the third phase of polling have indicated that the NDA will have a tough time making it to the halfway mark. But it still does not mean that the ruling coalition will not be able to muster the numbers once all the results are in by seeking newer allies. As of now, the Congress appears to be doing slightly better than expected, but still not well enough to reach a position to be able to form a government.

Guru Iyer, Mumbai
What does the stars of Govinda say? Will he win or lose?

Answer: Govinda did very well in campaigning. Large crowds gathered whereever he went. However, he was hampered at times by lack of cooperation from his own party. As of now, it looks like he will at best give the BJP's Ram Naik a scare.

Amol, Ponda-Goa
Is it possible to from a third front with the head as TDP leader supported by the BJP from outside, to leave Congress out of the game?

Answer: Anything is possible in politics. But you must understand that other constituents of this thus-far non-existent front will be loathe to join hands with the BJP. It will be suicidal for Mulayam to join hands with the BJP. Can't imagine the Left playing ball with the saffronites.

Ankur, Switzerland
Is foreign exchange rate related to the poll results?

Answer: Ankur, I break into cold sweat when I see a three-digit number. My Maths teacher is still looking for me -- she has gone on record saying I was her lousiest student and must be mummified and placed in school laboratory for future generations of students.

To answer your question, I don't know.

But here is what our Business Editor has to say: No, foregin exchange rates and inflows are totally independent of poll results. The strength of any currency is determined by how well that country's economy is doing, how good are its economic growth prospects and whether it has a good credit-payment record, apart from the monetary gold reserves that the nation has. The poll results could, however, influence forex rates/inflows if a government which is perceived to be inimical to reforms or economic liberalisation comes to power.

Vikas Thakur, Bangalore
Every party says that after coming to power it will generate job for the unemployed youth. How will they do that and how many jobs can they generate?

Answer: Each party has it's own take on this problem. Details are available in their manifestos. Congress -- Bharatiya Janata Party --

Ajay Sharma, Jaipur
Please tell me any party not support to criminal background candidate?

Answer: Hmmmm…thinking

Balaji, Chennai
Punditji, my friend said me that there is an article (40), which states that if you are not interested in voting to any candidate, you can note that down in a register maintained by the election officer. If the % of the voters in the register exceeds the % of votes by the winning candidate then the election will be conducted again. Is it so?

Answer: No. I have no knowledge of any such register.

Mohan V Ranade, Bombay
Party-wise break-up of seats contested

Answer: The best way to find out will be to visit the website of the parties.

Rajesh, Kolkata
When are the vote countings in hyderabad?

Answer: May 11.

Apparao K, Colorado Springs
Who is eligible for postal ballot and are these votes counted only if there is a tie?

Answer: Personnel serving in the armed forces and polling staff are eligible for postal ballots. No, these votes decide the winner or loser just as the votes cast at a polling booth.

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