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'India is full of compromises'

Shayan Munshi, 25, is a well known model who debuted in Bollywood with Jhankaar Beats last year. He is looking forward to a long association both with the ramp and the reel. He spoke to Ronjita Kulkarni about Election 2004.

What is your take on politicians?

Politicians are up there for a reason. I hope the new government -- whichever party it is -- does its job well. I hope they do not compromise. India is full of compromises... whether they are poor roads or anything. We compromise and live with it.

Is India shining?

India is shining. It has always been shining and we must know how to preserve it that way. Look at the way every country tries to enter our market. Soon, we will be a second world country.

What is the one thing you want changed in our country?

The one main problem plaguing India, according to me, is poor roads. There should be a law to level all roads. Due to overpopulation, the traffic seems to increase even more. This is an immediate concern as we use these roads daily. It would make living better.


Celebrity Speak

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