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May 05, 2004's
expert panel and its battery of reporters across the country answer readers' poll queries:


Karthik, Bangalore

Hi, I want to know who are contesting in various MP constituencies in Tamil Nadu. Which Web site can I refer to?


Answer: Please refer to the website of the Tamil Nadu election office:


Nagesh, Mumbai

Magical number to capture the pm seat is 263 or 274?


Answer: 272 is the simple majority mark.


Prasanth, Hyderabad

Who will be the next CM for Andhra Pradesh?


Answer: If the Telugu Desam Party retains power it will be N Chandrababu Naidu. If the Congress-Telangana Rashtriya Samithi combine comes to power, your guess is as good as mine. The fruntrunner in the Congress-TRS combine, however, seems to be Y S Rajashekhar Reddy at this point of time.


Nikhil Joshi, UK

Why there can't be a review of work done by every minister in his own constituency every 1 year or every 2 years (to make an analysis of the progress of each minister, instead of giving report after every 5 years)?


Answer: When most ministers don't do any work for even five years, what is the use of asking for reports every year or two? Unless, Indians are empowered with the right to recall MPs or MLAs, we will have to suffer the politicians we have.


Abhinav, New York

I simply don't understand why genuine voters with a valid election ID card are not being allowed to vote. Shouldn't these people be suing the EC? On another note, I think even people like me who study/live outside India but hold an Indian Passport should be allowed to vote at the nearest Indian consulate/embassy. What kind of EC do we have which can't guarantee Indians their fundamental right to vote while letting criminals like Syed Sahibuddin contest elections. These matters should be taken to the Supreme Court.


Answer: Abhinav, having a voter I-card does not confer any absolute, unquestionable right to vote on the holder. That is a misconception. You can vote only in a constituency where you are in residence. The voter I-card does not mention your constituency, for the simple reason that it can change if you move residence. You can vote only if your name appears in the voters' list. The list is updated before every election. While it is the EC's job to make the list as perfect as possible, it is also the duty of a voter to check that his name appears in there.


This is not to say that the Election Commission has not made mistakes.


Babu, USA

As a keen observer of politics, i would say it is irony to throw people like Naidu out of power. Even though he is arrogant and made some mistakes, Naidu is best among all the other craps.


Answer: Try telling that to a villager in Telangana, Babu, or to the wife of a dead farmer. Naidu did wonders in IT-BT, but did he meet the aspirations of the common people? The verdict will be out on May 13.



Dear Panditji, I am impressed the way election is being conducted, its a difficult well done, so lets say good things as well, STOP THE UNHAPPY PEOPLE FROM TALKING LIES, There are good things, which we forget, so lets celebrate, nandu.


Answer: Cheers!


Krishnan, Chennai

Will BJP get majority in TN?


Answer: Various opinion polls and exit polls have said the BJP-AIADMK coalition in Tamil Nadu is in trouble. So, let's wait and watch.


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