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May 04, 2004's expert panel and its battery of reporters across the country answer readers' poll queries:


Srinidhi Bapu, Cincinnati, OH

Sir, Congress has started all the liberal economy reforms. When Congress was in power it was opposed by CPI and CPM. Today if Congress comes to power will it continue to stick onto its old economic reforms or will it be influenced by CPI or CPM to messup the whole Economic reforms?


Answer: The Congress takes pride in the fact that it initiated the process of economic liberalisation. I can't imagine a roll-back of the process of liberalisation -- by the Congress or any other party. Even the CPM-M in West Bengal now does business with the World Bank.


Madhu, Charlotte, NC

Hello Panditji, are Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol campaigning for their father or BJP? IF not ,Why?


Answer: Sunny was with his father when the latter filed his nomination paper. However, he  hasn't yet been seen campaigning. When one of my colleagues posed your question to Hema Malini, she said the family does not want the Bikaner election turned into a filmi circus.


S RIZWAN, New Delhi

Is Mr Bajpai a showpiece as Prime Minister and will be replaced from show room by another one after the elections since Mr Bajpai himself is talking about retirement?


Answer: Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee insists that if he gets another tenure in the post, he will not leave it midway. But, considering his age, 79, doubts over his ability to complete his term persist.




PUNDITAJI When 1st round exit poll gave good number to NDA immediately media language changed and every channel is talking of hung Parliament. I feel there is conspiracy of media against BJP & NDA. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION?


Answer: I am not the right person to answer this question.


Rohit, Bangalore

Who will be in power and who will become prime minister? Is there any chance of Rahul Gandhi to become minister?

Answer: It is difficult to say who will come to power and who will become the prime minister, especially after the results of the exit polls revealed that it will be a close fight. Secondly, considering what happened in 1996, when H D Deve Gowda came from nowhere to become the prime minister, anyone has a chance. At this stage, yes, Rahul Gandhi sounds a little far-fetched.


Chanakya, Chanakyapuri

Most of the so called pundits are self-proclaimed idiots hired by the media partciularly the various audio-visual channels, which in turn are hired by political mafias hungry for power sharing. This is what the people at large talk; are they talking something resembling sense ? However, it does make sense to some extent, doesnt it ? Unfortunately, Bajpai of Sebi is not aware of this, and wants to investigate into an open secret whether there was a concerted effort to pull the sensex down. Please comment.


Answer: You call me an idiot and then seek a comment on a subject I know nothing about -- I SEE A CONSPIRACY HERE. A CONSPIRACY TO RUIN MY CAREER.



I saw the people from some party misleading the illiterate and older citizens about the EVM s that pushing the first button will start the machine and then you vote the person you want . Now how can this be stopped? Shouldn't these people be punished for misleading the people?


Answer: There were several such complaints and I am sure the Election Commission has taken note of them. How can this be stopped? By creating awareness.


Srikanth, Hyderabad

Will a simple majority is enough for the government to survive or it is compulsory to have 2/3 majority

Answer: It takes just simple majority to form a government.


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