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'All parties are youth friendly now'

Shweta Konnur, 24, is a model and an actress who has worked in South Indian films like Priya Nestama. Up north she is known as the Fair & Lovely girl. Konnur, who is known by her screen name 'Malavika,' spoke to Salil Kumar about Election 2004.

What is your take on politicians?

Most of the politicians are the same wherever you go and India is no different. But that does not mean everyone is the same -- there are people who do a good job, who want to do something for the country. Painting everyone with the same brush is not such a good idea.

Is India shining?

Yes, in some ways India is shining. Out standard of living has gone up. The service sector is booming and most importantly there is a sense that we can achieve a lot more.

But then there are also a lot of areas that are not shining. Poverty, education, health are all areas that need a lot of improvement.


Celebrity Speak

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